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  1. @Leo Gura if your goal is to understand, what could possibly be more important than the source of all experience, or the Truth. What if the levels of consciousness you are talking about is something completely different from what traditions are pointing at, and if that is the case how can you say you are above it?.. Above something you may never been serious enough to happen ?
  2. i want to learn how to take the wisdom and insights from a book, person, or life in general, and live it as principle. To grow from it, embody it, breath it and literally become it. Not just talk about it and then do nothing (which is the tendency and the easiest thing to do). i notice myself becoming dogmatic and preach it to others, and then when you stop and look at your life nothing is different. Only your beliefs and filters about reality. Maybe isolation or seeking life experience guided by the insights ? i dont know.. Do you live the advice that you'll give me ?
  3. @Nahm @allislove thank you for the food for thought. I appreciate it
  4. first of all i appreciate you all for responding @Roy indeed.. @Luciphene The truth is i'm more attracted to aspects of consciousness that has more to do with personality change. i'm not yet ready to die, (even though the perfect moment will never come), the desire for transformation is stronger within me for now. but thanks @Nahm when i have this symptom i know i'm facing my shit. its easy however to distract my self (which is mostly what i do) by self indulging, or other things like setting goals and strategizing about things which are irrelevant to deep changes i want to make, yet they are in some sort beneficial which provides a satisfying feeling of i'm doing something'. @allislove i see your point. sometimes though (At least for me) is necessary to face my self, because i know i'm running away.
  5. i guess eventually you will have to figure it out. eventually you dont have a choice. for me personally unplugging from the ideologies promoted here helped a lot. its hard to distinguish what is real from what isn't with all that noice in our heads. Hang in there man
  6. There's a lot you can learn from this guy “Be more than motivated, be more than driven, become literally obsessed to the point where people think you’re f*cking nuts.” David Goggins
  7. perhaps you are feeling that consiousness work is something that you should do. once i felt this way i completely dropped it. there are thousand ways you can grow outside of enlightenment. If enlightenment is something you value perhaps you should first outgrow other things in your life. And then once you really want it you can get back to it 100%, which is what will get you closer to it. i In the end there is no right way to live. we chose the way we live our lives. The best we can do is to know we had that integrity and we didnt let ideology, beliefs or our avoidance of suffering to guide our decisions. best of luck my friend
  8. you do not become enlightened. its a waste of time trying to understand what has left after you got rid of yourself.
  9. I prefer seeing my whole life as a process of changing and becoming my true self rather than 1-2-3 specific steps towards *self-actualization*
  10. It's actually funny how people here think pursuing spirituality is less selfish than giving a punch
  11. @James123 I allways enjoy seeing people like you trying to explain to them
  12. @OmniYoga also not everyone are willing to go through the process to get there. Its tempting to go the easy road in life.
  13. Meditation is for those who have the balls to surrender the importance of their inner chatter and sense of self. It take seriousness and determination and an extreme quality of concentration, which is developable ofc. A weak mind will not be able to do it, and of course it will find an excuse. Its easy to say is not for me. None likes to be weak right? @Leo Gura There wasn't long ago since you said that empty minds are creative minds btw.
  14. just do what you want to do with your life man. Don't seek for any approval
  15. @dimitri one does not have to do psychedelics to notice the sense of self importance in a person, in the the same way I dont have to be a millionaire to learn that money does not bring happiness. Also I never said I haven't done
  16. I had the same concern as well. I spend some years observing them and what I have understood thus far us that they tend to mistake it as a *technology* thinking is faster and better method towards liberation but in actuality they consume substances for years and years with no actual progress in their baseline consciousness. And also their sense of self and self importance is as strong as their conceptual word about what enlightenment is You will often see these people arguing a lot about what awakening is or who is awakened or not, since they are speaking from the relative. They are also very capable of getting angry and be defensive You can just see how far is someone from actual selflessness just from how right they think they are and how serious they're taking themselves. They think this is a work you have to do, and seems reasonable because it keeps the ego going, it seems they can't realise that this is all about dying So yea, I believe psychedelics is a great way to deceive yourself because it gives you the sense of pursuing spirituality while keeping the ego going and strong, missing the point that spirituality is not about you. But I think this is also true for meditation and other methods done incorrectly. You have to be very careful with that stuff. "The only work that spiritual purify us is that which is done without personal motives" - Sri Aurobindo
  17. Check out this channel
  18. This shit is dangerous.
  19. @Codrina I'm not blaming anyone. I think you really missed my point. But I do appreciate the response
  20. The same here but for 4 years.. i also lost my humor, friends, even a good amount of my discipline. it was like an escape from real life for "a higher purpose". Building an ego around that is very easy thanks to Leo. what is happening here is indeed sad. Seeing Leo having such an impact on ones life is hard to see. in the end we cant do anything about it. everyone is responsible for his/her life. But i guess that's what happens when someone is trying to teach things that he doesn't own, and in such manipulative ways.. but anyway. i deeply feel your suffering because i felt the same. i will not try to be positive but know that many people will waste their whole life like this, so in a sense you are lucky to be out now. If you allow me to give you advice .Do not go back to conventional ways of living. unless you really want to. if there is one thing this purgatory of actualized.org helped me realize was that is there is more than conventional living. and that i did on my own. But anyway. Do what you want to do and be whatever your life wants you to be, that's all. be engaged with life again and do anything your way. Toss this *ultimate path which sets you above everyone else* thing and pursue what feels true to you. i will also leave this place soon. i still log in case someone like you posts i wish you a happy individuality and all the best man. stay strong
  21. Hey there, currently I'm trainning in muay thai. And being on this consciousness business for quite a while let me share some insights I think you miss important aspects of fighting such as masculine forms of facing fear, and relationship with death. It can be a ritual of death, making you present, freezing in the face of fear in a situation which demands your best presence. Which then you bring in the way you live your life, and a life lived at your edge, facing your fears and being awake it's a good life. Personally I have greatly benefited. Also I've got friends in mma being highly respectful both to the art as well with the people who are fighting with. But of course there are the people that want to be the king Kong I won't deny it. The majority of fighters basically I see @Leo Gura POV on the subject very limited. You should not criticize something which you never seriously tried or thought about. Think for your selves guys..
  22. in my experience you should only meditating as long as you can do it with excellence and superior concentration. i find people who can have that superior concentration and excellent approach for more than 2 hours very rare.