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  1. @Chi_ , I was actually born a Hindu. nothing wrong with them. Remember that an open mind is also a rational and critical mind.
  2. @cle103 , could you say whether you had prepared for enlightenment in any way? Had you been following any practices, such as meditation earlier? What was your spiritual history, as such? I ask because it seems that people in a state of readiness, mostly through their own efforts, are the ones who have such a breakthrough.
  3. @Aakash don't be silly! My aim was to add a cautionary note to this stream of open adulation. These Gurus are mainly human - I've been through a few.
  4. @Aakash, Hinduism can be rational, tolerant of different cultures and inclusive. Sadhguru is not.
  5. @Chi_ , Beware! Sadguru is deeply nationalistic and a fundamentalist Hindu. Much of what he preaches is irrational. For example, he deifies the Indian cow. Cow slaughter is a crime, he says, which criminalises beef-eating communities, namely the Muslim. This streak of Hinduism is giving rise to vigilante groups who target Muslim communities raising cattle as their livelihood. Read this:: People can be enlightened (or have siddhis) but are hugely flawed in other ways. They, after all, live within the confines of a human brain and ego. Please maintain your critical faculties while you are there.
  6. @Genghis Khan I think if the thread title had been "who has experienced non-duality", things would have been clearer as to what was being referred to. Actualized David states it well: "I think someone who is stable in that non-dual understanding and living that life. that you can call awake. If you can stay awake."
  7. @Scholar, I don't think for one moment this is true. This notion of being programmed as a demon is quite dangerous. It means that people could be born with the original sin, as it were, with faulty genes. It's the kind of thinking that racism was based on - entire races were thought to be less competent, uncivilised, child-like, irrational on account of their genetics.
  8. @wpw , where is this happening? How did you choose this particular venue?
  9. @Wlangr , how blessed you are. Such an amazing experience. I have been trying for enlightenment off and on for umpteen years and I haven't come close. This is a very inspirational thread, btw.
  10. @Mikael89 , you are becoming troll like with your relentless scepticism. You really don't need to chip in on threads you believe to be discussing BS. Find something constructive to do.
  11. @Matt8800 , Many religions (particularly Hinduism) include the practice of making daily offerings to a deity: incense, sweets, lighting a candle etc. Many perform the rituals as superstition out of fear rather than love. You have mentioned that these rituals are effective. Could you say how? Firstly, do these deities really exist or have they been brought into existence by the collective thought of millions? Just as you create spirits. If that is the case, our beliefs are self-fulfilling, isn't it? We could use deities as a crutch or stay free from such beliefs. However, does the occult require their presence? p.s. Thank you for continuing to respond to my barrage of questions.
  12. @Matt8800, are you able to sense something about the people you communicate with in real life or here on this board? Is that in your control or could it happen spontaneously?
  13. @Matt8800 , thank you! Could you say something about how Mantras work and if they have inherent qualities with spiritual benefits? For example, the organisation SGI professes that Nam myoho renge kyo is a highly effective mantra and there are many people who will tell you how its chanting resulted in many practical benefits. I was wondering if that was more a case of positive belief and the law of attraction playing a part rather than the mantra itself. Nam myoho renge kyo is chanted all over the world and I would like to try it out if it is some kind of magical incantation.