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  1. @Matt8800 , do you ask your spirit friends about the future of the world, such as what great mayhem climate change will bring about? I think we are speeding towards great hunger and misery and, despite remarkable activists trying to shake sense into politicians, nothing much will be done to have a significant impact. Please do share if you've sensed or been told anything.
  2. Very much in a state of readiness then. Weed and DMX were probably relaxing enough for you to be receptive.
  3. @iTommy , very interesting thread. Would be great to read the content of a message about general spiritual/earthly matters when these become clearer.
  4. @iTommy , this is fascinating! Do you always need Lsd to have these encounters or can you have them through meditation alone, such as your session today? Would love to find out what it is that you are told or hear. Please share here when you can.
  5. @iTommy , thank you. Could you say more about your channelling work. Who do you channel?
  6. Wow! Was there anything else happening in your life at the time which may have placed you in a state of readiness, eg. meditation?
  7. One has read of many don-duality experiences with 5-Meo-DMT, but there have been equally enlightening reports through other psychedelics. A full-on non-dual experience is also not the only spiritually uplifting experience. Would be great to hear of which ones worked for you and any relevant factors that may have been instrumental, e.g., dosage or preparation. I recall reading some amazing experiences with weed. It may be the case that your state of readiness matters most.
  8. @StephenK , you asked a great question in the OP. Unfortunately, as is often the case, any reference to a 'wrong' or undesirable' state of affairs is met with one-liners or brief responses referring to non-duality - all is perfection, all is god/you, or it is all illusory. I see this constantly on this site. So, the question is taken out of context and basically shot down by everyone taking the high (non-dual) road. To say that all is perfection is a call to inaction and breeds apathy, not understanding. Could we please agree to see the distinction: in an enlightened or ultimate state, which is not of this manifest world, all is one/perfection/god etc. While we grapple with duality in our daily lives, there are decisions to be made about right or wrong actions to accomplish specific aims, whether these pertain to earning a daily wage, caring for our families or voting for saner leaders. Let's try and keep the two separate.
  9. @Danioover9000 is she referring to my avatar? Nice that she approves.
  10. @Matt8800 , have you been in homes which are imbued with positive energies? I would very much like to transform my home into one such - a positive space with healing, peaceful qualities, one which attracts angelic energies. I could try to make that happen by visualising, inviting angels in or using sigil magic to make it so. Could I accomplish this? Any suggestions as to what may be required?
  11. @Danioover9000 , given that you say Crysty is an airhead and knows little about herself or the higher realms (after all she is a thought-form) , she would hardly be able to intuit facts about other people. I wonder if she would be able to guess anything about me. If she were a true spirit, that is one who has passed through stages of life and death, she would. Have you asked her about any of the people you converse with here?
  12. @ActualizedDavid , I have attended a few healing courses and practised with groups. It's basically visualisation combined with positive thinking and prayer. One's intention in doing good, as in to heal, is a powerful thing and the technique acts as a crutch and aid to focus one's attention. There is always a sequence or technique followed - such as asking for permission and protection, grounding oneself etc. The techniques usually include knowledge of the chakra system, wherein one directs energy to each chakra. I once attended a course with an extremely talented group of healers, in so far as they were highly intuitive. They had each followed a meditation practice of some kind for many years and were, as a consequence, extremely sensitive to energies. Some were clairvoyant. The remarkable thing was that they would sense exactly the same or see the same thing about a person - I witnessed this myself when a patient visited for healing. I, acting as his guide, introduced him to a few of these healers in sequence who alluded to the fact that his chakras were rotating slowly (he was actually depressed).