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  1. Thank you! This is really helpful.
  2. @Leo Gura needs to learn from your story. Some advice is not suitable for people. He needs to be amore cautions when dishing out advice based on his own experiences. They may not apply to another and, surely, this case proves it.
  3. I seem to be the only one asking this question, so please excuse my naivety - What is the red pill?
  4. One lesson I have learned from meeting and following a number of gurus is that enlightenment or a higher state of spirituality does not automatically accord people with unblemished ethics or integrity. I discovered that many of my spiritual heros had clay feet. Ashrams, in particular, have very questionable practices which, of course, may be due to the inadequacies of the managers. Firstly, because the state of enlightenment (E) may have provided insights and wonderful experiences, they were not able to integrate these into everyday living and practicalities. The person still must deal with the challenges of the body and mind. Also E can be experienced at different levels, and be intermittent. So, the breadth or depth of E, if one could refer to it in that way, will determine how thoroughly it may change the individual.
  5. Shame that this universal connection is not manifest in overt and physical ways as lives in many parts of the world connive to be violent, painful and devoid of humanity.
  6. You sound depressed not enlightened. You don't have an emotional engagement with the world - nothing that makes your heart beater faster and makes you keenly interested, no passion that you want to explore or accomplish. Your world is limited to your life and work. In order to find out what you want to do for the world, you need to know more about the world - its thinkers, its failures and crisis, of which there are plenty. Find a cause to support which engages you emotionally. Start reading! Read left leaning newspapers and magazines. If the big crisis, such as climate change, don't interest you, find something locally which engages you and you could get involved in.
  7. @Kensho , could you name the shrooms that gave you a strong trip relative to golden teachers. Were any of particular note or worked best for you?
  8. @Recursoinominado , I am envious. Tell us about your experience, please.
  9. Some of the imagery is very weird and sci-fi. It detracts from a sense of calm and peace.
  10. @AleksM , this is fascinating. Where does God fit into this? Or other dimensional beings that inhabit the super-natural world. And where does non-duality fit into this?. Are these ETs also a part for the grand illusion that mask reality or non-duality? Perhaps they comprise a higher octave of the illusory world.
  11. @Cortex , you've asked a question which much of the content of this forum is aimed towards. Look through the Psychedelics threads and meditation threads. That is how mystical states are commonly achieved.
  12. Some people have a soporific voice which tends to be more relaxing to listen to. Perhaps Leo falls in that category. I find many lecturers on You Tube have this affect on me. I use them to help me sleep in case I can't.
  13. That list doesn't include Robin Williams, "What Dreams May Come". I found out about this film in a channelled book. This film bears a close resemblance to what happens after death. Also, 'The Shack' - a story of a guy meeting Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost. They first help him to better understand his life as seen from a much broader context or higher perspective.