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  1. Just checked again with Firefox and after clearing cache it worked on Firefox too (Disabling all add-ons didn't work, so it's not related to that)
  2. Same here. Nothing happened after clicking on submit button. I use Firefox I changed to chrome and it worked
  3. Hi. I think everybody here is familiar with the notion of 'pain is inevitable, sufferings is optional'. I have an autoimmune condition called IBD, in which the immune system attacks the colon and causes ulcers there. Its symptoms are stomach pain, diarrhea, bleeding and fatigue, and it interferes with daily activities. It caused me great physical and emotional pain. For the emotional part (not being able to socialize, not being able to show my talent and actualize my full potential, having very strict diet, depending on others in occasions and ...) I almost transcended suffering and I accepted this is the way it is. I gave up on many things, and I'm at the point that I'm almost OK with it. For the physical part, it is very hard to feel the physical pain and to not suffer. When it hurts it is very very difficult to not feel like a victim and to just feel the pain but not suffer. I thought about incidences when physical pain is not associated with suffering like when a woman is giving birth to her long awaited child after years of trying, she is feeling extreme physical pain, but she is not suffering and some other examples. But in all of them the pain has a "positive meaning and purpose" so they can endure it without suffering. But in my case, an unfortunate disease, I can't assign any "positive meaning" to the physical pain. Can anybody help me with this? How do I eliminate or reduce my suffering in this occasion? Especially those of you who have experienced such conditions, I'm very grateful if you can share your perspective and coping mechanisms
  4. @Leo Gura Hi Leo. I've been following your healing journey and as a sufferer of a chronic autoimmune condition (IBD) I related so much with your latest blog video. I wanted to request a video about dealing with a chronic illness. How to cope with it emotionally and also physically. I'm sure you are familiar with the feelings of being low, victim-mentality and depression that comes with such conditions. When you see life passes by and everyone around you is living their life but you are stuck with pain and the potential that can't be manifested because of this illness. Sometimes it drives me to the point of madness, man.
  5. Hi all. Today I watched Leo's video "Life Is A Dream" and I thought about that and somehow I agree with a lot of that video but I have a question. In our dreams when we become aware that we are dreaming (lucid dreaming) then we can do whatever we want in that dream and we can defy that dream's rules. does that mean if we become aware of this waking dream (become enlightened) we can do whatever we want in this waking dream (our world)? and if yes why enlightened people like Buddha didn't do incredible stuff like miracles to prove to people that this world is a dream and we can become enlightened? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all Leo and self actualization community tend to say that reality is not physical and this world is not real and it's our mind that creates the experience and tricks us into thinking that physical world is real world. This insight helps me a lot with depression and anxiety but I have a question. How it is only our mind that creates the reality if things that we have no knowledge of works for us? for example why a medication works in someone who is unconscious in hospital? Or how we bump into material things in a dark place that we never been in there before? Our mind didn't know that thing was there so how we bump into it if it's only mind that creates the reality and physical things actually do not exist?
  7. Hi everyone. I get straight to the point. I’m a 23 years old guy obsessed with self-improvement. I’ve been diagnosed with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) about 2.5 years ago and since then my life is a living hell. I lost a ton of weight and got out of shape, I have incredibly hard time adding mass. I’m a college student and some days because of diarrhea or because my stomach just hurts so much I can’t do my things, study or do something productive and for someone into self-improvement and huge appreciation of time it’s like a torture and it drags me down physically and mentally. Sometimes I fall into self-pity (which I despise) and it becomes a feedback and things get worse. Just wanted to know if you got any advice for me about dealing with this kind of situations and you know, not giving up. And of course, if you have any advice about IBS itself and how to improve it physically I’m glad to hear. Thanks so much for your time and attention. All the best.