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  1. i'm going to do 80x extract of saliva the highest dose just to see what happens to me, i'll surrender into it. i'm not scared of ego death anymore.. iv'e done 5 meo so many times and never had a problem.
  2. it makes you sick to the stomach because it's such an overwhelming and infinite experience, i felt like that wen i did my first trip!
  3. @Leo Gura Do you have any tips or insights please?
  4. @Elysian thanks for sharing your insights brother, much appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone, i've decided to pull my sleeves up and dive deep into this work after watching heaps of Actualized.org videos, reading heaps of nondual books and theory and contemplating and i know now what enlightenment is conceptually after 3 years of trying to wrap my mind around it. so i'm basically a dead beat, i haven't worked in over 6 years, i pretty much just stay at home stay up till 4 in the morning watching Leo and then sleep all day and i'm on a disability pension and have no friends what so ever! so to get to the point! i will be trying to pull off a 30 day meditation retreat at home solo, meditating 12 hours a day without no distractions. so i'm exited to see what happens and if i can pull it off!
  6. would you possibly come to Australia in the future?
  7. this is some low consciousness shit!! This is a good example of what Leo would call chimp behavior. pretty eye opening!
  8. Hi Leo my names Aaron Krousoratis, i'm from Melbourne Australia. I've got very low self-esteem issues around my nose it's a big problem for me, wen ever i go out in public i think that people are laughing and judging me about my nose! for example i was sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus this afternoon to go home and this lady takes a photo of my side view, and that just made my heart sink and got really down and started beating myself up over it. it causes me really deep suffering on a daily basis! i'm afraid to go out in public sometimes. i don't know what to do Leo, can you please help me in any way possible with some insight, thank you. Aaron Krousoratis. warm regards
  9. Once you heal yourself completely, the evolution pushes you to heal the collective. You start realizing and feeling that all are you. You will be in service of "other" selves which are all "your" Self, for probably all of your life in some way or some extent. It can be by raising a conscious family, by being an entertainer or an artist, by inventing things that will ease our existence, by helping directly in teaching and healing others, by being a true leader that inspires "others" to lead themselves and so on. There's really no "yes or no" decision in this because once you healed, there will be no "you" left. "You" is a construct of our imagination, conditioning and illusion of separateness. Actually healing means cleaning and detoxing from the "you" which is a false construct. Healing is returning to love, to unity, to oneness. We signed up for this because this planet was and is in need for this type of "healing". This is what consciously being alive means here on earth and generally in the universe. Being in the service for the highest good of all, exploring and creating versions of ourselves for the purpose of experience and evolution. Evolution is "Source consciousness constantly exploring itself". We explored ourselves on this planet to the point of destruction, extinction, madness. Be not fooled, because often evolution can mean destruction...let's hope it is not the case for us, here in this timeline...where the power of decision lies within us all. We have to clean the shit from our collective unconsciousness. Shit that was needed in order to learn. This is what the famous Jesus line "Forgive them father, for they know not what they are doing" meant. Forgive them father, because they are unconscious. I am not religious at all, I am free of concept, but some things just fit together and make sense, even if it comes from religion (the most outdated and manipulated way to self-realization). Everyone serves in its unique expression and preferred method. Don't worry if you are not feeling there yet. Just take care of yourself and trust that life will give you exactly what you need, when you need it. This is what we call "THE GREATEST PURPOSE". This is how we embrace our oneness and go back to the divine source consciousness .