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  1. How to deal with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?
  2. @see_on_see True, but I didn't force myself into software. I'm just flowing with my natural strengths and here I'm exploring the possibilities. I'm mostly asking this question because I can never see myself as doing this purely for money while most of this industry revolves around it. I might end up using software purely for artistic expression, which is probably the most enlightened thing to do with it. If my vision is ultimately to expand consciousness I'll probably do it through art and philosophy, but I there is probably some untapped potential in technology to use it as a tool for spirituality.
  3. @molosku Hit me up if you need help with developing it, I would love to work on projects like that. Also look at my post above. It would be so cool to have a team of devs that value stuff like this. Yes, but people like Leo talked me into meditating when I was way down in the dumps. Takes a real wizard to do that. Now I want to be that for other people.
  4. I would rather propose materialist worldview as a major issue, educate people about it and show the statistics of things caused by materialism like mass consumerism, broken relationships, drug abuse, suicides etc. Then I would offer spirituality as a solution. Not just my way of spirituality but list all the possible ways to evolve as a human. Maybe make some tests, take into account types of personality and spiral stages and offer personalized solutions. Create whole paths from one stage to the next even. I would create a book list. Be affiliated with some green companies and promote their products. Maybe a blog where I would heavily promote meditation, psychedelics and visioning/imagination. Statistics and forecasts would be the most powerful software part. When you see global statistics it really hits you. For example my country has a big migration issue and I saw that by 2050 there could be 1 million people less in the country than today if we don't fix this (1 million is a big deal in a small country like mine). How's that @Leo Gura ?
  5. This website looks interesting. It's presenting global issues and offering some ideas of how individuals can create change by changing themselves. I think this is the right direction but it needs more work.
  6. @LastThursday The forecasting idea actually sounds amazing. Although executing that is way above me right now it's useful to have grander visions like this. I can't be motivated by animating hamburger menus and centering buttons forever. Not even video games excite me anymore because all I can see in them is wasted time. @Leo Gura I can't think of anything that would move people up the spiral other than a meditation app. People who are using a meditation app are already open enough they would probably find their way up on their own, what about closed people? Is the solution always to lure people in with promises of some lower stage results and then cook them like frogs in the pot until they find themselves in higher stages? Maybe software that measures stages of development would be useful somehow, but then again why would anyone listen to it. The importance of marketing is starting to dawn on me. And you have to bullshit people even if it's for their own good lol.
  7. I'm wondering how would that look like. I'm on the path of becoming a programmer and I'm aware the world of software is +90% stage orange capitalism and technological advancement wankery. There is some green in renewable energy stuff and what not but that's a minority for sure. I'm not a spiral wizard myself, but I assume yellow software would systematically create solutions that would benefit everyone, not just trees or wallets. Crypto currency seems yellow to me but it's used for orange purposes mostly. I don't know I'm babbling here, what do you guys think? Any yellow programmers here?
  8. @Ampresus I used to read books like that. I never gained anything until I started actively contemplate what I read. I think because we were taught in school that's important to remember everything you read we start reading PD books like that. Somehow remembering what you read in a book is supposed to change you. You need a vision and life experience so you automatically start picking the right books and everything you read starts looking relevant to your life. I don't know how to explain contemplation, try watching Leo's video on it. Metaphorically speaking it's like chewing on information in order to absorb the knowledge nutrients. I'm not even joking, you can feel yourself soaking up that precious wisdom juice. On topic, most important books I ever read: Most of 5 star books on Leo's book list Other than that: The Alabaster Girl - Zan Perrion Letting Go - David R. Hawkins Everything by Neville Goddard (I mean literally every single book he wrote) Reality Transurfing - Vadim Zeland The Mind Illuminated - Culadasa
  9. @Peo Everyone has different trips on everything. On DPT it seems like you go through some deep mind purification and what kind of shit people have experienced, repressed or whatever varies wildly, hence different weird experiences. Other psychedelics also make you deal with your "stuff", but DPT sounds like it doesn't hold back it just shows you how you imagined all the so called evil shit on all levels of consciousness. Others that are already very purified just go straight into the mind of God. People like Leo who already understands evil doesn't exist on a deep level probably won't experience weird shit at all and even if he does he won't interpret anything that's happening in the trip as outside of himself and trying to hurt him. In any case I think it's still beneficial to go through those weird trips as long as you have some theoretical foundation on non-duality. I have yet to try DPT, but other psychedelics give me a lot of intuition on this stuff.
  10. When it's dark and I'm feeling tuned to the Infinite, I literally start seeing subtle fractal geometry at the center of my visual field. I also notice much more "visual noise" and I think my perception of color is permanently enhanced which is pretty nice. I think it comes down to the insane amount of focus psychedelics give you that starts ripping through the veil of materialism. Also "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.". So seeing shit without psychedelics sounds pretty normal to me if you meditate.
  11. Holy shit! This thread is going to make me start watching anime, never knew they could be so deep. The thing I loved about anime is how they exaggerate everything to portray emotions and details about life, you just can't do that in movies. I thought Ghost in a Shell is as deep as it gets though and never researched in depth about anime because of course it looks like more of a distraction.
  12. Sorta, but it's so much more radical than what people usually mean by LoA. I don't like that word applied to God's creative capacity. This is that radical level of LoA (stupid term). Dude basically lectured people that they are God and created everything just by imagining it being real.
  13. So I went through 200mg of 5-MeO-DMT in the last ~5 months with 6 trips in total ranging from 5mg to 60mg. I seem to respond to it quite differently than what I see Leo and you guys talk about. In terms of RoA I snorted it 5 times and plugged it once. Plugging was by far the most uncomfortable but I don't think it was more profound, just much more energetically intense on the body. I think the energetic ass-kicking is the hallmark of 5-MeO tripping. Majority of the trips I spent just feeling extremely uncomfortable in my body. It was like the subtle aches that I have in my body constantly but just don't pay attention to get magnified x1000 and I just struggle to understand why am I in pain. Because of not being able to understand the pain I then experienced deep suffering that forced me to surrender and then I felt my body dissolve into... I don't know what to call it, just existence buzzing with no concept of space and time. The first profound insight I actually had was that physical space doesn't exist and that was an extreme mind fuck that I didn't see coming. That insight didn't stick with me although I can get a vague feeling of it if I try. I mostly contribute that to the way psychedelics influenced my energy body or whatever. Also it had to do with noticing that the visual field was comprised out of just a bunch of visual static (similar to what you would see on a dead TV channel) which made objects look way less physical and more mental. I guess there was no second profound insight, but I think there was something significant about all that energetic torture I went through which opened me up in some ways I just don't understand right now. I guess it has something to do with blockages (physical? energetic?? emotional??), but speaking from my direct experience I don't know what the fuck are they, why they exist and what to do about them. Also I have to point out that I actually experience decent amount of visuals on 30mg+ doses that are pretty blurry but obviously colorful and fractal similar to LSD. Even on small doses things are blurry, slow-mo and fucky though. So my conclusion #1 is 5-MeO didn't give me the peak experiences I expected, instead I think it just shook me up on levels I don't understand which are affecting me in a more long-term way... permanently. I think it definitely enabled my other psychedelic trips be much more profound. This gets me to conclusion #2 that I seem to respond to more classical psychedelics like LSD and 2C-B much better. They had a massive impact on my levels mindfulness, anxiety, depression, psychology, emotions, relationships etc. I had much more profound trips on them with very real experiences of God and Infinity and now I without a doubt 100% know God exists although I'm far from being enlightened. I feel like LSD can give me all the understanding and growth I will ever need (in terms of using psychedelics, I'm not disregarding "regular" spiritual practice... but as the saying goes "Life is a trip"). Probably most important conclusion #3 it made me extremely more grounded in direct experience to the point I was able do disregard my whole life of materialist conditioning and now I'm more and more starting to experience life as a product of imagination, purely mental, dreamlike.
  14. @kieranperez You're a good dude. I don't post here a lot but I read your posts. I see that you care a lot about leading a meaningful life and that is all that matters. I relate to you a lot because I'm coming from shitty circumstances but I think what sets us apart is the wisdom and foresight to see that raising consciousness is the most important thing in life. I think we will look back and cherish this hardship we are going through because we would never grow without it. We are both still very young (I'm 22) and if we just persist in stuff like meditation, books, benevolence, love etc. we will find ourselves living a happy, fulfilling life. I believe in you man, I want you to succeed just like everyone here. Everything is gonna be alright <3