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  1. @Viking Search "Thresholds" on the first page
  2. I read Letting Go once and now I bought a physical copy and am reading it again. It's one of those books you read once a year and it blows you away every time. I will definitely be coming back to it for a looong time
  3. Very dysfunctional orange
  4. Environmental lyrics by a vegan dude in a death metal band:
  5. Croatia, my home country. 300,000 (out of 4 million) people on the streets welcoming our football team which won silver medal on the world cup. People here are extremely patriotic, the country was born out of war. I believe this country is Blue as fuck, like 50% maybe?
  6. A meditation practice is fundamental to all followers of I'd say. Start a daily meditation habit, watch Leo's videos and maybe read some books, don't worry about anything else for now
  7. You can't get a high quality relationship with looks and money
  8. I did holotrophic breathing a few times before for 15-20min so I somewhat knew what I was getting into. Yesterday I did it for 30min, lying on the floor with meditative music like Leo recommended. I got through the whole 30min with minor problems and it was pretty intense. I mostly felt massive amounts of energy moving through my arms and my chest was getting extremely tight. The headspace is unique and weird, a lot of old memories popped up and I sort of remembered how I felt when I was a kid. When the session ended I kinda heard some voices so I went to turn on the lights because I can't handle that shit yet and just laid there buzzing, it was very peaceful. My chest went from extremely tight to feeling very open and free. I can't say there was anything negative about the experience because even hearing voices is just something that's supposed to happen, but I had a problem with holding my arms spread out because it cut off my blood flow and combined with all the energy flowing it felt like they were gonna fuckin' disintegrate.
  9. Yes. I experienced this in a way that the more aware I become the LESS I know. Before I began this journey I thought I know everything there is to know about existence so I didn't have to examine anything. But when my awareness started rising it started shining through the falsehood of old beliefs. And when I realized I actually DON'T know something possibilities become endless because I can only find out what is true from direct experience, and so the real contemplation begins. Just observing your reactions and judgements, and asking yourself where are they coming from will lead you to becoming aware of the deepest beliefs you hold. When you see these old beliefs are unnecessary and let go of them, you can start listening to your intuition and gut feelings. Just be grounded in direct experience to arrive at the truth for yourself. I think there is no ultimate depth to truth and you can keep going forever, but things will nevertheless get exponentially better as you move towards it.
  10. @Joseph Maynor It's insane how accurate that list of traits is. I never thought about this stuff too much, but now I noticed that I've mostly been developing my weakest traits (Feeling and sensing). Do you think we should focus on developing our weaknesses as much as using our strengths?
  11. @Leo Gura If you start doing live workshops, will they be filmed?
  12. As a insecure newbie and a lurker, I don't like posting because I think there is always someone more advanced to answer a question. Maybe removing this stuff would encourage more people to express themselves. Also most importantly people would have to rely on their critical thinking, not just be lazy and look for most upvoted posts. I think it should be possible to upvote posts though, but don't show how much reputation users have.
  13. I love the stripped down, melancholic sound of techno. It makes me feel soo authentic for some reason.
  14. It's somewhat easy for me to observe my emotions in a detached and dispassionate manner and I think I already got a lot of growth from that. But it's much harder to just observe my thoughts in that detached way because I identify myself too much with them. I don't identify myself with my emotions so I just observe them like they are a river or an object basically, but It's so much harder with thoughts. It's like they are too close to the observer and when I start thinking they kind of blend together and I just get lost in thought. Because of this I put a lot more effort on observing emotions than thoughts. Am I missing on a lot of growth if I don't observe my thoughts and any tips to do this more effectively?
  15. Because I don't want them to suffer like I suffered