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  1. Who's the lecture for? There are trends that can be observed without SD. If in doubt, maybe you could introduce it subtly.
  2. Are we aware that the distinction between God and the devil is a distinction that we ourselves are making?
  3. Make sure your spelling and grammar are on point. Make sure your photos are recent. Steer clear of women whose profile is a list of rules. Some women like to chat and have lengthy conversations online. Others don't.
  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with Leo's teachings in this particular respect. If you need to learn toughness or fighting, you could search for a teacher who specialises in those things.
  5. Guess I'll go watch porn or something.
  6. I disagree with the use of stickers to advertise Actualized.org on any kind of public property whatsoever, without permission from both the property owners and from Leo. I would consider that a childish, irresponsible and embarrassing form of unsightly vandalism, which undermines and cheapens members and all of the important work that the organisation does. The stickers appear well designed however and it would seem a shame to waste them. Perhaps the talented, well-meaning and creative person who made them can come up with an appropriate use for them, which helpfully shares the organisation's name, subject to the agreement of both the owner of Actualized.org and the owners of whatever the stickers are stuck to. Maybe.
  7. I would ask if you've considered seeing a doctor but it's such an obvious question that I'd risk insulting your intelligence by implying that you might not have already thought of it.
  8. Joe does great in his dialogue with Dawkins. He sets an example of how to comfortably talk to people who hold different beliefs than us.
  9. @Consept spot on
  10. Self-deception is woven into our behaviour. For example, when two people have an argument, they might unconsciously overestimate the importance of maintaining their respective credabilities because they've already deceived themselves that they know all that needs to be known and that they can therefore rely absolutely on their own opinions before the argument has even started. The more aware we are of the extent to which we ourselves do this, the easier we may find it to observe and understand what is happening in the moment and respond optimally.
  11. Thank you CreamCat. Sometimes I print too much paper, or throw notepaper away that's hardly been used because I just like to start a fresh sheet. This is a bit like Trump's environmental negligence. Also if I could get away with grabbing a girl by the *****, I probably would. And I eat at McDonald's sometimes.
  12. Maybe try creating some separation here and there. Don't go straight home after work, go to a library (for example). Get up and at some point during the day, go to a coffee shop and work there. Swipe dating apps on the train or bus or when you're walking somewhere. Watch out for lamp posts though.
  13. @MAYA EL love it
  14. Look for the person who... Sees a certain magic to existence Embodies some degree of effortlessness Behaves authentically Reasons dispassionately Is sober (yet may seem drunk!) Doesn't identify too strongly Speaks truthfully Acts benevolently Lives simply and naturally I'm no authority on this topic, I took these qualities from the A.org video about what we really want.
  15. @Angelite thank you.
  16. @Angelite when you pray, do you use anything? Your arms for instance? My point is, sometimes in order to talk to God, we use things. We might think well, psychedelics aren't the same thing as arms. That's a fair observation. Different people use different things. I'm not suggesting you try psychedelics but I wonder if maybe you came to this forum for a reason. Are you looking for something? This can be a useful place if you have a problem or something on your mind. The people are helpful... mostly... Or did you just come here to slag off psychedelics?
  17. @marinaaniram do you feel as though there isn't as much meaning in your life as you would like?
  18. Thank God Tammy seems to be recovering well. I'm hopeful that Peterson will complete his rehab. I see his decision to check into the facility as a mark of sensibilty. It was also good to see Michaela (I may have spelled that wrong) giving us a short update on the last few months.
  19. I think consciousness, love and truth could all be acceptable answers. Consciousness seems too central to the work to be entertaining. Love, I think has already been celebrated a fair amount recently but it still feels like the strongest out of the three. Truth I think could be a contender except it feels a bit abstract or neutral to be linked to 'success' (possibly because I don't understand truth that deeply and tend to get a bit nihilistic). I'm going to guess Love. If I get a bonus guess, I'd go a bit left-field and say something more akin to open-mindedness. I think courage would also be a reasonable answer although I expect Leo would flesh it out a bit and explain what courage is in terms of other things. I also like @John Lula's response.
  20. Sometimes "How can I interact with lower stages?" might mean: "How can I responsibly deal with my own emotional reactions to people who hold and manifest different beliefs?" There's an element of fun to be found in this work. I find it can help to share your accounts of interactions with a third person. Someone fairly neutral. Even if they aren't familiar with spiral dynamics.
  21. @Skanzi what a long post! I like that you're taking a holistic approach that gives some weight to your direct experience, rather than just demonising certain "bad" foods. If we become overly cautious, we might miss out on life. I also agree with Leo that direct experience is not a completely reliable measure of whether a certain food will be good for your body. In fact, in many cases it may be misleading.
  22. 1) Don't pursue money. 2) Pursue what you're interested in. 3) Maybe you'll make some money. 4) Maybe life will fuck you in the ass. Points 3 and 4 are true either way.
  23. To me, the sum 1+1 seems to occur here in a different position, on my phone screen, to the answer 2. It also has a different shape. To be absolutely equal, would they need to be the same in all respects, so that they would be indistinguishable from each other? Or would I need to drop my assumed identification with myself, my perception and my distinction? If I (or more likely one of you more developed members let's face it) managed to do so, would these things become paradoxically distinguishable and indistinguishable? Are they already?
  24. Would you feel less terrified if the girl took the lead and kissed you? That's pretty much how I lost my kissginity. It was NYE 2000, she was 16, hammered on Hooch (vodka lemonade) and pretty much forced herself on me. Drunk bimbos aside, if you want to develop confidence with women, I'd suggest starting with actions that are within and/or on the edge of what feels comfortable. I suppose a person might work up to it in steps over time, like: Messaging, meeting and talking, holding hands, cuddling, a peck on the cheek, a lingering peck on the lips, french kissing. One thing I've found useful is to slowly practice telling the girl how you feel and letting her know up-front if you're nervous or inexperienced. Most women are very understanding and might even offer to help you overcome your fear. You might find out that she has fears too. I'm not saying you have to do any of this though. Do what feels right to you.