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  1. @Serotoninluv I like your stance here.
  2. The forum has a purpose and requires moderation to keep discussions in line with that purpose. Without the forum, it's harder for the website to survive. No website. No cloud. No server. No warehouse somewhere. The land becomes pasture again. Pasture occupied by cattle.
  3. What a wonderful message
  4. "Well Mr. God, what brings you to therapy? Impotence? Fear of abandonment? Do the other kids make fun of you?" In all seriousness, it sounds as though the therapist could have done better by asking more about your own experience rather than speaking from, we presume, hers although this is only my second-hand impression. She may have picked up on your use of the word "should".
  5. I hardly ever feel happy. I'm relatively content though. I don't feel like every day is a battle. I try to find a balance between putting in enough effort that I get some satisfaction and security but not so much effort that I burn out.
  6. Ralston did a video on sleep a couple of days ago. I don't know if it directly gives the answer you're looking for; it's patently contemplative in nature but as such I suppose it might help.
  7. J: And... we're live Leo Gura. How are you sir? L: I'm pretty good thanks. J:You haven't done many podcasts have you? L: I've been saving myself for you Joe J: OK so there's no pressure... if we fuck this up (joking) you'll just never do another podcast L: (More sarcasm) Yeah but I can cross it off my bucket list J: You can absolutely J: Your channel is unusual. Can I say that? I think I can say that. L: It is unusual. J: I've watched a fair few of your videos and there are some very, very controversial statements in there. L: (explains history of A.org making comparisons with more mainstream self-help, meditation, enlightenment.) Cue psychedelics discussion. Joe asks plenty of skeptical questions. Leo responds, with plenty of caveats and fundamentals, e.g. they both acknowledge that you can't just tell a religious person to drop their faith, or an atheist to consider nonduality. Leo may or may not smoke some bud. Politics. Dating. UFOs. Boom.
  8. Porn, chocolate, processed food, longevity, comfort, money, heat, sight, clothes, the economy, vegetables, war, pain, the sun, YouTube, refrigerators, condoms and tennis rackets for starters.
  9. If we opt for a large doner kebab with no salad, covered in tomato sauce, we'll likely be consuming a ton of processed red meat, fat and salt covered in chemicals, all of which are generally considered not the best choices for a healthy body. If we want our bodies to get essential nutrients then the meal as a whole must be balanced which requires paying attention to what we have with the kebab as well. I guess we could enjoy a doner kebab occasionally and eat well the rest of the time and maybe we'd "get away with it" although fast food can be addictive. If we're going to have kebabs, a healither option might be a shish, which is whole cuts of grilled meat, with a generous quantity and variety of fresh salad and either no sauce, or home-made chilli sauce depending on its ingredients.
  10. There are lots of restaurants in town. You chose to eat at Mario's because you think he makes great meatballs. However you don't like the sauce he puts on them. You find it very spicy and you're not keen on very spicy things. You reserve a table at the restaurant and use it to talk about your own feelings about how spicy the meatballs are. Mario hears your discussion. Instead of throwing you out, he lets you stay there and also gives you a tip on how to make great meatballs of your very own. You don't like the way Mario talked when he gave you the tip. You thought it was kind of direct. Mario's business is booming. He continues to improve his meatball recipe even though they're frequently considered the best in town. Mario loves sharing meatball tips with people and there's actually a queue of people seeking his advice, many of whom would reward him for it. He helps almost all of them free of charge, even responding to comments during his holidays. That said, I think I might also like to see Leo communicate in a more agreeable manner at times if he feels capable of or curious about doing so. This is just a humble personal thought/wonder.
  11. I agree. Rap sometimes indicates aggressive cultures. Does that mean we should target it like circling vultures? Stage red's a necessary level of development. Rhymes give poor kids a rare chance to be eloquent. Every community has a type of music; maybe our immunity lies in how we use it. What should they listen to instead? Psychos turn on classic then go kick someone in the head. While we're here, can someone answer this as a favour: can a person go through red without culture influencing their behaviour?
  12. @Haloman if you never felt hungry, how would you know when to eat?
  13. I enjoy using Instagram to share photos.
  14. If we tweak the wording a bit, we get: I do all my work to escape my "self". I don't believe in looking into your "self". If you do this, you just discover a lot of shit. I think what we should do is throw ourselves out of ourselves. The truth is not deep in our "selves". The truth is here right now. I'm not massively keen on the word "escape" either but you get the idea
  15. Why would you give someone advice?
  16. Please forgive the simplicity of my response, I'm sure other forum-users can give better answers but if you can assign a new meaning to the sound, it may help. Perhaps try and become more conscious of what you've been doing unconsciously. Switching desks also seemed like an obvious response just because of the situation although I'm sure you'd thought of it already and it probably wouldn't change your reaction to the sounds.
  17. Whenever someone says: "I'm not judging but..." Whatever they say next is probably a judgement.
  18. @Leonora nice quote
  19. @jimwell Is it useful to distinguish between people who are low-level psychopaths and people who are not low-level psychopaths?
  20. @yangmilun I like your questions. If you logged your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs, that were apparent to you, do you expect you'd notice any patterns?
  21. I thought Anthony Hopkins gave a wonderful interview in line with this theme of humility.
  22. Nice observation Moreira.
  23. Communicating with people whose minds are heavily occupied is like crossing a busy city street. You can try and stop the cars or complain about it if you want but nine times out of ten, you're best off standing there for a while, paying attention and keeping your eye out for a gap in the trafic.