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  1. Daily meditation

    Weekly workout (at least 3days)

    I've been meditating for months, and exercising for years, But I've never taken them seriously. I missed a lot of sessions (sometimes i stop for weeks).

    No more dabbling around this year, gotta activate those discipline muscles (don't google it that's not a thing ?)


    +1 @Shin @Charlotte

    @Theta I advise you to start slowly and just pick one or two from your list and not add more until u see that they're stuck with you.

  2. 8 hours ago, Outer said:

    I've changed my mind. The ego/I is basically self-referential thought. The true you is aware of the self-referential thought. There's also the ego/I that thinks that it it is the body. For instance you will probably have a lot of thoughts regarding the gym going etc that has an "I" in it, or directly implied with images of what you think is you or emotions surrounding it.

    In hinduism many practice yoga, which is similar to weightlifting except the amount of resistance and the breathing. One puts more resistance on the muscles obviously.

    With yoga and weightlifting you can think questions like am I this body? Who is behind these thoughts? In the gym... "I am not this body". "I am not these thoughts" "To whom has this thought arrived?"

    You might notice that when the load gets heavy or you are doing something complex the self-referential thoughts go away... Speaks much of their utility.


    Oh so its like Isha Kariya's meditation.. i thought you can only do that in Yoga

    Can't wait to start screaming "I am not this body" next time in the gym ahahhaha

  3. 2 hours ago, Moreira said:

    Talking about gym, do you know Elliot hulse? Ego is what destroyed him.

    He started in stage green, giving advices  trying to make peoples life better. He was about bioenergetics, yoga,breathing and spirituality.

    Then he centered his content on strenght and didnt talk about spirituality anymore, he started to sell books and material more expensive, he wrote a booke the king, calling himself a king, pumping his ego, more narcissistic and focused on finances and success, he backslided to stage oragne.

    I've read the book and he did not call himself a King in an egotistical way, he meant that there 4 archetypes in people: King, warrior, magician and lover.  He was a "warrior" now he starting to become more "king".

    That is true he started to pay more attention into money/business side. but i don't think he is "backsliding", If you've seen his interview with Siim land he was talking about transcending the ego to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

  4. 3 hours ago, SoonHei said:

    one thing i live in leo's longer videos is the break he takes to go drink water


    his voice just before he goes and right after he comes back from the drink is so different its epic. its like it becomes full crisp HD sound again 

    We need drinking water techniques video..

  5. 6 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    It turned into a monstrously sized video, 4 hours long.

    Woah! Can't wait to see it!!

    6 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    Conflicted about releasing it, honestly.

    The decision always goes back to you, but if you ever consider not uploading it to Youtube we'd love to see it in the blog :D