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  1. Hey there, recently I found this software called notion, which hasn't been mentioned here a lot. Its basically a note taking system, a bit similar to one note, but I think it has a lot of value to offer. It is highly flexible. I guess you could setup almost any kind of life-tracking, note-taking, calendar, productivity system with it. You are the architect of your system. The downside of it is, that its somewhat online and you can't have the files on your computer. Its free, if you don't upload too much. If you have a university email address you can get the personal pro version with more storage space for free. I would highly recommend to check it out. I also found an in-depth tutorial series on how to build a "Life Operating System" using notion. You can basically automate your life using notion, so that you know exactly what to execute. You can go from a long term view of your life into the short term view and know hourly what to do to align with your highest goals and values. Its systems thinking for daily life. I'm excited to check it out more.
  2. Bachelor: check Holidays: long overdue! This habit of learning something each morning and evening, even if its not much is really effective. I have read a whole 300 page book within about 2-3 weeks. I haven't finished a book in a while, because I didn't have a steady habit for it. Reading about different perspectives is really stimulating for my mind and I notice moving towards yellow intellectually. The book was Evolution 2.0, highly recommendable with an unexpected turn. Coming up next is Power vs. Force.
  3. I moved my habits onto a printed out sheet of paper - much more satisfying. Its exciting to see how I can tick of the boxes each day and see in which areas I am having problems. This is what I ended up with: 89% success The next sheet will look like this
  4. Day 9 Steak 0 My body needed the extra sleep! Day 10 Steak 1 I woke up just before my alarm
  5. Day 7 Steak 5 easy Day 8 Steak 0 There was no way I could have done this today with the period pain. I'm so tired. But its okay. I got up to 5 days
  6. Day 6 - Morning Routine Steak 4 Going outside and looking at the light sky before meditation makes me feel more awake.
  7. Day 4 - Morning Routine Steak 2 Day 5 - Morning Routine Steak 3 Did it, but am feeling very sleepy in the morning hours. It probably would have been more productive to sleep in and have more energy and motivation then. I need to adapt to 6am again...
  8. Day 3 - Morning Routine Steak 1 yeeey, I did it
  9. Day 2 - Morning Routine Steak 0 I did it, but at 8:00 I need accountability, otherwise I just keep turning that alarm of and falling asleep again
  10. Day 1 - Morning Routine Steak 0 did everything, but woke up at 8:30 and stayed in bed until 9 no breakfast, just coffee @dimitri Thank you
  11. 30 Days of Morning Routine Without some more accountability it ain't gonna happen. wake up between 6 and 7am cleaning, brushing teeth 15min meditation (breakfast) visioning, journaling, me-sheet I'll post here each day after I did it! Starting Tomorrow.
  12. Integral I started listening to the book Integral Meditation by Ken Wilber a few weeks ago. This got me studying more about spiral dynamics again. This book is fascinating and this map of multidimensional development - growing up, waking up, cleaning up. He said studying spiral dynamics by itself will make you grow up faster by itself. So I did that. I did some research on stage yellow and summarized and learnt through making mindmaps. Learning about this got me into such a flow state where I felt ultra passionate. I love learning and understanding different perspectives. I knew that from the first time that I took the life purpose course in 2016. This process of using this mindmapping software gave me a great insight for a great yellow project to work on. I always felt this limitation of mindmaps. You have just one concept with subconcepts. But I want to be able to connect different mindmaps together and create links between all sorts of different concepts. I got the idea of a graph like integration of mindmaps. Sort of like the usual knowledge graph. I want to create a tool for learning and teaching in a graph like manner. I started thinking about how to create such a tool, how to set up the database structure, which web frameworks to use, which software design to use etc. It would be a huge project for one person, but it also would be so fun in a way. I felt so passionate like I havent felt in a long time. As I kept thinking about how to realize this project this passion went away from the mundane reality of making code work and the technical side of things. I'm highly passionate about the idea, but I'm not sure about the realization of it. So I put this idea to the side for now. But what I have definitely learnt from this experience that I really want to feel passionate about what I am doing each day just like I felt when I got this idea. I thought more about my life purpose and came to this current life purpose statement for now: "I heal people energetically through understanding their unique perspective." I kept learning about spiral dynamics stage turquoise. The problem I was always having is how do I heal people energetically? Now I got the answer by growing towards stage turquoise and developing intuition and maybe psychic healing abilities. As an INFJ, Ennegram Type 4w5 I have always felt quite intuitive and through tics and high sensitivity very in tune with my feelings. My intuition is telling me that this is a real possiblity for me. So in the meantime: Integrate the remaining parts of orange and green, grow deeply into yellow and then eventually into turquoise. Learn about spiral dynamics, integral theory and different perspectives. Develop my intuition. Become more conscious. Become charismatic and open my throat and heart chakra. This gives me direction. Also… I finished my thesis and submitted it. FUCK YES!!! A huge weight got removed from my shoulders. I am feeling very happy at the moment. The B.Sc. is in sight and a whole summer with little obligations!
  13. @Mind of a beast would be an example. Or if you want to actually go into web development look at the django web framework. Learn this and then make up a project idea on your own. Really question the idea that becoming a programmer will fulfill your desire of helping others and raising their consciousness through programming. I am a cs student. And my life purpose goes into the same direction of yours. At the beginning I thought I could somehow get into artificial intelligence and that this would make some sort of impact on peoples consciousness. I am questioning this now. Of course its possible if you have a great idea though. The reason I am doing cs and programming is because its kind of fun, I'm kind of good at it and its pretty secure for the future. But its not deeply satisfying by itself. I know that my purpose is not within this field. Programming skills are just a tool for me that might later promote my purpose.
  14. Have you ever done any programming? Have you ever worked on and finished any kind of programming project? In the LPC Leo talks about making small bets. Try it out first, before making big changes. Programming isn't fun sometimes.