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  1. it is still valuable because i can know what type of variables effecs me negativly. my main goal is to connect to my feelings so i think that rating them can make my mind more relay on my feelings. but i am afraid from sabotaging myself
  2. i am thinkin about rating my days so i can get a feeling of motivation to get the score higher; but i am afraid that all it would do is self sabotage me instead of helping me. what you think about it? would it help me?
  3. you can always do stupid shit
  4. fatigue happened because u not do stuff in life that in line with
  5. you cant be passive and get active results.
  6. every tool can be used for harm and good. you need to use your intuition to know what right for you and what is waste of time. i think microdosing is pretty usless for most people ,especially for benginners (maybe for bengineers if they have a mentor to help them )
  7. spongebob squarepants
  8. it is more like to choose between the small suffering and the great suffering than choosing between suffering and not suffering at all. (sit in an empty room for a week is the small suffering)
  9. i think you meant beginners material ...
  10. how to use your work to better the world ( in form of a life purpose)
  11. What should I be focused on developing in my early 20s?
  12. my mom didnt brushed her teeth at young age because it wasnt popular ( 50 years ago ) , lots of teeth gone bad at early age till she started to brush her teeth.
  13. as long as you dont move during the practice, you will get meditative at some point
  14. you cant marry a women just for living cheaper?
  15. you should have more life purposes than you are able to achive