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  1. can i use those degrees for phd and research in the future?
  2. you can also be a teacher and have half work day + holidays and summer and you get to teach software
  3. i saw like 80% of leos videos... maybe more now it is just reading books and doing the work
  4. im studing phylosophy and psycology... and the b.a mostly focused on consciousness and cognition. i cant think about a job at this field for an undergraduate
  5. not all the intresting people are popular
  6. i have two nephews. one is addicted to phones and media and another is not, they around the age 2-3 . you can guess alone who is more happy,more fun to be with ,curious and can cope with more pain and struggle
  7. not moneywise , but if it makes you more efficient
  8. full circle reality tryies always to take the shortest way
  9. plants are also god
  10. because you have little connction to life ,they are not enjoyable to you
  11. life purpose is like enlighment , it is always known but you ignore it
  12. can you live from job a salary? if so i would go with it
  13. i think kissing a girl is much easyer than to become a fucking buddha , also for becoming one you need to drop lots of your fear so you will be able to kiss a girl before you get rid of your sexual urges. get a coach or a psycologist to help you with it, much easyer and faster , and will take you couple of monthes than couple of decades
  14. i want to start doing yoga and i want to have some insperations. if you are doing yoga for one year , please write down the change that is made in your life!
  15. isnt meeting women the best way to solve your ocd? you will have a real challenge and a real reward