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  1. The israeli arabs act like animals right now...Just look at this short article published 10 minutes ago! https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/police-rescue-jewish-family-attacked-after-entering-umm-al-fahm-by-accident/
  2. Are you serious? "When some rockets are flown across?" You are calling 1200 rockets as "some" rockets? Do you have any idea how much that is and what disaster it could have caused without Israel's top tier defense system. It could have wiped out all of Israel!
  3. They use the money they get from Qatar for those weapons. From 2014 - 2019 Qatar donated them one billion dollars (preferably for food and education) but apparently Hamas used it mainly for other purposes.
  4. Gaza is crazy, period! They already shot more than 1200 rockets! This number of rockets could have killed tens of thousands of civilians if Israel would not have Iron Dome. How can you defend Gaza for such actions? Furthermore palestinians who live in Israel are absolutely ungrateful and act like neanderthals. Without Israel they would live like the people of Sudan or some other third world country! They should be thankful that the jews made this country to a first world country in seventy years!
  5. Please elaborate. How can the motivation be the same? Aren't there different levels of motivation (in this case hatred)? The motivation of stealing some homes of palestinian people is in no comparison with the events in the Holocaust like burning jews alive or burying them alive in masses. The quality of motivation is complete different Mr. Gura because the actions of both scenarios are too different. There is a correlation between motivation and action! The higher/worser the quality of motivation, the better/worser the action.
  6. You really compare the atrocities of the Holocaust with the events that happen to some palestinian people???
  7. Gaza did not fire up 130 rockets...They fired up 1050 rockets ( https://www.timesofisrael.com/woman-and-child-killed-in-lod-as-hamas-launches-another-massive-rocket-barrage/ ).
  8. Very well said! Thank you for taking your time and answering my question.
  9. But isn't it the same for everything else? There are some people who are gifted in certain skills like engineering ( Nikola Tesla, maybe Elon Musk ), IT ( Bill Gates), Investing ( Soros, Trump) and esspecially physics ( Einstein, Feynman, Bohr). Those people are also the 0.00001 Per-cent of gifted people on this earth or maybe even of all the humans who ever existed. Does this realization not further proof that the only thing you have to do in order to become super successful, is to find this one thing where you are super talented ( Caveat it does exist for you) ? And how do you find it? Trying out hundreds or maybe even thousands of things may take a whole lifetime. And then most people are already establishment in some way. The 28 year lawyer is unlikely to try new things out, outside his profession.
  10. But how many girls did he approach? Let us say he approached five times as many girls as you did and got laid 1.5 times more than you. How can he than claim to be good with women or better than you? Approaching hundreds of women and then sleeping with a handful of them should not be a definition of success with the opposite sex.
  11. The people here, who are supposed to have spiritual tendencies, tend to have zero spirituality in them and 100 per cent delusion and irrational and ridiculous arrogance. But Mr. Guras answers to the questions here are very well written and quite helpful ( at least if the questions are practical ).
  12. Can you recommend some basic self help habits, Mr. Gura? I implemented... intermittent fasting ( +- 4 hour window ) healthy diet ( no sugar/fast food etc. ) meditation reading right now trying out affirmations in my daily life. What are some other good habits to put it into your daily life. One thing I have to do more is socializing PS: Sports, some hobbies ( improv theater, attending the synagogue etc. ), university are obviously also implemented in my daily life
  13. You spiritual people are so arrogant for no reason. A psychologist with a PhD is so far ahead of you, Mr. Gura. In a debate you would have no chance whatsoever against a serious academic. You trips and mind games are irrelevant. I study at a Top University myself and know for a fact that the great Professors are thousands of miles ahead of you. Sometimes I think that you spiritual people pretend/try to be successful in the online world because you failed to get a good degree from a great university. Same thing with Cold Approach monkeys. These monkeys know for a fact that they do not have it in them to live a "player" lifestyle and as a result cold approach five thousand chicks and sleep with fifty of them and then lie to themselves that this is how a real player lives.
  14. Thank you for your tip, Sir. But Okcupid and all those other dating apps besides tinder are not established here in germany. I tried tinder multiple times and just can say that the algorithm is fucked up! On day one I usually get +-5 matches and +- 5 likes. ( most girls average/above average looking and one out of ten or twenty matches is usually pretty hot) But day two crickets... Day three crickets... and so on.