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  1. I swear it's like every time I think I'm starting to escape, I get sucked right back into it again. This year has been nothing but one failed endeavor after another. Escaping wage-slavery feels like a long arduous journey where every single step is a long arduous journey. I regret to admit a small part of me doubts if its even actually possible. I've tried sharing my ambitions with others but I find it so disturbing that absolutely no one I have ever met has ever seriously entertained the possibility of having so much wealth that one can live totally as one pleases. Like, there mind literally cannot fathom it, you might as well be talking about martians or something. I guess I would just like to end this post by thanking Leo and everyone else who has ever transcended the miasmic, soul-crushing, mediocre standard of life that the vast plurality of this poor planet is drowning in. Histories greatest and brightest have inspired me to dedicate my entire life to building a life worth living. We are such a gifted species, yet we've used our gifts so foolishly. I think humans are the most beautiful and wonderful of all of natures creations, yet I also despise them for wasting such awesome potential and dragging me into this neo-fuedal dark age society where I have to rent out my own body to others just to eat. May God help us all!
  2. The people of my fucking country never cease to amaze me! You censor a man who shed blood to preserve the freedom you enjoy because he was critical of trump? What a fucking cultist lol
  3. @Yarco You're talking to a former business owner. I did it once, I'll do it again!
  4. I listened to a free hypnosis audio on her website and noticed a significant rise in my consciousness afterwards, it was very mushroom/LSD micro-dose like.
  5. I am a beacon of sin so I can't judge any woman. Also traditional men are losers, be a fucking baller!
  6. @Leo Gura Its not as dangerous as the alternative
  7. @Javfly33 I go out every night and rate every night 1000/10. Even if everyone hates you, rate your night 1000/10 or you'll just give up. Also, you descend from a 4 billion year old bloodline of success and overcoming adversity! The elements of the cells that make up your very body were literally forged in the Heavens!(Cores of Stars!), so that means you are literally divinity! You are a literal SON OF GOD!!! To not have an infinite surplus of confidence is BLASPHEMY!!! Listen to this with headphones once a day, it helps me.
  8. So after being an introverted incel all my life, I've been going out every night and practicing socializing for the last month and a half. I have made a very odd discovery... girls... ACTUALLY LIKE ME WHAT!!!!!????? I've consistently had women tell me "I love your energy, your such an air sign!" or "Oh my god, your so funny and bubbly, are you an Aquarius?" And what I find even more disturbing is they always guess correctly!!! Are girls fucking psychic!!? I didn't know literally all of them were into this astrology shit!!! I get it every single time I interact with them!! I THOUGHT WOMEN HATED ME!!! I THOUGHT I WAS UGLY!!! NOW THEY HUG ME AND TELL ME THEY LOVE MY ENERGY???? I HAD A GIRL TELL ME SHE LOVES ME IN FRONT OF HER BF TONIGHT! I KNOW SHE PROBABLY MEANT IT PLATONICALLY BUT STILL!!!!! I'm honestly kind of shocked how I could've been so wrong... I think the human mind is a cage that literally all of society should be focused on breaking out of!!! God knows what dark path of devilry I would have taken if I was a more dogmatic person and didn't try to explore reality for myself. I literally thought girls were just allergic to me, like I was cursed or something. I thought it was literally impossible for me to get a GF, now it feels so inevitable I have a no GF rule because I don't want to be distracted from getting my life together.
  9. I sort of feel... strange. Like a giant portion of my ego just went poof. My identity just feels... undefined now. Whatever, I'm just gonna keep going out, it's what I'm passionate about!
  10. After going out every night for a little over a month, I've discovered many "Mechanics" that govern human social behavior. I thought you'd all find my notes insightful and perhaps helpful in your journey to social mastery. Everything below isn't just armchair philosophy, I've had direct experience or observed all of it in the field. Enjoy! Social Temperature: What I've dubbed 'Social Temperature' is the degree to which a human being can uninhibitedly express themself through vocal, facial, and bodily action, or more generally, the degree to which a human being is open to and capable of social activity. High Social Temperature: High Social Temperature implies the human being is currently 'warm' and can easily and effortlessly express to others through the body, face, and voice. Extroversion, humor, laughter, sexuality, and an array of positive emotions are only accessible to humans who currently have a high social temperature. High Social Temperature is attractive and seems to be contagious, in my experience, even just seeing a group of people laughing triggered a rise in my social temperature. People who are currently 'warm' exhibit the following: smiling, flirting, touching, kissing, strong eye contact, story telling, cheering, speaking loudly, and relaxed but attentive posture. Low Social Temperature: Low Social Temperature implies the human being is currently 'cold' and is inhibited from expressing to others through the body, face, and voice. Introversion, staring at the ground, avoiding eye contact, hands in pockets, anxiety, depression, mumbling, monotone, and awkwardness all indicate a human being with a Low Social Temperature. Low Social Temperature is repulsive and contagious! The temperature of others can be pulled down through awkward interaction and emotionless, dry conversation. People who are currently 'cold' exhibit the following: Stiffness, shyness, sadness, weak vocal tone, hands in pockets, leaning against walls, scanning a venue, being on their phone, restricted/uncomfortable body language, expressionless face, introversion, and even aggression. Room Temperature: Room Temperature is the collective 'warmth' of an entire venue. Every human being in a venue contributes to its collective temperature through their social or anti-social behavior. The social temperature of every individual in the venue is pulled toward room temperature, whether their temperature is higher or lower than the venue's. Cold room temperature implies the place is pretty dead, people are generally not open to social activity. Warm room temperature implies their is a high volume of social activity within the venue, hence people are 'warmed up' and far easier to socialize with. Social Damage: Social damage is anything, internal or external, that can significantly lower ones social temperature. Rejection, embarrassment, being the target of hostility, needing to pee, telling a joke no one finds funny, being ignored, losing phone/wallet, spilling drink on self/others, and getting thrown out of a venue can all trigger social damage. As Social Damage accumulates, the human being becomes 'colder', facial, vocal, and, bodily expression restricting as their social temperature plummets. If a human being is inflicted with enough social damage, they may become anti-social or even hostile! Soak: Soak is the capacity of a human being to 'Soak Up' or incur social damage without their social temperature being lowered. Soak can be increased through cold approach, public speaking, performing, and developing a high self esteem. The average man has developed very little soak, and because the average woman never approaches, I imagine they haven't developed any soak. Pick-up artists, musicians, performers, and bouncers seem to possess a high amount of soak. Collective Social Damage: Collective Social Damage is any occurrence which lowers the social temperature of a collective of humans, tanking room temperature! Things like fights, the police, rain, and the bathrooms being closed cause nearly everyone in the venue to incur social damage. When this happens, social activity plummets, causing even more collective social damage as the entire 'room' gets 'colder'. Low room temperature is repulsive and people may begin to flee the venue for a 'warmer' environment. Temperature Degradation: A human beings social temperature is under constant incursion! Throughout the day, things like work, traffic, boredom, sickness, excess heat/cold, stress, discomfort, and even it simply being winter can lower ones social temperature. Even something as insignificant as an itch on your foot or pumping your gas taxes your social temperature to a small degree. Overtime, external and internal influences gradually make the human being 'cold'. Temperature Management: Temperature Management implies engaging in activities or practices which keep your social temperature 'warm'. Dancing, listening to upbeat positive music, positive affirmations, binaural beats, meditation, staying hydrated, masturbation(If female, but I'm unsure), abstaining from masturbation (If male, I find it makes me irritable and tired), eating chocolate, positive hypnosis, listening to standup comedy, and generally just socializing help to keep you 'warm'. Cultivate a life that keeps you 'warm', you deserve it, it feels good and makes you happy! I've found that Leo's satisfaction meditation is very effective at maintaining a 'warm' social temperature. Spiking: Spiking refers to using Vocal, facial, and bodily expression to raise the social temperature of another. This is the key to social success! Humor, storytelling, flirting, smiling, laughing, and even just having a High Social Temperature can raise the social temperature of others. When this is done successfully, others will spike you through their social expression, creating a positive reinforcing feedback loop of your collective social temperature! Congratulations! You're making friends now! People want to be around you! They want to be spiked by you! I've accumulated all of this knowledge by going out every night. Unfortunately, I've exhausted my soak and have incurred so much social damage I think most people in my shoes would be crying. I'm so 'cold' I can say hello and people ignore me. From now on, I'll only be going out on 'warm' nights because people are far more receptive to me and easier to spike and socialize with. I'm unsure if my social skills are inadequate or if 'cold' people inherently cannot be engaged, further research is required. So what did you think? Not bad for an incel, huh?
  11. @aurum You have a good point, a real master should be able to warm themselves up at will! I will practice this.
  12. @Karmadhi Thanks! I think I'm only scratching the surface though. I'm thinking about writing an in depth book on social dynamics once I acquire a holistic understanding of it.
  13. So after being a nearly friendless incel for my entire life, I've devoted the entire last month to going out every single night and socializing and I've never had so much fun!!! It's scary how good I'm getting at this, I think I'm a natural! For the first 22 years of my life I thought I was an introvert, but then I took LSD and spiral dynamics stage green erupted within me. People are what I'm passionate about! I love them! I go out every night to make them feel good and laugh! I'm actually making friends and discovering girls don't hate me, in fact, they think I'm the funnest guy they met that night! I think cold approach, romantic and platonic, should be taught in schools! There are people double my age who can't even look me in the eye when they speak to me, this is fucking absurd! Why is social interaction so deeply feared by everyone? The worst thing that ever happens to me is a set of girls pretends I'm not there when I try to open them, and so fucking what? The next set is literally down the street and happy to talk to me! But how on earth do I make a living doing this? Should I look into becoming a RSD coach or something? I took the LP course and decided to focus on creating a green energy company one day, but what if I'm not really passionate about that anymore?
  14. @Leo Gura I understand, I could found an entirely new social endeavor/area for self-help! Platonic Pickup? Group cold approach? It needs a good name. I actually contacted RSD and they said "Dude, you need to bang 200 girls and buy Owen's $4000 course!" lol. I will keep going out every night and intimately study human social behavior and dynamics. It's sort of like if a biologist could join a pack of wolves and live among them lol. @aurum I think I'll have to forge my own path. Maybe I could write a book, make a forum, shoot videos. A study found 61 percent of adults in the US feel lonely. How could this even be possible in a country of 300 million people? I find society grossly anti-social, maybe I can find a way to alleviate this problem. @hyruga If I have to work the next day, I only spend 30 minutes to an hour doing it. I actually feel quite energized afterwards, like I'm actually accomplishing something for once! I don't really care if they're low conscious, this is about having fun, developing superhuman charisma, and gaining a holistic understanding of social dynamics.
  15. Ladies, I'm curious about your social habits and want to deepen my understanding of social dynamics. Here are some questions I'd like answers to. How many friends do you have? How often do you see them? Do you talk on the phone or just text? Do you do activities together or just chat? Do you have male friends? Where did you meet your friends? What would you want men to know more about you? How often do you feel alone? Thanks!
  16. @Leo Gura Mastery of this is the only thing I really want in my life, but in order to do that don't I have to learn from masters? Wouldn't RSD be a good place to start if I want a career dedicated to this? @Karmadhi Luci is what I call LSD. LSD isn't a drug, LSD is a friend, a girly happy giggly loving friend. Every time I take LSD I actually feel a little like a woman, I can't really articulate it well. When I open a set with girls in it I do tease them a bit. For Example I might say "Careful guys, I can tell this ones trouble." Or "I only talk to nice girls." For whatever reason women will go to the ends of the earth to convince you they're a nice girl, I have no idea why they care what a complete stranger thinks. @ItsNick I've seen this video. Society seems like it doesn't even give a shit about creating and nurturing healthy human beings, then it complains about criminals, nazis, incels, and creeps.
  17. @Karmadhi Basically, I was depressed and suicidal throughout the lockdown and my baseline consciousness was abysmally low. Paid a friend to get me some shrooms, he tells me our guy ran out and gave me LSD for free instead. I take it a week later. Luci drowns me in an ocean of unconditional love and acceptance, rejected disintegrated parts of my ego are re-embraced into my being, I finally accept I'm bisexual that night, something I'd been in complete denial of. What I can only describe as femininity awakens in me, I would struggle with gender dysphoria and think I'm a trans woman for a few months as I trip more, but eventually I would holistically integrate both femininity and masculinity in infinite capacities. I feel so much self love and self acceptance I am nearly crying. I began to honestly contemplate what I want from life and my honest to god answer is lots of friends and a romantic partner, something else I was in total denial of. That first acid trip really changed my life and who I am. LSD is literally the best thing ever, Luci is a spiritual guide that teaches you how to love thyself and thy neighbor. I want to cry just thinking about it. I go out to my cities downtown area every night. There's lots of bars and clubs, so there's always sets of people walking around outside. I avoid going inside places because of covid though. I started by just greeting people and working on eye contact, now I approach a set, I say "I heard this is where the cool people hang out, is that you guys?" They reply "Fuck Yeah!" And I integrate into the set, making them laugh and generally being a fucking clown. People like me so much they ask me for my number!
  18. Despite consciously knowing the damage and suffering it causes, I will still go to McDonald's. What in our biology or psychology is driving this irrational behavior? People are literally eating themselves to death these days!!! Why!??
  19. Listened to both of these before going out, fucking killed it!!!! It was like I was just possessed with charisma! I'm a fucking natural when I don't get in my own way! I will listen to both of these vids for the rest of my life!!!!
  20. I can't do it anymore, I just can't fucking do it anymore. It's exhausting, it's nauseating, it doesn't make any sense, and I am too conscious of its limits to continue. A life serving the self and the mind is an arduous, empty, infuriating, unfulfilling endeavor where the only certainty is suffering. My failures are catastrophic and my victories are hollow, bringing only a few minutes of satisfaction before I feel inadequate again. I no longer posses the energy to judge others or my self anymore, I'm tired of hating, complaining, and suffering. My limited conditions for happiness are never met and are guaranteed to fail in a universe where the destiny of all forms is annihilation. My mind has driven me to the brink of suicide and back over and over and over and over and over and over- Enough!!! I don't care anymore!!! I'm done... I'm done... my only desire right now is to empty myself of myself until only God remains. I just want to rest in peace. I've wandered off of this path dozens of times, wandered unconsciously back into hell, I can't do it anymore. It's just too painful. Absolutely nothing brings happiness except spirituality, everything else hypnotizes you back into hell.
  21. @Roy I don't plan on hurting myself, only the neurotic mind craves suicide. I do intend to drown it in being though.
  22. I sit now before my computer covered in dirt, I'm too tired to take a shower. I spend my days slaving away in the hot sun and carrying heavy shit, in exchange I get like $750 every two weeks. I have no friends or ever had a romantic relationship, I live with my parents but I feel like I hardly know them and vice-versa. Trying to tell them about self help or entrepreneurship is like trying to tell a toddler about the rise of Hitler, they're uninterested and they find the television far more intriguing. It's disturbing how complacent and myopic the human mind can become after a lifetime of mediocre unconscious work, they're like zombies! The fucking television is the most diabolical invention man ever unleashed! After work my body and mind feel numb and hazy, but I fight through it because there's more important work to be done, I'm a CEO after all! At least that's what it says on my business card. I make a sale here and there but I wouldn't say my business is a success quite yet. At the end of the day I lay alone in darkness, my only companion the voice whispering 'I love you' through my headphones, sometimes its a man's, sometimes it's a woman's. Then its right back to work in the morning, to the scorching hot sun and asphalt, to serving and obeying people I dislike, to fighting the urge to knock someones teeth out. I honestly think a sane man's first reaction to being ordered around in the heat like a dog would be to gut the motherfucker who crossed you like a fish so no one else gets the idea they're your superior, but I'm a lover, not a fighter. Maybe I'll listen to one of Leo's videos with my earbuds or imagine I'm Augustus or Napoleon to pass the time! I always liked the idea of being a conqueror or an emperor. In a strange masochistic way I enjoy it sometimes, the stinging and aching in my muscles, the unforgiving omnipotent sun, the sweat bleeding into my eyes. It's a very peculiar high but most of the time I feel like jumping off a bridge. What the fuck is this? This is what life is like in the twenty-first century? How the fuck do people do this decade after decade? I'm only twenty-three and I've had enough of this shit! The life of the average person is a mind-numbing bitter struggle only interrupted by mediocre media, hollow relationships, insultingly little vacation, and alcohol. How has the plurality of mankind embraced this way of life? It is humiliating! I feel like a different species or something because I'm the only one I know fighting for an alternative! How the fuck do you just get told what to do your entire life!? Doesn't this fucking bother you after a while!? Then people get married, have kids, and buy a house, MEGAFUCKING the entire situation, now they're guaranteed to always be a wage slave! I HAD TO WORK ON THE FUCKING FOURTH OF JULY LAST YEAR!!! The day about, ya' know, FREEDOM!!! How the fuck do you cope with this shit because I feel like a losing my sanity more and more by the day!
  23. I"m really starting to be come conscious of the machine like nature of my self and humans in general. Why do I blow my nose? Play videogames? Vote? Sleep? Shower? Work? Love? Hate? Debate? Yawn? Self-Actualize? Blink? Because I am a survival machine. Every man made structure exists to perpetuate survival! Bridges, condoms, tampons, bowls, toys, crypto, alchohol, paper, carpet, bug spray, wallets, fidget spinners, rubix cubes, dating apps, gloves, shoes, EVERY SINGLE UNNATURAL OBJECT IS A SURVIVAL TOOL!!!!!! Now this is even crazier, ALL CONCEPTS ARE SURVIVAL TOOLS!!!!! Religion, ideology, currency, fashion, race, nations, morality, philosophy, memory, math, science, history, virginity, red-pill, black-pill, feminism, socialism, feudalism, pantheons, deities, mercy, freedom, slavery, arrogance, ambition, hierarchy, masculinity, femininity, dogma, skepticism, scientism, misogyny, language, art, life purpose, truth and falsehood. It's very eye opening to see the world through the lens of survival as well as be aware that all lenses are for the purpose of survival. I've been thinking, what if planet earth is the only place survival occurs? What if there's no where else in the universe where forms are concerned with perpetuating themselves?
  24. I'm curious why one day out of the blue, this group of primates decided "Unleashing our sexuality is bad unless under certain very specific terms and conditions and if you don't abide by these terms and conditions the creator of the universe will hate you!" What was wrong with the previous system? Why does stage blue deny itself when not denying itself worked for hundreds of thousands of years? I guess the deeper question here is, why did humanity evolve out of stage-red? What prompted such a radical change all of a sudden?