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  1. "Nothing of spiritual significance comes without sacrifice".Maybe so. But why would spirituality have to be measured?
  2. @Preetom The thing is, you call demon:"evil", meaning we're back at the start again. Calling a thing "outside" evil or "inside" are also, as far as I know, identical concepts as a whole for each. That being said, if the thoughts are I don't see any reason you should or shouldn't acknowledge them, as long as it is apparent that it's nothing more than this. (I don't know).
  3. sometimes, "you" are your own worst enemy
  4. @Joseph Maynor If it is necessary to ask another, this is not 'being'. The question appears o be circular according to this definition of 'being'! ...Consequently, help
  5. @cetus56 Allways is @Shin "You don't know."
  6. I think responsibility has it's connotation, in a buzzwordy sorta way. What is action/reaction? (Who cares!) Here's the real question: Can one differentiate themselves from an ego without knowing Ego?
  7. Ohhh, man...That's where they all went to. But since my experience is your experience in the now... Noo, somebody! Get me out of the @Shin Strange Loop!!!!1
  8. Are there multiple arguments? Or is there only the One, the ultimate true platonic argument? /s #idontknow
  9. Self-inquiry will not be a help (only reshaping the ego) the moment you try analyze or define awareness while you are that, but rather, I would say ime, to stay in that space and at the sane time realize that that space goes on, forever. That leads to the arrival of perceiving all as:not "me".
  10. @SriBhagwanYogiFind the borderline (that you are creating/"created") in-between the concept of your self and your thought(s). That's you. Following what you created towards you. ? Hmmmm @winterknight (Is this even describable?) *hopeful shrug*
  11. @Sharp Awesome! I see now. Seriously, great obs! (Disclaimer: Valid only for one and/or additional realities. May not be eternalized.)
  12. Every. One. ? But seriously. Well, what are you going to do about it? Besides this thread
  13. next (i am so immature) Ok...all that is an old sad song. In any case if you're well whatever is going on, even if nobody else gets you, that is what really matters.