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  1. I don't know if it has to do with enlightenment... but yes, this happened to me after many years of mantra meditation and observing thoughts. Be careful with feeling that there's no going back to that mode of experience, though. Are you getting security or comfort of some kind originating from this thought? Or is it originating only out of the silence of awareness? Also you can ask yourself these 2 questions for other thoughts and feelings. That's probably all I will write, and thank you (and everyone on here)
  2. Then you become One. Did you read the poster, silly?
  3. @Time @Shiva Just for contemplation (or throwing your phone away so you don't have to watch it):
  4. @Shan Yes, if possible, I agree on learning the meaning of mantra(s) one chooses to recite. This deepens the initial strong concentration needed, because ideally, you have to focus on a specific imagined action between you and the focus/deity (until effort is not required for concentration, and that's merely the beginning of another part of the journey!)
  5. I can tell you how the subconscious works within the time cycle many are stuck within: Using game feature to escape game by copying image of preferred section of game. It's a tad symbolic, it's true...(if you observe, you may find this is occurring on the conscious level at times, which tends to be just as helpful as knowing the nature of the subconscious).
  6. MDA

    Sounds like the salvation in the nightmare.
  7. MDA

    I see, well then here is a new question. Yay: Then wouldn't that mean I make the truth, then? If I'm just ego, I believe this. And nothing could make me otherwise.
  8. MDA

    I guess the real question is, are they/is it using you? Or are you using it?
  9. MDA

    How is this the worst nightmare ,again? Are you joking? Maybe are you fighting using the ego mind, as well as intruding concepts? (that's a nono, lol)
  10. Well, misdirected thought is (admit) one condition, enlightenment is (admit) one priceless. And despite everything it is.
  11. Well, depression is (admit) one condition, enlightenment is (admit) one priceless. And despite everything it is.
  12. @pluto Thanks, pluto! I admire your posts, uh, I mean,I conceive your shits. @How to be wise
  13. @NoSelfSelf Depression is not suffering???! Are you not suffering, or are you just thinking "I am not suffering"'?!
  14. @Rilles Both. Yet the peaceful overwhelms (oversees) the less "positive" feelings. Of course, it's possible that, or everything varies, so always take what I say with some salt.