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  1. Bow down to Bao May you have a peaceful, pleasant journey.
  2. Getting caught up in identifying with a concept like that, instead of observing it, seems like a lost cause for the ones who already see everything as a lost cause. They seem to lack the keystone of the all-encompassing love of being, and just not giving a shit.
  3. @How to be wise There is a missing piece to this puzzle. Enlightened people mean there's no you: now. Not in "some time" in the future. In any case, comments like this is despair-mongering to fling on someone unawares, wouldn't ou say?
  4. When not judging it and observing, just don't believe it is your thoughts. They're from the place you are looking for, rather than "you" at this time.
  5. @ds300 ssris do not replenish serotonin.. ..Ooooh, no...taper off of that if at all possible and take the supplements mentioned- @Maya_0 . Research "kriya yoga" and "chi" (and depression). There are videos on youtube. ,An ssri is like a milder version of the drug you took; it may keep stable longer but you'll develop tolerance, meaning more and more would have to be taken and at some point won't work on you.
  6. What type of movement creates resistance? What I'm trying to say: what movement does not create resistance?
  7. End of article: "perhaps making friends with the ego, and learning how to control it, would be healthier than trying to destroy it." This.
  8. Maybe you had a mini-enlightenment. If so, your consciousness is permanently changed (until you have a new enlightenment experience; pretty cool, if my (old, mid-60's) sources are accurate). That being said, consider @winterknight because he is enlightened. See "I am enlightened sincere seekers ask me anything"
  9. Fascinating story. Yes, actually judgment is not necessary at all once you become aware of hypocrisy. After all, awareness (observation from silence; meditation helps with this) is all you need. Have you ever heard the expression "life will give you all you need, plus more"? If you want true happiness, it is right in front of you, non-hypocritically. It was very courageous of you to put your saga "out there". I don't know if I will be ready to do that for awhile! +, mine is a little more localized, so the mind tells me.
  10. @Rilles This book claims mastery of mind is the key to mastery of life. Maybe I've never been in stage blue (don't know alot about sd but it seems like a heirarchy, which is old-school to me) but in any case that doesn't seem like something that would ever help me. I really just wanted to put the first sentence, but the rest is for clarification for why I said that. Ultimately, it's your mother's decision. Have you let her know that you want to help her? In a direct way? Alot of times on here people act like stage blue is a bad person/state of being. But if you're really open minded, how could someone imply that?
  11. No matter how complex life gets, there's always a way around it. And sometimes there's "no escape" but a better term for me is "opportunity to let what happens happen and only observe".
  12. It is written in many places about mini-enlightenment, which I presume is a term used when you think it's at a level lower than the most profound enlightenment you know of (?) (That makes no sense). To find out, reach a level of enlightenment. P.S. I'm using my own logic to say all this. Don't take it as my or your direct exp.!
  13. If you were in Star Trek, which character would you be?