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  1. @Finland3286 As I see it, it becomes quite easy to understand if you just drop the notion of physical reality entirely. What does "experience something through something" mean? If you think you experience sights through your eyes, it's just a concept: you think you are a material body with material eyes perceiving material things. You can see a coffee table. You can experience bodily sensations. You can see a body in the mirror. Where do you see that you experience all this "through" something? There are just experiences. And there is nothing that can prove that the sight of your hand is you and the sight of a coffee table is not you.
  2. One of the best Leo's videos, if not the best. Both very profound and very practical. This experience was definitely worth 4.5 hours.
  3. @MrDmitriiV All these explanations and definitions don't mean much really. They are not strict scientific-like proofs and are not much more valid than what you can see in this scene: You can't get around believing here. Experience is what counts, there is no better proof than experience. If people succeeded with it (and they did), then it works. And judging by what people say about Kriya, it's quite potent. And if you want a logical explanation, here it is: after each Kriya routine you are supposed to just sit and concentrate / do nothing. The practices quiet the mind really well (much better than meditation for me, you don't need a year to feel it) and make the following meditation much more productive. Another possibility for awakening is mastering the breathless state. If you hold you breath, you thought process also stops. The breathless state enables you not to breathe effortlessly for like 2 minutes (if I'm not mistaken), thus highly increasing the probability of awakening.
  4. I am not enlightened and I haven't had not even one little awakening experience. But from all the videos / books / posts I've seen / read, my conceptual understanding of the nature of reality is: I. Reality is not physical, it's experiential. II. Experiences occur inside intelligent empty awareness (God / consciousness / nothingness). Nothingness is what creates experience and perceives it. III. Experiences are not separate from nothingness, they are made out of it. IV. There is only one thing that exists. All 'individual consciousnesses' are interconnected and inseparable. Reality is indivisible. So, that's my basic understanding of nonduality (please correct me if I'm wrong or missing something). I don't want to seem arrogant, but the reason I've created this thread is that I'm frustrated by seeing posts the authors of which (it seems to me) severely misunderstand non-duality (things like "Leo is a narcissistic psychopath, he thinks he is God!"). It seems like a very simple thing. Why do people so often misunderstand it, or maybe I misunderstand it myself?
  5. @Gligorije All you have of reality is sights, sounds, sensations, smells, tastes, thoughts. You never experience a 3D material object (the brain, for example) directly. Therefore there can be no evidence for the existence of an external three-dimensional universe.
  6. 1. Yes, it's 6 times for a single exhale, but the breaths are supposed to be really slow. That way you can chant 6 slow OMs quite distinctly. If you can't breathe slowly enough yet, don't try to force it, it will come with practice. 2. Probably to just chant while focusing on the third eye. 3. 108 cycles doesn't mean 108x6 Pranayamas, it just means 108 breaths.
  7. I don't think there is any need to be concerned with these details. For example, Santata Gamana says just to focus on the third eye.
  8. @Pluck Do some research on enlightenment. By the way, it's not a secret that Leo learned about it somewhere and just started pursuing it and making videos about it. He doesn't claim that it's his idea, it's been around for like 2500 years All this "HE CLAIMES TO BE GOD HIMSELF!!! He is a narcissistic psychopath!" is just pure misunderstanding. I didn't see even one valid argument in this post. Only taking Leo's words and giving them your meaning to call him a psychopath. Well, that's why saying "In this video I'm going to tell you how I became God" at the start of a video is not a very good idea .
  9. @CreamCat Seems like you may be confusing Blue and Orange with Purple and Red. Also, tribalism is a very common trait in tier 1, all the way to Green.
  10. I've always thought that if someone is wondering about the meaning of life, the only true reason for this is that he is unhappy. The problem is not that you don't know the meaning of what you do (and there is none), it is that you don't enjoy it. If you were enjoying it, would you ask 'What is the purpose of this?' ?. Not that I'm 100% happy with my life right now, but I understand that it is my responsibility to make myself happy. It is not life's problem, it is my problem. Don't resist life, enjoy every moment, however hard or dark, as much as you can.
  11. I could never understand religious people. Why do you believe a tale from some old book without any evidence? There is really not much more credibility to it than to any arbitrary story. You can make up an infinite number of things to be afraid of. But why? We can't know what happens after death until we actually die.
  12. @Naviy Santata Gamana's books are available at .
  13. @Joseph Maynor It's kinda funny how you use labels like "thought-story" to defend your belief in the absolute importance of life purpose while you criticise Leo for being too "absolutist about his beliefs".
  14. Hello. I am a 18 year old freshman and I have 3 more years to study. Lately I've been kinda concerned with how I use my time. I also started playing guitar recently and I'm thinking about whether I should do that or do something more 'practical' / 'results-oriented'. What do you think - what is best for a student: to cut out all the unnecessary stuff and fill his / her life with self-actualization work and study or to keep a balance between the two?