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  1. @mmKay If someone is not willing to learn, it is better not to do it. Because they are teachers and they have to be seen that way.
  2. Mediums believe there is life after death. Do you believe your soul lives? @Swarnim I believed they still live, as a year after my sister passed, I felt her not only close, but changing, improving, learning, like I am. I have been very very sceptical, but everyone who has lost someone close, more or less has very "odd" experiences. They are not odd, they are proof. Hope it dosn't have to happen to someone who just wants proof, but it is out there. Ask those people. Preferably after they have grieved and healed from the pain and stopped lying to themselves that their loved one is gone.
  3. There is a reason that thing was laughing at the guy in the image. You are creating this reality, you holusinate or even see what you are asking for and your frequency is aligned with. Heal first, fix the stuff in your head and body, then go and see what you are creating.
  4. We don't have to look at anyone's ego. The point of all this is for learning. All the fucking universe. Let them be, just take what you need to learn. Everyone is unique and can teach anyone anything, and there is no exception in that! There is an amount of jelousy and competition involved when looking at teachers' inside life and personalities. No one is perfect, you are not either. At least they got up there, not sitting here backbiting them like you are their ex lover or something.
  5. I would check if it is physically something else. But I have experience in mediumship. They say it is an information upload to your system Just hang in there, it has updates that you may see in your life sometimes.
  6. It's good to write off especially in hard situations. The environment bends whan you move on from the hard situation that you are in. It is teaching you things, trying to observe it and meditating, would help.
  7. Feet, ass and thoughts I think thoughts feel sneaky because they come from the past, and kinda hit you sometimes. They are supposed to work together and create ideas. Like a team. They are not all seductive or bad in my opinion. They help growth.
  8. Deeper in my mind is more like a travelling to further away dimentions.
  9. Not really. It just comes at some point when I'm deep and stays there for a while, almost until the end of my meditation.
  10. Hello, I have got more serious lately about my spirituality and lately when I meditate, I go really deep and I feel these odd thing. I would be thankful if you would tell me if you have felt the same and what do you think they mean. One thing I have been feeling a lot and I used to feel also, is activity in front of my eyes, even though there is none. Like feeling like a source of light, like a candle or lap is in front of my eyes. Lately, a strong white light which is not there when I end my meditation and open my eyes. Another one which used to scare me a bit is an odd feeling of drowning, stretching, or having an odd shape body or position. It feels like my body is stretching like a body of an alien. When I sit at first, I know where are my hands, where is my legs and so on. But as I go deeper, I feel my body is a very stretched level of what it is, my hands are not bent on my knees, but they are straight down, my waist and neck are really stretched and my head is really higher than it supposed to be. I feel a bit light headed also. I used to get scared of this but I learnt to trust that it is not real and my body is where it was, just exploring the feeling. Slowly it gets back a bit to normal after some minutes. There is some other stuff that are a bit new, but I'm still exploring them.
  11. I agree that we need to learn certain skills to do and grow in some things like programming, but I still think that intuition is beyond the hunch feeling or the one that you have got used to some experience and you just do it, like when you have driven a car for years and now you do just do it. In my opinion when you failed at cooking or having sex for the first time, you were not necessarily doing it out of intuition guiding you and it could be another voice, but if it was intuition for real, it was for you to learn from it not destroying you and be a huge mistake. Maybe you were intuitively lead to doing that cooking or having that sex for a reason, like learning it or losing your virginity, but the process itself was not guided by intuition that lead to failure, the failure happened because your intuition lead you to it to learn something from it and it was part of your process. That failing in cooking and having sex thought you how not to make that mistake again later and have a better sex next time. At the end, when you followed it, you became a great great cook or learnt tricks in sex that no one around you seems to know about. You feel great doing those things most of the time and you feel they belong to your life, even if they thought you for a while and you left them for something else. You were lead there to learn something for you to move on to the next level of your being.
  12. If you listen closely, you'd notice it is not a thought, and not a emotion or a feeling, it is something else. More like a voice or a leading force. Maybe the force of evolution that Leo mentioned in one of his videos. I don't agree that it comes from your knowledge level and the experiences that you have had. The direction or the point of it comes relative to the situation you are in and where you are kinda supposed to go to get closer to the place you'd grow or have evolution best in. I may be wrong, but it's the best I've got at this point
  13. With all respect Leo, I don't agree that feelings are the same as intuition if you mean them from emotions point of view. In my opinion feelings are emotions, that link to all the sadness, happiness, anger, etc. Intuition is as you said, the voice of the soul, the one that knows your purpose here and knows the way. The one that we tend to be far away from when we get involved in our emotions that make us unconscious. Intuition comes from the center of everything, gut feelings, logic, male, female, all the spiral colors, etc. From the source of all beings. Those intuitive decisions that some of us have made that felt so right that became the best decisions we made.