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  1. @neutralempty What do you mean then? @fridjonk What are the green stuff that you are mentioning here? You might be right with what you are saying, yet, life doesn't really give a fuck and I am forced to focus on the financial aspect of my life and everyday duties, I'm kinda late to the party with this aspect of life. @Nahm I don't really understand you on this one bro
  2. @PurpleTree People are egotistic, fucked up creatures mostly, not judging, that's just the truth, sadly. I do appreciate things in my life, I practice gratitude, I am as happy as I've ever been, for real. I'm not interested in low-consciousness stuff like fast pleasures (coke and hookers) either. It's just life is so empty, it's paradoxical, but that's how it is and will always be.
  3. @Nahm Yeah, I'm doing that everyday, I never hustled so hard in my life, Jocko Willink and Goggins can smd
  4. @PurpleTree Travel the world, gain new perspectives, move to the USA, do fun stuff, dunno
  5. @Nahm Not obsessed about being a millionaire or anything, I just want to quit an everyday job and become financially independent and gain true freedom, that's all.
  6. @neutralempty Mate, you don't know me, I'm working 24/7, doing everything, like perfection-type-beat, not slacking off, putting all my heart every day, it's just after all of that struggle it's still not really worth a penny imo. If you would see one day of my life you would say that I'm a robot or something. @Nahm Right now I don't really see an alternative, to pursue my dreams I need tons of money, to make it I gotta hustle @PurpleTree These type of things doesn't really move me, I tried, I forced myself, I'm just not that kind of a person I am talking a walk everyday, I got a cat recently, I know it's all human things, but I just do them (like meeting with people and stuff I mentioned) to feel better and be more productive, as it's part of our nature.
  7. @Michael569 What's macho about being real? @Breakingthewall I'm always looking inside first because the outside is the reflection, I know. I have to either move out from Poland or find really valuable people here. @neutralempty Not sure if I'm bullshitting, it's all true, yet, I know I might be just looking for excuses. @aurum I don't think it's a belief, it's truth @lmfao Because that's my overall state of being right now
  8. @Michael569 Dude, don't know, let's be fucking real, there is nothing that "makes you cry", life is not a fairytale
  9. @Preety_India Don't know, I'm an "old soul", if you believe in that type of stuff, I don't give a damn about petty things, but I would not say I'm mature, I'm a silly, goofy dude in general. I troll all the times not to get bored with life. About everyday life - I don't know, I'm pretty excited about out of the ordinary world stuff, signs from universe, synchronicities, basically when life becomes a little bit more psychedelic then normal, spiritual awakening was huge for me, I will never forget that shit. I also experienced telepathy and clairvoyence, that was pretty fucking awesome. Not really sure what's lacking - I would say people, that are hyped with all of this stuff, not society bullshit. People in Poland are still living in 2000s lol. About love - don't know, never been in love, I think it's just chemistry and a person to impress me really would have to be freaking awesome, never met person like that in my life, not to mention a hot chick. I don't want to slow down, I wasted tons of time, because of tens of traumas that I am not even guilty for, no father, narcissistic mother, fucked up growing up environment, I just left a fucking cage just to find out that zoo is full of shit and I want to get out of zoo right now, USA is my dream, but to leave Poland and move there I have to get six figures company, so I am working on that right now. @Megan Alecia Not sure, i would say it's a mix of INTP INTJ and INFJ. 5w4 enneagram
  10. Sooooooooooooooooo It's like the highest level I ever achieved with my life I think in regards to life in general. I'm pretty smart guy, I'm intelligent, whatever, and it's like a state that went back to me after years of fucking around and doing stupid, random shit with my life, that was all just a way to cut off that feeling looks like lol. I've been into psychology, philosophy and all of that stuff already when I was pretty fucking young, like 14-15 maybe and I found out then that it's all fucking nonsense and it all has no sense whatsoever. Then my IQ and life wisdom somehow dropped, or I made it to drop a lot by drinking, smoking weed, cigarretes, playing games etc. Now I got my shit back together, I eat well, exercise, work, etc AND HERE WE GO AGAIN IT'S ALL NONSESNE. Don't get me wrong - I work a lot, I do a lot of things, I keep it positive, I'm a good person, etc. By it's all so fucking nihilistic. I try my best, trust me on that, I work as a motherfucking mule, learn a lot, etc. Yet - let's be fucking honest - world is nonsense, people are fucked up animals, everything is fucked, everyone is fucked lol. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuk
  11. Yeah, that's pretty obvious, just this one is pretty personal, esoteric, out of this world post. Still - thank you
  12. Why did you quote me on that? Don't get it
  13. @Chimera there is a video by leo called "ego stages" or something it's not like you become selfless and just give and be loving without boundries, that's just being a bitch your ego has to get that first and why it also serves it's needs, there are levels, that you have to go throught to exhaust your ego to reach another one and another one, repeat until infinity
  14. Can anyone explain, how in their perception this whole thing might work? When you die, you look for another life to be conscious of? How the transition might work? According to the reincarnation theory you get to another "level", higher soul, but how would that look in practice?
  15. @UDT I'm 100% what? Build what?