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  1. @LiakosN There's something wrong with her, not with you imo. She wants you to cum, but she doesn't want to get pregnant I guess, so.. why does she want it? You get her orgasm, you orgasm, you are having great sex, what the fuck does she want from you "cumming"? I just don't get it.
  2. @AlwaysBeNice Dude, that's like philosophizing about some basic shit. I'm too much in a clouds, not giving a fuck about pragmatic stuff, that's all, that's a fact. I know what you mean, but that's not what I need. It's not something I convienced myself of, it's just a phase in my life that I needed and really enjoyed and right now I just want to end it to go forward.
  3. @DrewNows Yeah, that's a great point man. Don't know why (synchronicity, raising my vibration and shit), but that's the state that my mind is getting to from just like yesterday, that's why it's funny you are mentioning that. Nevertheless - thank you dude.
  4. @DrewNows I'm practicing grattitude journal everyday, I don't really understand the part "lot of firm ideals/beliefs" (not criticising it, just don't get it). P.S Also - not to sound like I'm doing grattitude journal because I want to be happier, that's just a method and I'm a fucking robot - no, no, I'm pretty fucking happy while having not that much things in my life (no girl, no passion job, not a lot of money, etc).
  5. @David Hammond No, wtf
  6. Ok I already messed this shit up a little What I need is to become more "pragmatic". What are the easiest ways to achieve that mindset?
  7. @DrewNows Yeah, it's like: I'm analitical, harsh, logical, not really emotional for outside world, but my mind is analising and giving a fuck only about woo-woo spiritual stuff. It believes the only good decisions should be spiritually grounded, true, honest, good etc. Like - i will not work in my job if i don't feel like it - my destination is to be self-development teacher and world will allign to that - actually working will block that attraction (sometimes I have no idea how but it works like all the time xD). What do you think about sun salutations (yoga posture technique) in the morning? About bioenergetics - I practice similar technique every morning - Wim Hof Breathing (hyperventilating yourself just like bioenergetics, i guess xD).
  8. Hey, so basically I finally realised, that my mind is really into right-side thinking stuff, woo-woo, dreamy shit and I really need to become more disciplined (which I kinda already am), grounded and logical about everything I do. I need some stable technique that will make me more grounded like every-single-day (my mind is really smart when it comes to not working and not being pragmatic about stuff). I read about walking on a ground with bare feet (which I just can't do everyday, living in a big city), some grounding binaural beats (which I don't want really to be closed to, my chakras disbalances are really different like every day and I like to listen to different ones from day to day). I'm already meditating, taking cold showers, training martial arts 3 times a week, I'm doing nofap, but all of that is still not enough for me. (I also cleaned up my diet and want to train on a gym 2 times a week and do yoga 1 time a week too). I'm also really interested about sleeping on the floor - I wanted to do it for some other reasons (getting straight posture and getting more masculine energy thanks to that), do you think it can be grounding to you? (seems like it - duuh ). I'm really interested about your ideas guys - I will really appreciate your hints on that topic.
  9. about cold approach.. i found this video today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaKYbBdFqGM what do you guys think?
  10. @ajasatya I got inspired by this post: What do you suggest I should start with?
  11. Hey, guys. So I came up with an idea about just "doing nothing" for one day, tommorow. I know the thing I should do is to try to focus on present moment and observe my thoughts more, while being disconnected from phone, internet etc and just sitting home (I'm not going to do it outdoors, weather is too shitty). Anything else you can suggest? Should I make notes of what I observe or that's too much of "doing"?
  12. @Aquarius Thanks man
  13. @Shin Yeah, right now I know that, thank god i discovered nofap and got rid of frustration created by fapping since young age.
  14. @Shin Yeah, I know she does it all because she loves me, but she has no idea the amount of harm she does. In short - she is just stupid as fuck