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  1. @7thLetter Nose plastic surgery for sure. It's such a fucking complex for me.. FUCK
  2. @Anton_Pierre yeah i do that too from time to time, or when i need some help with something in my life first is grattitude, second is asking for divine help
  3. So - about prayer - i just watched Russell Brand's video and he mentions that his everyday routine consists of meditation, exercise, cold exposure and prayer. What do you guys think about it and do you practice prayer? What kind of and how do you practice it and what does it give you/ how it changes your life? Like - i'm looking for some kind of rational, analitycal answer for a thing that is probably not rational at all, but still - i just want my mind to grasp it to make it more practical. How to do it? I wanted to find some YouTube video about it, but all of the videos are too woo-woo for me (XD). Thanks for answers, peace.
  4. @Marinus I felt like that too, but for me it wasn't really the No Fap that made me feel "lust" all the time, it was my fucked up image of women, that i was just treating them like a thing that i want to fuck. It's ok to want to fuck a girl, but do it with apprietiation for her beauty and her personality. No Fap has way to many benefits for me, to just throw them in a dumpster with a tissue. Affirmations like "i love all the women" helped me to change image of them in my mind. Of course you feel obsessed with girls and sex and you feel like you need to balance your sexuality. But I think you should do it by having sex with girls. But if you feel different and you just love women - how they smile, how they move, their eyes, bodies, their cute voice and just talking to them without big crippling lust in your mind to just fuck them straight in the ass - then it's ok to fap. If you don't really care about benefits that much and you feel like you are great fucking guy and you don't really need that shit to make you better - go ahead and squezze that cock.
  5. @Shakazulu fuck yeah i am, but i didn't really say anything hilarious in this post tbh
  6. @universe Yeah, the " visualizing what feels right for you" is on point man. That's dope. Thanks!
  7. @sustainably umm, thanks.. i guess?
  8. So.. right now I'm getting more and more prepared to run self-development channel with friend of mine (or without him, depends on him), and the next thing I need to get over is getting better with dating and girls in general, it's like a thing that I need to get good with to be reliable as an "online coach" i think. So basicaly I finished 90 days of Leo's life purpose course plan exercises and now I want to implement affirmations and visualisations for dating and relationships everyday. Affirmation that I'm using is "I love all women. I'm dating and having sex with beautiful women". "I love all women" is the idea i got from Zen Perrion - do not distinct which women are good or bad, it fucks your mind and you are making yourself less attractive because of that - you are fun, playful and better version of yourself just for women you want to fuck and they can sense that (that's what I understood). My question is - what kind of visualisations should I use? I'm using mainly the visualisations in which I'm banging with a hot girl (XD) and I'm not sure if that is not messing with my brain (like porn let's say) and I just don't know that much about visualisations (how they work fully), should I visualize cold approaching first, or go straight to the purpose I want to accomplish, or everything in between? I would love to have great, fun relationship with a girl - don't get me wrong - it's just that my brain is so into just fucking right now, it's really hard for me to get past that. Once I'll get someone to fuck with or some relationship, it will become much easier after - it will get a lot of weight from my shoulder.
  9. @Dorotheus Out of curiosity, what type of conversation do you start with/what is your "opener" (not a cheesy way, just "first thing you say to a girl")?
  10. Ok, I'm not sure if anyone gives a fuck, but I'll write it anyways. So, basically all of the message from last of Leo's videos i great and seems true. One isn't. The moment when he says that reality is perfect and all good and loving and after that - "AND I CREATED IT" and starts crying. Dude - that's like egomania lvl 999. That's how I understand it - it's like (heard it in a video somewhere) Spiderman claiming that he created himself and in reality it was Stan Lee that created him and his universe. I fully understand what Leo wants to say - that there is nothing outside of the absolute and that it created itself so he just claims that he created himself, right? Wrong. The nothingness that created everything is so selfless and so loving that out of that selfishness and not getting anything from it and being just a void it is the most selfish thing that can be - but the prize for that is just to be nothing and have nothing, and that's the paradox. Claiming that you are the void, the nothingness, that created it is like missing the point and the beatiful desing of the world. Nothing is and will ever be nothingness, you can try, but you'll never reach it, it's all just a play. You can delude yourself and tryhard forever, but you will never reach "final stage", and becoming aware of that - that is in my opinion the true enlightenment.
  11. @Shin Is there anything you can suggest to get rid of that "TOO MUCH OF FUCKING ENERGY WTF" -like feeling? Sometimes I'm getting angry and frustrated about some silly things, while my willpower muscle is pretty fucking strong and I'm also doing a lot of stuff. Or it's just like - it will dissapear after some time, just wait?
  12. Ok, that's just an ego talk. Masturbatin even without ejaculating still makes your brain to spike a lot of dopamine, which makes you lazy afterwards. Case solved What I figure out is buing a thing called Kava and drink it everyday. It will calm me down, reducing frustration and agressiveness (i wish) while still getting energy from nofap.
  13. So i got an idea - not sure if it's not ego based, that's why I made this topic. Not masturbating is increasing your sexual energy that you can store and use in other ways - and that's great. I'm using meditation, wim hof breathing, cold showers, martial arts and yoga and thinking about buying myself a kava to drink every morning. Why? Because still, after doing so much practices everyday sometimes I'm becoming angry and frustrated. Not sure if that's just not too much of this energy wanting to get out some way and that's why I started doing that (again - that's why I made this post). THE QUESTION IS - Do you guys think, you can use masturbation (without ejaculating) for karezza-like purpose (to make your sexual energy flow through your body and balance itself)? So basically - masturbating to get that energy balance itself out in my body and exercising my kegel in the same time (I would love to get to the point that I don't have to bust a nut while being with a chick too - that is just too valuable for me). So - what are your thougths on that? Would love to hear anyone who read something about that and has some direct experience. I tried that 2 times and both times I went too far and busted a nut, but that's just beggining and I think I can for sure improve (if that's worth doing and has any sense and purpose). Cheers
  14. Had no better idea, so i thought I might as well write here. If anyone from Cracow wants to go out to practice pickup/cold approaches/night game/whatever type of activity to become better with women - pm me. Cheers
  15. @LiakosN There's something wrong with her, not with you imo. She wants you to cum, but she doesn't want to get pregnant I guess, so.. why does she want it? You get her orgasm, you orgasm, you are having great sex, what the fuck does she want from you "cumming"? I just don't get it.