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  1. Aaron Abke is fucking great, love his channel
  2. @Aquarius you mean turquoise
  3. @Leo Gura Great stuff man, just what I needed right now in my life, thank you.
  4. nofap, cold showers and emotions/stress/traumas work (grounding/body opening exercises/breath work) and you should be gucci
  5. @Maximus guilt brings you down do not feel guilt when you'll fight with her, yell at her / whatever when you are right you should have strong boundries and fight for truth no matter what she uses your "good heart", that's how this fucking world works
  6. @Mikael89 Dunno dude, there is a lot of "out there", "woo woo" stuff that is unbelievable first and then you're like "wtf it works". I came from materialist, left-hemosphere, logical thinking too, now I'm into ezoteric concepts and it blows my mind. It's your stage, maybe someday you'll understand that.
  7. @Pacific Sage https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?clang=e;stx2=s%3Douts%3D24;btyp=2;rs=1;mth=gw;ls=1;nhor=1;cid=185file1osS4A-u1561570163 also - i recommend this youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8O3h1Ly4xUK0BvRdZ-BCUw
  8. It's not, read something about mercury retrograde and what's happening right now. Btw, telling things like "only thing that is right is awereness" is just being an arrogant prick. Of course only this is true, but we live on a fucking Earth, inside a "dream", none of that is true, but that's where we operate from right now, this fucking moment. Writing "enlightened quotes" like that is just ego level 999.
  9. @Mikael89 wow you're so smart
  10. Yeah dude, it's like - everything is self bias and you can do whatever the fuck you want. It doesn't change the fact, that there are rules - you can give zero fucks but rules still apply to you. The more consciouss you become the more "part of the whole" you become and you start to go with the flow, with collective conscioussness, and Solar System is a thing you can refer to, to figure out what is the best next step.
  11. @Aeris i'm not sure if he gives a fuck about stage blue people lol about your chart - i don't know, i'm not an astrologer, but new moons and full moons affect you and i've experienced it many times already if it's a comfirmation bias - let it be, because it's fucking awesome and i grew like crazy thanks to that knowledge i've spoken to astrologer via skype and just by looking at my chart he knew about my childhood, my traumas, my intimacy issue and a lot more stuff, he couldn't just take it from "stars" (well, actually, he could)
  12. @Aeris mbti is like understanding mind pattern that each personality type uses to work with data (aka real world) the more you understand it, the more you will start to see others in yourself and yourself in others and that's what integration / conscioussness work is in a nutshell astrology is a real thing btw (even Leo says that, if I'm not "too smart" for you)
  13. @Strangeloop oh shit you might be gay, that's so fucking cool dude ^^
  14. @Strangeloop i had a similar dream some time ago it was not "gay shit", it was about my friend wanting to hug me and i started screaming "no, no, no, get off me!" when i woke up i had this strange "gay" feeling and i started thinking "am I gay/bi or something?" easiest way to find out is just to ask yourself - "did i ever felt a need to look at another's man butt?" - if not, do not overthink it, it's normal if you can differenciate if someone's handsome or not, feeling something towards another man is way different thing i think it may be intimacy issue, let me tell you from my example: my story is: with a girl i was with, it was all about just busting a nut and sex was really rough and mechanical, there were 0 emotions involved, i didn't love her at all, that's why read some stuff about "lover archetype of masculinity", it may be "damaged" for number of reasons good luck, have fun and a lot of great sex again