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  1. Not sure if you read what i wrote - my opinion is that you CAN have multiple twin flames in your lifetime and you don't really have to get into relationships with them. They are just opposite side of one part of your psyche that you should embody yourself to progress further, to become more "whole" on a psychological level.
  2. Thanks man, that's exactly the feeling that is with me for a long time now. I just want someone to love me truly and that I can love myself too. I think that could be the best "therapy" for me right now.
  3. I got to a conclusion, that might be ego driven, but I think it's not a bad thing. Regarding to my twin flame relationship, my second half is not even near to feeling like she wants to get into ANY relationship right now. The feeling I have right now is something like - I'm young, I don't want to be a martyr and I would like to become more experienced with women and sexually in general and if I don't get it straight in my head right now it will haunt me later. What I mean is - I only had one girlfriend in my life and I don't know if getting into serious relationship with my twin flame for the rest of my life is not going to be too hard with regret in my mind that I didn't use my youth when I could and not getting more "adventerous" with women when I could. Sure - it's ego driven, I want to have more sex and "wild" experiences and I'm just not mature enough to get into solid, "forever and ever" relationship at all right now. I just want to "fuck it out from my system" and get rid of it forever. I think it's that yin inside of yang thing, thing that is "bad", but "good" in a long run. I'm also trying to get more creative and develop myself at the same time, it's not like "I'm just gonna fuck some girls and we'll see what happens". It's just another thing i want to get my mind straight with. Being "saint" and acting "good" just for God and higher purpose - I get all of that, but let's be real for a moment and don't treat ourselves as "angels" and accept our animal nature aswell. Would love to hear your opinions on that guys. @Harikrishnan I think it's not a delusion - it's just a person that is your "perfect opposite", that comes into your life to show you something inside of you that you are hiding and are afraid the most - it's something that just pulls you towards this person. She may or may not be a person that you are ment to be with, it's not important - more important fact is what YOU should learn from this person and embody these things for yourself. I met one person like that in my life before already and we have never been together, and now, when I embodied these things myself, just with the process of growing up, this person is not even on my radar anymore. Twin flames are showing up in our lifes just to give us direction about what we should do with our lifes and psyche to progress further.
  4. @Nahm Do you know any book that could help me understanding what you wrote? Sorry, but right now it's just philosophical mambo jumbo to me, I just don't get it.
  5. The cause is like I said - resentfulness because she left my dad and it's rooted deep within subconciouss. I know it's like that, because I was really resentful towards god aswell, because i had no father, I felt abandoned by him. So - I don't know what my problem REALLY is and how to cure that within me, I'm trying to act the best as I can towards my mother and towards women, but I feel like it will never heal the root problem and that's what I'm always interested in. What I feel the most sorrow towards her is the lack of emotional bound (I know it had to be that way - she had to become my father basically) and all of my life I feel the thing I'm missing the most is LOVE from the other human being.
  6. So - first of all - what do you guys think about all of this "twin flame" thing. I think I just found "my" twin flame and I will have some further questions about that. So, basically, I'm 28 now and I only had one girlfriend in my life. My dating life was basically fucked by my unhealthy relationship with my mother, check out : So the coach guy I was talking to told me, that if you met your Twin Flame every other relationship will just create negative karma, not fullfill you and you will just repeat the circle of wanting to get back to your flame again and again. I'm thinking if it is really that way, I was in just one relationship in my life and I would love to try something even before getting into this "final one" with my Twin Flame. I also would love to get better with girls and I'm just thinking - how to do this without "creating negative karma" that will pull her away from me.
  7. Hey, let me share my story with you first, to then I'll go to the problem. When I was about 3-5 years old (I don't remember it at all), my mother ran away from my father, who was an alcoholic. I loved my mother a lot as a child and she always wanted the best for me, but after some years, when i got into maturation process i started to become more and more rebelious and arguing a lot with her. I always thought it's something normal (and it partly is), but this problem came back to me. I was having a conversation with a coach (an astrologer), who's story is really similar to mine. He read in my birt chart, that I have some serious emotional problems related to home and that this may be the problem (inner child-me doesn't want to forgive my mother that she left my dad). It really makes sense, and it's a thing that's in my head for some time now and I want to get rid of this problem forever. I was reading something about it in "Iron Jon" and even Carl Jung, who called it "Anima" part of a man, and battle for deliverance from the Mother, but I still didn't embody it. This astrologer guy told me to pray to Holy Mary/Mother and that it will bring some insights about what to do next. So I started doing about 10 minutes of "affirmation" everyday ("I let go of grudge towards my mother"), but I'm not sure if that's the right way to do it (I want to do the prayer pragmatically, scientifically, and I still didn't find "my way" to do it). I also started doing some exercises that open you up to emotions and traumas (they basically remove tension from belly and chest and change vibrations in this places). I also heard phrase - "the guy who loves his mother is loved by all the women" which really makes sense in my situation. I'm a handsome, smart dude but somehow I had only one girfriend in my life and it ended up really bad. There was a part in my life when I became really misogynistic and I fell like subconcioussly it's still there. So - if any of you had similar problem and would like to share how he overcame it - I would be more than grateful. Peace
  8. @7thLetter Nose plastic surgery for sure. It's such a fucking complex for me.. FUCK
  9. @Anton_Pierre yeah i do that too from time to time, or when i need some help with something in my life first is grattitude, second is asking for divine help
  10. So - about prayer - i just watched Russell Brand's video and he mentions that his everyday routine consists of meditation, exercise, cold exposure and prayer. What do you guys think about it and do you practice prayer? What kind of and how do you practice it and what does it give you/ how it changes your life? Like - i'm looking for some kind of rational, analitycal answer for a thing that is probably not rational at all, but still - i just want my mind to grasp it to make it more practical. How to do it? I wanted to find some YouTube video about it, but all of the videos are too woo-woo for me (XD). Thanks for answers, peace.
  11. @Marinus I felt like that too, but for me it wasn't really the No Fap that made me feel "lust" all the time, it was my fucked up image of women, that i was just treating them like a thing that i want to fuck. It's ok to want to fuck a girl, but do it with apprietiation for her beauty and her personality. No Fap has way to many benefits for me, to just throw them in a dumpster with a tissue. Affirmations like "i love all the women" helped me to change image of them in my mind. Of course you feel obsessed with girls and sex and you feel like you need to balance your sexuality. But I think you should do it by having sex with girls. But if you feel different and you just love women - how they smile, how they move, their eyes, bodies, their cute voice and just talking to them without big crippling lust in your mind to just fuck them straight in the ass - then it's ok to fap. If you don't really care about benefits that much and you feel like you are great fucking guy and you don't really need that shit to make you better - go ahead and squezze that cock.
  12. @Shakazulu fuck yeah i am, but i didn't really say anything hilarious in this post tbh
  13. @universe Yeah, the " visualizing what feels right for you" is on point man. That's dope. Thanks!
  14. @sustainably umm, thanks.. i guess?
  15. So.. right now I'm getting more and more prepared to run self-development channel with friend of mine (or without him, depends on him), and the next thing I need to get over is getting better with dating and girls in general, it's like a thing that I need to get good with to be reliable as an "online coach" i think. So basicaly I finished 90 days of Leo's life purpose course plan exercises and now I want to implement affirmations and visualisations for dating and relationships everyday. Affirmation that I'm using is "I love all women. I'm dating and having sex with beautiful women". "I love all women" is the idea i got from Zen Perrion - do not distinct which women are good or bad, it fucks your mind and you are making yourself less attractive because of that - you are fun, playful and better version of yourself just for women you want to fuck and they can sense that (that's what I understood). My question is - what kind of visualisations should I use? I'm using mainly the visualisations in which I'm banging with a hot girl (XD) and I'm not sure if that is not messing with my brain (like porn let's say) and I just don't know that much about visualisations (how they work fully), should I visualize cold approaching first, or go straight to the purpose I want to accomplish, or everything in between? I would love to have great, fun relationship with a girl - don't get me wrong - it's just that my brain is so into just fucking right now, it's really hard for me to get past that. Once I'll get someone to fuck with or some relationship, it will become much easier after - it will get a lot of weight from my shoulder.