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  1. @EmptyVase There are a lot of ways ego is playing tricks on you. Being arrogant, stubborn, lazy, but also pushing too much, showing off. It's really subtle and you can sense it by observing your inner chatter - is it gentle, rational, and kind or rather it is somehow marked by emotions. I would suggest using journaling to determine that for sure. There are really a lot of things you have to be conscious of, like - being radically honest with yourself, having enough self-consciousness, etc. You can pm me if you'll have any particular questions.
  2. @Quantum Toad Yeah, it's exactly like that, I'm really happy that it's happening right now, I'm sure it's gonna bring great things into my life. @Chakra Lion Is there anything you think I should do in order to speed up the process? I felt an intuition to buy a maca root supplement, that might be silly, but I always thought that Kundalini energy is just your mojo, libido, whatever you wanna call it and I heard that maca helps with boosting that. Big dick energy
  3. @Shmurda Nah man, I know what happened to me, how my vibrational state of whole body changed, how my environment, people, attitude, mindset, everything shifted more in one year than in 10 years of work before that. It's not something you can delude yourself with, it was crazy as fuck, scary and schizophrenic, but right now, after all of these experiences and integrating insights I know exactly what happened to me. Shadow integration, dark night experience, chakras opening, all of that at once. I'm pretty much a new person right now.
  4. It's a long story, I was somehow connected to my twin flame, energetically. Her orgasm with the other dude opened my solar plexus chakra and awakened me from a nap during the day. Then the whole dark night event started, my body vibration changed fast as fuck and my confidence and masculine aspects skyrocketed. Tons of stuff happened. About heart and what is happening right now - Universe is giving me subtle signs, in people I meet, in conversations I have with them, there are too many coincidences to call them that way anymore.
  5. My solar plexus chakra is opened. A lot of work done here. Twin flames template etc. About heart - the more I open my heart the more I feel like maybe authentically I'm not really that good of a person. I'm just a guy, and you know how guys are. But it feels fucking great, authentic and cool I want my life purpose to be from my heart and I want to attract real relationships as well. And a girl, that I would really fall in love with, I don't know what it feels like.
  6. Yes, you're so smart
  7. Hey, so currently, the YouTube algorithm is recommending me videos about heart chakra opening, situations in my life also are aligning to that, not saying that it have to be to and always is a thing and YouTube is a God's algorithm or anything, but all of that sounds really interesting. I went through dark night of the soul event and kundalini awakening seems to be part of the whole process that I think is coming my way. But first of all - I don't get all of that stuff, I have no idea what all of that means and I'm a more practical and rational person and would love to know, how that looks like in real life and if any of you know, how can I speed up the whole process. Apparently, I've been depressed for most of my life, I became aware of that not that long ago before I thought that it's just how life is. It is not any better right now. Nowadays I have moments when I feel like - "What the fuck my life even is and was? Such a fucking waste, garbage life that I can just put into the toilet". Please do not empathize with me or give me warm hug comments, I really want to get my shit together and make some significant change in my life, something that will last. Because right now it's going up and down, I reach some point, and depression kicks in to take me down again. I can't live like that anymore.
  9. @Akemrelax Being flawless, cool, badass motherfucker
  10. Fuck it boys, case closed, it's too much effort and time to become good at video game. I prefer becoming great in Life game, new expansion, thanks.
  11. @Godhead Of course it's for fun, but more serious fun, you get me. Yeah, being good at game requires you to go really balls deep into it, that's something that cockblocks fun, like you said, nerd, no-life 14-olds.
  12. Lately, I'm wondering - I had similar mindset as Leo has, to grind hard, work hard, I can't remember when I watched a movie, I started playing some video games lately, but it's like 2 hours for like last 6 months. What I mean is, he ment, that he had to become less obsessed, more chill, laid-back and I'm thinking, if that's a good idea to go back into gaming. What do you guys think? I'm thinking about playing PvP (player versus player) arenas, so it might be really nice thing to improve my cognitive skills. Or am I just deluding myself? I would take different approach, responsibilities first and only then I can allow myself to play. I would also go really serious about it and treat it more like competition then fun, so it really would affect my psychology in a good way. Thank you for your kind responses. Bless!
  13. @DrewNows Lately, I'm realizing how much of a garbage life I created for myself, how worthless it still is, I have nothing, I'm fucking sad and lonely person. And I did like years of work, but it was all about healing traumas and other issues, I'm not even at point zero. I trusted my intuition and hearth, left a shitty corporate job, and here I am. Now I understand, more and more that smoking was just a coping mechanism.
  14. @RoseBand @DrewNows It's fucked up because I understand everything, that all of you are talking about, I found thousands of reasons, that quitting is something good to do. Quitting/staying sober is not that hard. The worst thing is sticking to the habit of "not smoking even one" to the rest of my life. Too many situations, where it can happen, I can't simply avoid all of them or prepare for "all of the worst-case scenarios". Yet - every time, I smoked one, the habit came back alive, a story of my life.
  15. Yo, so basically I did Leo's life purpose course, I started my YouTube channel, that's something that really gets me into the flow and I love doing that. I will continue on doing that, no matter what, it is something that I feel really lifts up my brain and creativity is something that was really missing in my life, it's like a breath of fresh air. Yet - my lower needs are still not met, I don't have any friends, I moved to a new city, I have no girlfriend and my financial life sucks too. My job sucks also. I know, if those needs were met that could also lift my brain to the next level, my subconscious wouldn't be so obsessed about that stuff and a lot of brain area (let's call it that way) could just bring me new ideas and my creative outcome would be even better, or at least that's how I understand that conceptually. I tried a lot of things, I really fucking don't know, I'm not some anxious, weird guy, I am confident and opened, yet, I can't really find a match to my interests and lifestyle in society. An intelligent, bright, loving girl is also something really rare to find. Dunno, I'm stuck. I always look at this that way - maybe I'm deluding myself and it's something that is obvious to others, something wrong with me, and I can't just accept that, but not this time. I'm different, that's for sure, but in a good way, I just do not buy into society's brainwashing and materalistic lifestyle. What to do? P.S - being a loner guy that talks about some weird stuff on his YouTube channel little world doesn't really help lol