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  1. Yo, why episodes aren't uploaded at the same time as YouTube ones?
  2. No, I don't want to do that either
  3. Hey guys. My goal right now is to escape wage slavery as fast as possible (like probably many of you). I have experience in programming and I graduated from computer programming but I have no more interest in that, I hate doing that and it's forced as fuck. My life purpose is, for now, my YouTube channel, I am really into self-development, philosophy, psychology and I am also an artistically minded person, I really enjoy aesthetics and I want to create beautiful videos. What I'm looking for in a job is something that would help me to develop skills that can skyrocket my YouTube to the next level, like editing, graphic design, etc., but also something that doesn't really require experience (and gets paid good, so I can afford good diet). I have no idea what to look for and I'm not sure if I want to spend my after-hours to develop a skill that might go straight into developing my channel. Thank you in advance for any help!
  4. I have a YouTube channel already, as I mentioned, which will probably take some time to grow and build an audience. I also started a blog today, which might help with time. I bought Leo's book list, which of his books do you mean, can you pm me its title? I've already read like top 5 from the marketing category
  5. Hi. I think that right now I have tons of knowledge and experience and I would love to start coaching people to: 1. Get some kind of experience in teaching self-development 2. Create a side hustle that could help me to make money (so I can leave 9-5 and do my purpose full time). I have a YouTube channel, that I think in time might become my "brand" icon from which I can gain clients, but that might take some time to grow, and I would prefer to get some kind of income and experience right away. Do any of you guys know how it's possible to start with something like that from scratch? Thank you in advance for your answers!
  6. @Someone here Take a look at your nervous system, it helped me a lot. I removed all stressors from my life, like caffeine, changed my diet, exercise regularly, and try to have good sleep hygiene. These are the basics and only after you will get those handled out you can think about prayers, look for therapy, etc. IMO, as these are things that your human nature demands from you. When it comes to anxiety relief try with adaptogens supplementation, something like Ashwagandha f.e, also check yourself when it comes to work-life balance, things like relaxing and play are more important thank you think when it comes to your well being. Feel into your body. Being shy and distant in social situations just means there is too much stress in your body and/or you lack social interactions. Meditate more, if not as a habit - do it when it comes to day to day situations - observe yourself when you have anxiety/panic attacks and try to catch triggers or just let it play out - a lot of these things are just subconscious programs that have to play out and sometimes they are tools that have to play out to release stress from your body. That's why it's better to deal with it for yourself with sports, meditation, sex, etc. Good luck, if these problems will last, feel free to pm me
  7. This is how you can do it in a practical, scientific way. Start your day with intention f.e using your prayer practice or this meditation: It will prime your subconscious for this day, you can go with affirmations too, whatever your goal is. Then stop thinking about it and be in NOW do what has to be done NOW just start going and see what happens. Many people mistaken surrender with not doing, it's quite the contrary, it's just to release attachment, trust higher guidance, and let life go flow through your vessel and guide you, as you are Life (aka God).
  8. It is like that but also not like that at all (I mean that "I am the God" phrase). If you are familiar with a Christian tradition, it works like that: there is the Son of God, God, and Holy Spirit. What are they in reality? Son of God is you - your body, mind, your "person", the thing you play the game with. Holy Spirit is your higher self, your destination in life, your guide, your intuition, you name it. And God is the player. The one that can play the game from 3rd person perspective, the All-seeing eye. Of course, at the same time you are all of them, but let's imagine a dream of yours. Of course, you are your dream, because it is happening in your own head but at the same time it's not like you are it, you are just a dreamer, you get it? So - if you want to ask God for help, just put out the intention and LET GO and LET GOD, let Life, "The Ox", Flow, whatever you call it to take control over your character and see what happens. It knows exactly what to do, you need to surrender and have faith. Good luck.
  9. @OctagonOctopus Yeah, you're probably right. It's tricky because I had a spiritual awakening like 2 years ago and these insights were all like in a perfect time and they were all synchronicities. Awakening was like getting false beliefs and layers of lies from me and it was all these micro trips were crucial for my development. Not sure if I want to quit it altogether, as I'm not sure if the process is done, I will get down to 0.4, maybe 0.3 g per day. Thank you for your advice. @Charlotte I think I should get back to meditating more, as it is a powerful meta-skill, but still - my consciousness is at the level right now where I am meditating like all the time, doing stuff, it's like life is controlling my body and observing my mind all the time.
  10. @mandyjw Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, but I'm already way too slim and I need to gain some weight and muscle, that's why I prefer the gym for now. @OctagonOctopus It's tricky to get the dosage right, it really depends - sometimes 0.5 is like a medium trip dose, sometimes it's like nothing. And it's only like once every 3 days, because of tolerance. What I want to say is that I don't know if 0.2 will do anything useful for me and my goals. It's not about the "feeling good" effect - it's about getting gradual insights, connecting the neurotransmitters in my brain to use its full potential, and achieving my goals faster, smarter. @EmptyVase I guess, getting into the "doing" state is a good answer, the thing is - I need to learn a lot right now, I do all of the necessary stuff in the meantime, and what I need the most is being grounded and focused so I can learn. @Recursoinominado I stopped smoking weed because I feel like they made me "dumb" in a sense. But yeah, they gave me tons of insights and showed me my negative beliefs so I acknowledge their usefulness. Not sure if I want to stop microdosing altogether - it really works wonders, shrooms are like a mentor (Golden Teacher kind huh. It's amazing how it works, I just need to balance it out.
  11. Hi guys! I'm at the stage of my life when I'm working hard on my money issues, career so that these things will help me to boost my life purpose in the future. One of my routines is psilocybin microdosing (0.5g every 3 days). Psylocibin gives me great insights about my future (it's like feeling the energy telling me where should I go next and what to focus on), healing my traumas, and more holistic thinking. There is one problem though - it makes me ungrounded. I want to stick with it because I can see how it does wonders with my brain and it helps me to achieve my goals with lesser effort and I became a lot more long-term thinker thanks to them. But they make my brain really chaotic and there are a lot of things happening at once in my head. I can't really handle it while doing my everyday mundane stuff at the same time. I heard about walking on grass barefoot works, but I want something more practical, that I can do everywhere, anytime. Meditation helps a little but I was curious about some other methods or any advice in that manner. Thank you for your help in advance!
  12. @asifarahim Yo, I think that's a stage, I've been through a similar shit too. It will last for some time. It's called dark night of the soul, you lose all of the interest in life, then there is a rebirth stage, then hustling again. It's like getting prepared for another level of consciousness. Also - watch Leo's episode about nihilism, I think that might help All of the best!
  13. @Onecirrus Move out from you parents. Find a better job / start your own bussiness.
  14. I saw a video of this guy trying this: But he seems to be a lil' bitch and he explains, in the end, with all of the excuses why it's not possible, after trying it for a short period of time. What you have to do (if you really desire it) is to try it out in the real world, there is no other answer really. Everyone is different and works in other ways than you are. You might want to check out your circadian rhythm, and then try to adjust it to your work hours, try out some variations and see what works and what's not. We can't really help with that you as we are not you (in a relative sense of course :P)
  15. @impulse9 K, got it, hustlin', thank you