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  1. I realized that I have fear of intimacy but I've been deceiving myself the whole time I've been avoiding entering a relationships either because I make excuses \prioritising other things in my life or I get attracted to unavailable men ..I have certain needs that I was suppressing\dismissing and I feel unfulfilled on this aspect of my life how can I meet those needs without waiting for a partner to meet them for me? Advice
  2. @Danioover9000 What If that person said he will seek help and work on himself? Would you take on his word
  3. No I don't think I have that yet : (
  4. @AriSujan !!! Thanks for the reply though
  5. @AriSujan But what If I impacted this person in a good way and helped him seek help and fix himself I know I can't fix anyone and I don't want to fix him too but he said that I inspired him to work on himself Do you think this is passible or he will just depend on me and he's telling me this just to convince me to enter a relationship with him
  6. Yes or no ? Advice This person said I've helped him a lot and he stoped having suicidal thoughts ( but still have his downs ) We love each other allot but I don't want let my emotions blinds me to do whats right for me I don't know what to do .. should I leave?
  7. @Chew211 But I'll keep repeating the same patterns I'm tired of that .. I don't want to create more suffering in my life I was really scared so I rejected this person.. right now I feel regret\sad
  8. @Parththakkar12 I guess you're right that's what I thought I will do but I already feel grief and regret I have doubts about what If I'm wrong \what if this could turn into something great
  9. We both into each other a lot but I have a lot of wounds and insecurities to heal .. I feel it would turn into toxic one and I will through out my emotional trash I don't want to hurt this person what the best thing to do ? I tried to explain but didn't workout , I don't want to be blind by my attraction I want to do whats right Advice
  10. I got ghosted because of how I look , after sending my picture everything ended I feel deep grief I've tried to work on this limiting belief a lot , it's really crippling and its effecting my quality of life on all aspects not just relationships .. I did everything I could to improve how I look I can't change how I look its out of my control I feel sad very sad I can't get stuff I want because of something I truly can't control. I'm not playing victim I'm truly ready to do whatever I could , I have fit body and I take care of myself How can have a relationship despite being ugly , how can I change this limiting belief about myself and truly not let it effect my life anymore ? stories are welcomed it can help me feel I'm not alone please share if you have one . Thanks in advance
  11. I tried to go on a diet and get shredded while I was going through a stressful time I was in chronic stress both physically and emotionally I wasn't able to sleep well and I was constantly stressed and as results, my stomach acidity has decreased a lot and now I'm unable to digest food probably and I'm experiencing acid reflux \ gastritis I eat very healthy and I train 6 days a week after I decided to stop the cut and increase my food intake and started to eat like normal and introduce more variety of healthy food I started to feel these symptoms especially vegetable \ fats. I feel so bad when I consume veggies and fats like coconut oil, nuts, etc, now I'm only consuming rice and chicken and eggs but I didn't get better I feel very fatigued and I can't focus on anything. I tried to take Hyaluronic Acid but I felt a burning sensation then I switched to apple cider vinegar and it's a lot better and I can endure the pain. it decreases my acid reflux but I still have gastritis .. any tips on how can I heal gastritis? I signed up with the heal your gut guy but he was recommending consuming dairies like yogurt and other weird stuff.
  12. maybe he tries to strengthing the weaker side to prevent imbalances mixed grip cause imbalances it's better to use straps or strengthing your grip
  13. Right now I don't have the energy to do that, working on my emotions is so draining
  14. This part was so helpful I guess that's what I wasn't able to see, thanks for sharing your experience