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  1. probably so people dont ask about his hair... oh wait...
  2. i wouldnt suggest acupuncture for a serious virus, just as i wouldnt suggest aspirin to heal a brain tumor, it depends on what the issue is ofc notice that a vaccine is a natural medicine btw ;] it is complex, i love me some complexity
  3. thats exactly what struck me recently, the forest is like a giant apothecary, if you know what to look for, most of our commonly used medicines are actually extracts from plants and/or synthetic substitutions that act similarily
  4. Science/medicine going into Stage Green and Yellow is gonna be an interesting time... Imagine 100 years from now when something like Reiki is a common practice in every hospital 😅
  5. apparently its catching on
  7. not addictive for me, i dont like it theres a huge part of the population that get negative effects from THC, i think im one of them
  8. I agree, and science doesnt believe in anecdotal evidence its impossible to talk to someone ”rational” about it. ”I used acupuncture to heal my migraines” ”Wheres the evidence?” ”Uh... I feel better.” ”Thats just your feelings bro, not facts, acupuncture is woo.” ”but... ah screw it”
  9. the smaller your brain the more you have to compensate, so yeah, for some
  10. Green is more in this direction, then again, Green is veeerry broad.
  11. Pricking dolls is a kind of bastardization of real Voodoo, they dont really inflict suffering on others in trad. Voodoo.