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  1. i smell trolling... too clickbaity... someone so woke wouldnt write like one big exclamation point...
  2. Personally Ive taken 200mg-400mg and not felt a thing, cept a little relaxation. Funny how different people experience in different ways, and Im an HSP even.
  3. Thats what I was getting across and you invalidated it, now do I have one or not?
  4. And thats how you totally invalidate someone.
  5. use it for specific tasks where you need energy and focus , not as crutch in the to get up in the morning, cycle it on and off if you get addicted just beware that the coffee-mind is a fucking bastard, you will become addicted to it sooner or later, ive stopped and started probably four times in the 10 years ive been drinking, i can go 6 months without it and then fall back just because “a little taste wouldnt hurt...”
  7. from the surface level to the existential level... 2 hour type video !
  8. ive read reports that Theanine can dissociate you a bit... personally ive never ever felt that, but its out there, go search reddit
  9. He read books, just like Schopenhauer had a copy of The Upanishads, it wasnt the stone age, you could had access if you were open-minded and not poor.
  10. Any exercises? Years of computer sitting and phone usage has really fucked up my posture and neck... Its protruding!
  11. Thank you so much! exactly what I needed! I really want to avoid severe pains in the future like ruptured disks or whatever its called.
  12. what do you think about this? The golden calf and the golden buddha?
  13. Contains high amounts of sugar Contains high amounts of salt Gmo-product Contains high amounts of corn Contains sweeteners Contains saturated fats Overconsumption of Coffee may lead to restlessness, anxiety and tachyrdia, drink responsibly May contain mercury May contain microplastics Contains high amounts of pesticide This would be a more conscious way of looking at food I think, food-companies would have a hard time being as corrupt as they are. What do you think?
  14. Beat me to it. Teal Swan is an expert on this, I like many of her videos.
  15. how would you know how much you can handle if you havent handled it? 😂 A holocaust survivor could say God gave me as much as I could handle and not more and he would be right... But so could someone who fell off his bike and skinned his knee...
  16. Shadow Work is the MOST important practice after Meditation and Self-Inquiry, its fundamental.
  17. Meditate as much as you like. Then be mindful as much as you can when you dont. I think that mindful part is the most important, if youre on the cushion 4 hrs a day but then have temper tantrums towards your kids then what good has all your meditating done?
  18. very subtle relaxation, interesting but quirky taste, i like it
  19. Babies are one with everything or so they say, then around 1-2 years they start to create an ego ”Oh this leg is mine, and that boob is mommies, dont leave me booby!”
  20. i love how he wants refund because he didnt like the book lol
  21. not too triggered by this honestly, he writes in a well mannered way and is just too caught up in his own beliefs, cant blame, personally I love CwG
  22. Theres absolutely nothing there. I was absolutely nothing. So absolutely that I have no memory of it. Because I cant remember nothing.
  23. Consciousness has already decided to experience everything. Youre thinking of this from a human perspective. Consciousness is just the screen, the screen doesnt care whats on it.