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  1. how did you do it? how long did it take?
  2. im working on a fear hierarchy now for those uninformed it is when you rank activities from least to worst fear for example being alone in your room - anxiety level 0... talking on the phone to a good friend - anxiety level 5... screaming and acting like a monkey alone in public - anxiety level 10... ...and then you work your way up the fear ladder... starting with the easiest until you get comfortable with that and then the next step and so on
  3. were just adams bouncing around inna box
  4. been trying that since 7th grade, doesnt work, sorry thanks, will pm you tmr 👌🏼 oh man, even half would be good... least there would be hope but how does exposure help me when i get tounge tied, if i cant say a word then it doesnt matter how calm i am, i want to have a flow of conversation nomatter who i am with yeah i realize i can be judgemental towards strangers (in my mind) working on that my ego wants to be itself and also be itself at the same time😂 accept your social anxiety and it will go away, but then im not who i want to be, hopeless isnt it
  5. ive done massive shadow work, helped maybe 10%, more self-love/acceptance some exposure therapy, about 5 30 mins sessions, helped to overcome some false beliefs want to end SAD for good though, 15 years of this sh*t, tired
  6. wow... he hit their sore spots pretty quickly... props to him for keeping his composure it hurts when your egoic structure starts getting rattled...
  7. Openmindedness: I havent seen or experienced this or that so I do not know if it exists, I’m willing to keep myself open to the possibility.
  8. dont do it until youre ready, theres no rush, maybe in 10 years youll have grown and matured enough to go as deep as you like, but there are other ways to go about spirituality too, some people just sit and stare at a wall, thats also valid
  9. probably like 0% since there is noone to be enlightened
  10. i like you, youre a fascinating person, for real
  11. i get this about 40 mins into strong determination sitting, if i can keep my eyes open without blinking, to a very small degree though
  12. isnt Actualized org basically like a podcast without guests? and besides he has blog videos now too, i think thats enough Leo for us
  13. white dudes doing Iboga in Africa
  14. never had any valuable insight from weed, except realizing that mind-expansion in general is possible
  15. Hear me out When everyone is enlightened and death is seen to be an illusion by everyone on the planet, wont we take ego and life less seriously? ”hey its okay if i die i will be reborn infinitely” ”i am you anyway so youre just killing yourself” modern people would see us as savages from their perspective? just a thought...
  16. yes, of course we would have to get to an inflection point of ultimate love for eachother before that happens, honestly 1000 years seems not that much, the human baby grows slowly
  17. s t a g e o r a n g e materalistism, hedonistic overconsumption and a fuck all attitude
  18. like the nootropics video but talking about alternative medicine