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  1. @Aaron p There's a lot of traps in this work, for sure.
  2. It's even harder when you have to earn a million dollars without scamming anyone.
  3. You need a life purpose or some creative project to work on so you don't have free time to watch junk. Be extremely careful of wasting your life just watching endless junk on YouTube. The best thing for you would be to seriously undertake pickup and socialization. Then you will have no desire or time to watch that junk, and you will be actually getting success with girls.
  4. Because it was losing me money and wasn't much popular.
  5. The oddest film to make a sequel for. Totally unnecessary.
  6. If you consider a pig cute, then what animal do you consider ugly? Try telling your girlfriend, "Baby, you're cute like a pig."
  7. What? Someone makes longer videos than me??
  8. A bowl full of Pokemon. Sounds yum.
  9. Sure. Say what you wanna say. I like hearing new perspectives on the issue which isn't just dogma.
  10. I don't think so. For the right-wing right now, nothing matters but being anti-woke. I seriously think that their new campaign slogan should be: "Stop the woke nonsense." It would be a very powerful and effective campaign from their POV. It's odd that Trump is missing that tagline.
  11. Bees? Lol Why does nobody care about saving the microbes in my ass? Funny enough, most hippie types do care about bees.
  12. I have great news! That exists. Humans call it "death".
  13. There is little need these days to learn web programming unless it's something you want to specialize in. Coding is not an effective use of most people's time unless you seek to do it for a living. Either use a platform or outsource the work to a professional so you can focus on your area of mastery. It's important to learn to deligate work to the right people and not try to do everything from scratch yourself, as that is very inefficient.
  14. Pretty sure vegans care about pigs too, otherwise they'd eat them. And for that matter, it's not like cows and chickens are cute animals. Most of the factory farmed animals are the least cute and least beautiful ones. Yet vegans still care about them. So this is a very poor argument against vegans.