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  1. keeping near people i guess ,i feel the will to masturbate when alone.
  2. Since i was a kid i've been very addicted to masturbation ,these days i'am getting more and more aware that this is a problem that is getting on my way toward getting to my goals,makes me less confident,public speaking sucks,less ability to concentrate and unhappy. how ever quitting masturbation is harder than expected i have been trying to do it but only manage to stop it for maximum of 2 weeks after just 1 week i can feel a new me takes over hell more concentrated less stupid more sharp and happy.any mind sets ,habits,or mantras to quit masturbation?
  3. alex doesn't cold water make u sick in the winter ? it's hard to beleive it's safe to do..
  4. i certainly agree that a morning routine is necessary thought we need to keep doing it by committing to do it daily and we have to maintain the motivation it's just a habit worth keeping even while struggling on maintaining it meditation and moving your body creates wonderful feeling and the best thing i did while trying different morning routines is dancing i maintained this routine for many days ,but these days i guess i'm too lazy and attached to drugs. layman i certainly think you are right i guess i was literally questioning what i know having less confident in my self i think i need to get back to the habits i tried in the past and maintain them i'm going to meditate regularly now and work out guess i was depressed that i did not stick to positive habits. i think that i need to work more on psychology now.
  5. I have always been confused about the ultimate sleep routines and schedules in some phases of my life i tried sleeping for 5 hours that maintained me focused, productive and good reflex but the down side to this was anxiety , lack of peace of mind,meditation was harder,lack of consciousness ,stressed ,lack of creativity and harder time using memory plus the inability to take a nap . how ever when i took 8 hours of sleep i felt tired ,unhappy,but in the same way my mind felt more peaceful and more relaxed ,focusing was harder but i can use memory better ,harder time speaking and most of all distracted easily. do i need to change my sleeping schedule ? do i need to have a morning routine or a diet ? what is the best sleeping time ? what is the ultimate food ? and the most imprtante question is what habits i need to maintain in order to remain both focused and responsive as well as better acces of memory and feel fresh throught the day ?