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  1. That video is misleading because it doesn't show you the work and suffering that went into it. And also, it doesn't show you what a bad trip is like.
  2. I study 100s of sources and do my own thing. I have no interest in being loyal to anyone.
  3. Because it is Truth. None of this work is about avoidance of anything. It's the opposite. It's about an embrace of everything, which is the only way to conquer pain, suffering, and fear. The goal is not avoidance, it is Truth, Love, and Consciousness.
  4. Clearly you've never had a bad trip. Yes! Of course mystical experiences can be like psychotic breakdowns. Deep awakening is basically like losing your mind. Which is why so few people do it. The process of awakening is gonna be hell. Peace comes at the end, after you're dead and have completely lost your mind.
  5. It all depends. There are many possibilities: 1) The guru is just an abusive asshole and a fake. 2) The guru is somewhat awakened but still full of egoic impurities, not having finished his development and mastery. 3) The guru genuinely believes he's helping his students. Maybe he is helping, maybe not. This can vary. 4) The guru is genuinely helping his students but his students take it personally, have an ego-backlash, and project a lot of their own shit on the guru. In this case the guru is totally fine, but the student is just not capable of handling the teachings. The student is in over his head and lashes out at the guru. 5) The accusations are exaggerated or entirely false. The student may misunderstand what the guru was doing. 6) There may simply be a misalignment between the guru's style and the student's style. Which could easily be solved by finding a different guru without disparaging the old guru. All the above can happen. Rarely are things black and white. Rarely is a guru a total fake.
  6. No, the whole point is that it is NOT miserable. Your mind constructs pain, suffering, and misery. You are not understanding how deep this work goes. Imagine being so conscious that someone could break your finger and it would not be miserable to you. That is the depth of this work. Now, how to actualize that is the trick. It ain't easy. But we can work towards it.
  7. That's not quite true. Some teachers and gurus are genuinely abusive, ill-informed, or corrupt. You do have to pick your teachers carefully. The wrong teacher could seriously screw you up. But just having the right teacher is also not sufficient because there are so many ways you could screw up and mis-apply the teachings. It's wise to cross-reference teachers and teachings to make sure you cover all possible blindspots and biases.
  8. Don't worry about it. Worry about yourself and let me worry about me.
  9. There's predicable pattern that happens with students. First they fall in love with the teachings. Then after a while they fall out of love because they need to differentiate themselves to grow and become their own Self. It's very much like a teen leaving the nest and rebelling against his parents in order to forge his own identity. "Fuck you Dad! You don't get to tell me what to do any more!" Okay, son. Go do what you gotta do. I told you from the beginning not to rely on me as your only source. But you didn't listen. It's hard for people to get that I am completely irrelevant in this work. None of this is about me. I do not matter. The one making this about me, is you. Because you deny our own authority you need some daddy figure to project it onto.
  10. Yes, Trump is also compromised by Suadi Arabia, Turkey, and who knows where else. An idiot is useful to lots of players.
  11. No, birth itself is the delusion. Children are closer to God in that their minds have not yet been filled with bullshit beliefs and ideologies.
  12. Sounds aweful. How will you live?
  13. People seem to be getting into Kriya Yoga after my video, and lots of questions are coming up, so I thought it would be best to accumulate them all in one place. Post all your Kriya Yoga questions and tips here. Over time this should become a valuable resource for people. Similar to our monstrously large 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread. Feel free to share your advice, tricks, and progress reports. If we have a lot people doing Kriya, it would be cool to see how many people start experiencing gains and mystical experiences, and how quickly. It would be awesome if we had like 100 people post a progress report after 3, 6, and 12 months of practice. In the name of pseudo-science
  14. That's only 1000 approaches. Not nearly enough to get good. After 1000 approaches you will still mostly suck, but maybe you'll have a few lucky hookups. If you really want to get good you should be doing 20 approaches per night. And it will takes you 3-5 years. Then again, getting really good isn't necessary.
  15. A) He's not a puppet. He's a useful idiot for Putin to manipulate. B) Trump does a bad job at everything. So no one should expect him to be some kind of studious puppet. It's like throwing a squirrel into a tea ceremony. Doing a bad job is its job.
  16. This is an absurd false equivalency. Obama has no business interests in Russia and Obama has high integrity. Trump's entire career hinged on Russian money and Trump as zero integrity. Trump would not refuse Russian help if it was offered. In fact, it was offered, and he and his son were eager to accept it. "Collusion" is a misleading word. The collusion wasn't necessarily one where Trump and Putin sat in a room and actively hatched a plan to win the election (although even that is within the realm of possibility with Trump). More likely it was simply a tacit understanding that this serves both their best interests. The way Mafia does business is mostly tacitly. The boss doesn't need to tell his staff to kill someone or bring him money. Everyone understands what the game is. So no explicit collusion is necessary. In fact it's best to avoid it to reduce chances of being caught. That's how business is done at Stage Red. You're not going to find a paper trail.
  17. Don't assume that. You did it to yourself. You have divided yourself from yourself.
  18. @VeganAwake I was addressing my remarks to the bro in the video.
  19. Lol Just take a psychedelic, bro. You'll never get it like this. There is a simple scientific way: 5-MeO-DMT
  20. This! Marrying a Puerto Rican woman don't mean shit. The mind is clever enough to compartmentalize and make such justifications as part of its self-deception. "Look, I can't be a heartless rich person because I donate money to the poor once a year." Lol. The mind is masterful at such bullshit. A slave-owner might genuinely tell himself, "How can I be a racist when I have sex with my slaves? And I treat them so well!" The mind will never accept the label "racist" because it's far too ugly to admit that. So denial all the way to the grave.
  21. Or... you could just do the simple techniques and get the results. Why are you making it complicated? The books tell you exactly what to do. Yet you make excuses for not doing it. This whole thing is way simpler than it seems.