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  1. People seem to be getting into Kriya Yoga after my video, and lots of questions are coming up, so I thought it would be best to accumulate them all in one place. Post all your Kriya Yoga questions and tips here. Over time this should become a valuable resource for people. Similar to our monstrously large 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread. Feel free to share your advice, tricks, and progress reports. If we have a lot people doing Kriya, it would be cool to see how many people start experiencing gains and mystical experiences, and how quickly. It would be awesome if we had like 100 people post a progress report after 3, 6, and 12 months of practice. In the name of pseudo-science
  2. From what I understand grenade launcher attachments for AR-15's are still legal and easily obtainable. But the grenade rounds are illegal and hard to find. It varies a lot by state. California banned a lot of stuff. But Nevada is like the wild wild west. We have the laxest gun laws in the country.
  3. @Phoenixx Open your mind more and be here to learn new things which you may have never considered.
  4. Ha. ha. ha. Current science is a joke from the standpoint of understanding what reality is. If you want to build a flying toaster, science is great.
  5. I have posted this on my blog before. This guy is a serious weed researcher:
  6. Aliveness it not what I mean though. Love is not the same as aliveness. Love is a very distinct realization. Yes, of course people equate love with human emotion, in the same way that they equate perception with a human creature. The ego precisely co-opts such terms, corrupting them to partial, limited, dualistic notions. It is impossible to comprehend Infinite Love from the ego's POV. From the ego's POV, Infinite Love is death. It cannot be allowed at any cost. It must be denied, denied, denied. The devil will never admit that the universe is made of pure Love.
  7. Again, that's some interpretation you're creating. I said no such thing. Feeling good is not the existential Love I'm pointing to. That is your relative judgment. What you're not yet understanding is that conflict is necessary and inevitable, even within spirituality. You cannot have a spiritual school without boundaries and conflict. This has never happened in human history and it never will because the relative domain is necessarily dualistic and exclusionary. There cannot be a fully inclusive teaching because it would become totally corrupt and ineffective. Effectiveness itself is a bias which must be enforced through exclusion. This problem goes away beyond personal ego or some local dispute between two teachers. This is an existential problem which can only be appreciated after deep contemplation of it. Ask yourself what conflict is and why necessarily occurs. While you're at it, ask yourself what boundaries are and why social organizations must have them. You're saying that. Not me. I have never had a problem with the teaching of self-inquiry. I have taught it myself. I have books about it on my book list.
  8. @Phoenixx That does not contradict anything I said. But it's not brain chemicals which did that to you, but rather the imagination of Infinite Consciousness. Chemicals are nothing more than images held in Infinite Consciousness. There is no difference between reality and imagination. ALL OF THIS is a figment of your imagination. And furthermore, you are imagining that you aren't imagining it. So you believe it's "real". Stop imagining it is real and it will stop being real.
  9. That is correct. What's required is consciousness of God's Will and how this Will can be channeled or directed. It's tricky stuff. Yes, it's absolutely crucial that you surrender all desire for personal power or personal gain. My working theory is, personal desires for power will block you from access to the highest power. This is like a safety mechanism to prevent devils from screwing up reality.
  10. @ahmad ibdah Research the anecdotal data. Many people struggle with weed addiction.
  11. That's just not true. Weed addiction is a serious problem for many people.
  12. That's your interpretation. Compared to hardcore spiritual practice as in Zen, what you guys get here is the light treatment. Your egos are SO comfortable and safe lurking around this forum.
  13. Realistically you cannot trick your way out of this problem. You must do the practices, have multiple awakenings, and do further practices to weed out all attachments, cravings, aversions, fears, clinging, etc. In other words, by doing all of the Actualized work & practices you can, one day, get to a point where you will be unshakable. But also, to await such a point is going to create more suffering. Happiness can never be found in the future. It exists only NOW! But in order to fully surrender to the NOW you have to spend some years doing practices to calm down your mind. Yoga, psychedelics, self-inquiry, etc. Basically meditation teaches you authentic happiness. The happiness of NOW.
  14. Atoms undergo radioactive decay all the time. Atoms can be split and fused into new ones. That's what nuclear weapons do.
  15. @Esoteric Well, obviously humans cannot have total power because that would just create a cosmic war of competing agendas. But still it seems people can get some powers like the various siddhis, so it is just a question of degree. The question is how much power can on gain? I don't see why there would be some hard boundary. It just seems to get harder and harder to change more fundamental aspects of reality, like the gravitational constant of the whole universe. It's obvious why mystics aren't allowed to change that willy-nilly. Also, from my experiences, at high enough levels of consciousness you become so hyper conscious that you literally stop being human and become God itself. In that state you seem to have access to many of its powers because you become it. It is no longer your human will that is at work at that point.
  16. Every spiritual school has rules you must play by. Welcome to society. If anything my rules are too lax and too accommodating of diverse perspectives. This tolerance gets abused by devils. But I have some limits. Undercutting the highest truth I know cannot fly here. If someone wants to teach that there is no God, that love is just an emotion, that psychedelics are delusion... well... they will have to start their own school. Not in my school. I hold WinterKnight to a higher standard because he is here in a teaching capacity and representing enlightenment. I would have less problem with it if he was just making random comments as a non-teacher. In the future I will be screening people on this forum harder when they claim to be enlightened in order to maintain the integrity of these teachings. A lot of people come here, claim to be enlightened, and then they're off to the races with their twisted and half-baked views. 1) Your awakenings were not nearly deep enough, requiring much more embodiment work. 2) Your desire to feel good is never going to work. You cannot use spirituality to feel good. Rather, what spirituality teaches you is that no matter how bad you feel, that is good. This is very counter-intuitive. The ego wants to lock in a happy state. This is not only impossible but it is the very cause of your unhappiness. Happiness is total acceptance of whatever is happening in the present moment. That means if you're getting tortured, you accept it without trying to escape it. The desire to escape suffering is the very thing which creates suffering. Because this is not as slight a difference as you think, and because this problem, while small now, will only grow larger and larger with my newer teachings until it comes to a head. I have a very specific teaching I want to offer the world. I created this platform to offer this teaching because I knew that no other platform would allow me to teach what I need to teach. This is precisely backwards. You are God. Period. The mistake you're making here is you're still maintaining a subtle distinction between self & other. You're "otherizing" God. You're missing the most important point of all: THAT YOU ARE GOD! This is no metaphor. You created the whole fucking universe. But you forgot. Now you must remember. Thousands upon thousands of people have awakened to Love. Many even on this forum. But awakening to Love has nothing to do with walking around all loving all the time. Do not confuse Love with some sentimental positivity. You can find Love in a warzone. Here's one example: No. What I'm talking about is not emotion. It's existential insight & raw Truth. How you feel about it is irrelevant. I understand that more than you can imagine. No, it does not matter. Consciousness cannot really cease. It can just be empty. Empty or full doesn't matter, it's all the same Truth. Nirodha Samapatti is identical to NOW. Existential Love is not a state. Love is all states.
  17. Oh God, not another pyramid scheme. I have created a monster.
  18. @Girzo You ain't lived until you've shot a grenade launcher I had an old high school buddy who is ex-military and he and his friends would go out into the desert and throw live hand grenades into old washing machines. This was some years ago.
  19. @possibilities Biology and physics is purely imagination.
  20. Both of them did a lot of manipulating, which is the only reason we speak of them today. If what you say was true they would have just gone off to die in the wildness and no one would have known their name. Jesus' and Buddha's manipulations are still rippling through consciousness to this day!
  21. Absolutely There are things consciousness can do on drugs that you cannot even being to imagine. Imagine becoming a rock and existing for 1 billion years, then returning back to human form. Stuff like that is possible and no meditation will ever get you there. You won't even know you missed it even if you become highly enlightened through meditation. That's because most people do drugs recreationally to escape. They have no serious spiritual ambitions or understanding of nonduality or spirituality or psychology or anything. It's kids fooling around. It's as if you've seen kids playing with finger paints and then you say that it's not possible to paint the Mona Lisa with paints. It matters very much the skill of the person handling the paint. Right now you are hallucinating that you're a human. There is no human here really. Only a story of one.
  22. Yes but then how do you handle a situation where an atheist comes into the temple and starts teaching atheism and nihilism? It is tricky to handle that because you're damned if you kick him out and damned if you don't. And that's precisely the problem of how do you handle ignorance? It's not easy. You cannot escape fragmention in the relative world. You can be super enlightened but fragmentation will still happen to you. It will be thrust upon you. As God you are doomed to forever keep dividing yourself. People will attack you just for speaking the truth. After enough trips you realize that your whole life is one long trip, so the distinction disappears. There is no difference really between being high and sober other than that you are much more conscious of your full capacities when high. God and Love are always present. It's just a question of how disconnected one is from it.
  23. Someone link him the ego backlash video.
  24. It is being in the same way all concepts are being. Just be careful not to confuse the thought of a chair for a chair.
  25. Siddhis are definitely a thing. When it comes to skeptics here, they are the deluded ones.