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5 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

On Hunter Biden's new laptop you will find a video of Hunter jerking off using a dead alien arm.

Everything in the universe revolves around hunter Biden's laptop. 

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It really is difficult for me to get behind the idea that we have encountered vastly intelligent life where we’ve taken in their crash landed spacecraft but I’m curious and fascinated by recent reports. It seems so fantastical but in the words of agent Mulder I want to believe. So is it that this is being covered up by the CIA and other intelligence services? Do you think Biden knows as president or is it even beyond him to know this stuff? You wonder what his reaction and other presidents would be to the news unless they are not privy to it. I can’t see how they are it just goes too deep if it’s true 


Another doubt in my mind is that we have these highly sophisticated telescopes all over the world and presumably they’ve not spotted anything to suggest there’s intelligent alien life in our solar system unless that is being covered up too! But some of the worlds best scientists are working with these technologies and no word. You can just throw doubt on anything

tbh it’s because I value your opinion Leo that I’m taking a closer look at this. I’m open minded but as I say it almost seems too fantastical to actually be true and how it’s managed to stay under wraps despite these leaks. Make an episode on it! I’m fascinated 

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What do you think of the corpses of unknown origin showed by Mexico?

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