How can I work 12 hours every day

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12 hours ago, AlwaysJoggin said:

@Nahm Yo i need to look that guy up, thanks I’m close I feel like 

Make a dreamboard. Start with writing some thing you want which is not outside your beliefs that it can arise or simple ‘show up’ in your experience. Start with something light, simple and insignificant. When you see that it does appear it’ll knock your socks off, and your notion of what can arise without causation will expand as the beliefs dispel. You have to do this though, directly experience this, but conscious co-creating is the greatest thrill possible and it’s twenty four seven. Never stops. Lines of ‘work’ and ‘not work’ dissolve, time dissolves, real time dreaming is the order, if you will. 

Also write everything and anything you want. Dream outrageously, unabashedly. Again, thinking of this is not ‘it’ and does not amount to anything in regard to what’s being said, you must experience this. You gotta do it. When you do, folks start poppin up with opportunities in perfect alignment with what’s on your board, and it takes a bit but you ‘learn’ to see it, to recognize it. I have a hunch what you want at present is a better scenario in regard to time & money. I did too. Write it on your board. God is good. God is unconditional. God is loving the absolute bejesus out of you right now, like Santa loves all kids. Make. Your. Christmas list. Santa. 

Then listen to that guy. You’re gonna love him. You already do actually, you just don’t know how much yet. 

Muah ah ah ah. 



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@Nahm Most if the times when you want something and cannot get it, is because your mind rejects that goal, because it has anxiety associated to it. The anxiety may be limiting beliefs, or simple being to strong of an identity shift. But once you’re used to the thought, it feels good and it stays and you have a rampage of creativity.

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On 10/8/2021 at 9:42 AM, Leo Gura said:

@impulse9 Funnily enough, most programming is not serious intellectual work. I can code for 10 hours. It's way easier than contemplating for 3 hours.

After you get good at coding, it's like riding a bike. It doesn't take that much thinking.

But still, you burn out and it's very unhealthy working like that.

Very interesting 

My hypothesis on this is that Contemplation is where you change your perspectives. Challenging old ones, and building new neural pathways 

Almost like weightlifting where you push your weight to tear your microfibers muscles so that they can rebuild into new ones 

And you can only push your comfort zone so much At a time 

Just a guess 

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