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  1. @Mesopotamian I am like you, I have a Moroccan family and I wrestled with the mentality of the Arab world a lot, and they’re worldview that made me very depressed at one point, because is so negative and pessimistic… But that was just they’re perception of reality. But I think what you describe is not the main problem because this happens also in India and many other civilisations had this type of mentality. Also people always try to protect the downside, relative to what wrong happened before. All these systems help women not have the troubles they had before they existed because men where very underdeveloped back then. Slowly more security will develop and when the potential bad things that can happen become more inconceivable, the defenses start to go down.
  2. @Max8 I recommend you to order yourself mentally by listing all those objections you have and not allowing your mind to be all over the place. Try to know your mind more and this will allow you to predict it’s moves and work on improving it in a more organised way. When you know your mind and it’s thoughts very well it starts to fix itself automatically, almost as your breath goes on automatically.
  3. @Max8 It absolutely works in practice, the problem is your mind comes up with tons of negative thoughts that are consuming your energy. You have to develop yourself from where you are, if that’s where you are, (depressions, believing competitors are dominating you, believing you can’t execute anything…) that’s where you need to start. The problem is you don’t make those subject of your personal development, your mind is coming up with this so fast that you even forget is the minds thought. one thing you need to take by heart to heal this is that your mind quits first and your body follows. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple idea. And have more vision, whatever vision you have will determine what thoughts you get later. Since you’re so discourage that’s why you tell me all those things. And you have, millions of free books to lesrn how to do any skill you want, and YouTube, I built my e-commerce business learning from free YouTube videos and books from that website, searching “top books about x” in Google and searching if they are on And you need to do the stuff for yourself and save the work una portfolio ( in the graphic design example I gave you) and when you practice by yourself and the work becomes good, based on you studying the good works then show it to people and they’ll listen. I’m a business owner and I can recognise for example a good copywriter or graphic designed based on them showing me a notebook, I don’t need more evidence.
  4. @Leo Gura Adversity reveals the reality about a person and whether it is truly developed or not.
  5. @Max8 What are you talking about man is not that farfetched as you see it. Let's take the concept of discipline, which is a muscle you either grow or it does. The problem is you have weird notions of how development works that are not real and you're realizing this than blaming the industry instead of your expectations. Let's take a person who is lazy and doesn't have a career, he can apply some techniques to get courage, maybe he decides to go into graphic design, studies the principles, studies great pros, practices and get's better until people reach out to him. Then he grows whatever deficiencies it has that stand between him and his goal, this could be social skills, discipline skills, persuasion skills, productivity skills... He gets all those skills and finally, he has value, he has muscle. This would be a real personal development journey.
  6. @JosephKnecht Leo can only decieve you if you don’t do the practices and you take him of faith hasn’t he said it a lot of times? In that case I would be deluding myself not him to me.
  7. Honestly I don’t know what kind of awakening you have if you don’t have enough empathy for infecting people and making the economy go to hell, and you encouraging corruption because you have weird beliefs about all this, which is selfish. He is here thinking just as stupidly and radically as those anti-vaxx people from the videos Leo shares.
  8. @Inliytened1 So, don’t try to differentiate yourself from me to much with non-dual comments hahaha
  9. The sneaky guru did not update on YouTube but wrote the link there to get you out of the site. He Is afraid of “censorship”. The world is evil and I’m an angel he must be thinking.
  10. @Apparition of Jack but you better start investing in things so you get all your money out of the dollar.
  11. @happyhappy But in reality what we have is not real democracy. For example take this example of COVID, most people against vaccines or mask previously, spoke for democracy while behaving dictatorial to other people who choose to be protected, (like you choose not to, they say they believe in choice right?) by breaking for example mask rules on planes and all that. And democracy is limited to People’s intelligence, Osho once said “democracy is government by people for the people, but the people are retarded”. Democracy really doesn’t exist it takes too much self sacrifice, and even forgetting about what you think is democratic or not in favor of others, to be actually democratic. For most people democratic means, I agree and undemocratic it don’t or makes me feel good vs doesn’t. Most people are just using democracy as another tricky selfish undemocratic strategy. Im mainly referring to the democracy of the people you see on the street. One thing people don’t realise is that according to democracy, every store or place your enter to, your actually being invited to, but people are too unaware to realise this, they take for granted they’re entry, why don’t you let people enter your home and use your stuff the same way you do on store or other public places? Someone had to make that public and allow everyone to be invited. And when you’re not invited anymore if you happen to be a loser ignorant you will complain and say this is dictatory and act yourself like a dictator and try to enter anyways. See? unconscious selfish democracy is what we have now. Devil democracy.
  12. I have heard this idea, which comes from seeing that capitalism is hierarchical and that all power gets funneled and locked up. Now I don’t see how this perspective could stand, unless one ignored all the infrastructure, innovation, information and speed that gets generated by the guys up. I see wealth as taking many forms basically for us is like seeds available for us to plant and cultivate, using all the infrastructure generated by the big guys. I have an online shop and I’m self-employed, I use Shopify, PayPal, Pinterest, Facebook, my suppliers, the shipping companies, the internet etc… this not even knowing one person face to face. I can’t even count even if I wanted to all the riches that the guys at the top have bestowed on me. So unless one lives with a concept of wealth that requires for the guys at the top to give you cars and stacks of money by hand, I don’t understand within perspective. And it’s implies ignorance, and having ignorance but having the desire of what you’re ignorant about is pretty much like entitlement. I don’t mean that you should take responsibility like a libertarian would say, I say asymmetry of power is very illusory and very relative. For me it doesn’t exist at all, I don’t feel limited in this regard, and I cannot see the limitations anywhere. You are limited by your ignorance, the inputs in your mind and your memory… Also look at how poor countries are using the infrastructure to improve they’re lives. There’s many cases of explotation, yes of people outsourcing for pennies on the dollar. But also there’s people I know from Morocco, I’m a Moroccan that are making money online like me and some even have they’re YouTube channels in Arabic. They started with very little money like me, I started with 2k. You all know very well that the rising countries are not going to take as much time to grow as the first ever countries did to become 1st world countries. That would be like saying that the flying car (hypothetically) is going to take as much years to reach 150mph as the car did since it was created. So really there’s only a assymetry of power if you only conceive wealth in the final form, and not as created through tapping into knowledge, infrastructure, etc… Remember everything was much more difficult and long 100 or even 50 years ago.
  13. @Gregory1 where can I get LSD? I love lsd because it’s very portable and very easy to divide and micro dose. I have never tried it.
  14. @Nahm Most if the times when you want something and cannot get it, is because your mind rejects that goal, because it has anxiety associated to it. The anxiety may be limiting beliefs, or simple being to strong of an identity shift. But once you’re used to the thought, it feels good and it stays and you have a rampage of creativity.