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  1. @martins name What I have more disagreement is around the concept is that I don't consider science individualistic, business is, and the purpose on science is also not individualistic, In business orange it is. Science orange will work with purpose, collectively if needed, and using what others learned to build a model that helps other people, it innovates, seeks advancement for the future generations. Business orange seeks to be famous for having a Lambo, and to benefit itself, which there's nothing wrong with, but one of the differences is that business orange will attack innovation and progress and maybe cheat to get its fame and fortune. And science orange in business would be any business that does things based on science, and based on progress or innovation. A science orange business for example will start a business selling healthy food, or do things based on scientific evidence, helping to innovate, and It has a more leadership perspective, more collectivist. Anyways, I may also be overcomplicating this too much... Maybe is not that significant.
  2. When I use spiral dynamics I separate stage orange into the business stage orange and the scientific stage orange. I don't see how this can be considered the same. For example, imagine a stage orange like the wolf of wall street protagonist, Jordan Belford do you think he has anything to do with a stage orange scientist like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawkins, or any scientist that discovered anything? I think the business stage is much more individualistic and less ordered than the scientific stage, which can even be considered a bit altruistic in its endeavors, and it's more ordered, there's a higher sense of collective purpose. In the average business mentality, one tries to maximize his own good as much as possible. Then stage green I would say there are many stage green scientists, but this Is clearly another stage with other priorities. Maybe the stage green scientist will work reasoning from an intention to improve the planet, but a stage orange scientist may think pragmatically, and sometimes may build things that are destructive because of reasoning from a pragmatic or human bias perspective. Note that I mean the business that tries to maximize one's own gains, the one that doesn't care about innovation, progress, or collectivism, the one that even fights against those things. The oil business, tobacco, fast food are great examples.
  3. I went got Pfizer vaccines. I feel the same way I felt 1 month ago, 2 years ago, or 3 years ago. Definitely, all people say about the vaccine is absolute BS, the problem is that these times because it involves everyone and sadly most people are ignorant you hear more about the majority. Ignorance goes together with fear and aggression and being very noisy. Truth is never noisy like bullshit. And truth does not care at all if you follow it, bs cares a lot. Which reminds me of the ego and how it feels empty and incomplete and seeks to be filled with something outside of itself.
  4. Actually sadhguru even though is a great guy, I see in him certain defensiveness about hinduism. For example of you went to J. Krishnamurti or Osho and critiziced something about India or hinduism they would have not given a damn, they even even critiziced it themselves to the point of humilliation all the time. You better believe sadhguru would get offended, and he has debated people for this topics. He may not be offended but it will attack with some sarcasm or laugh at your side back in some way.
  5. Have you seen them meeting with the taliban a few days after they toke over the country? What's your opinion on that?
  6. @diamondpenguin Honestly, I just try to be as humble as I can and look forward. I'm aware that you can become very decieved through what comes as "love", just look how some gurus have nationalists tendencies and believe themselves superior to other traditions. They're teachings are beautiful yes, but you never know. For example this week I just was hooked on realizing how much the teachings of the buddha have made me create unnecessary suffering. I was helping a little insect to recover from an injury (very random, I know) and I realize how some of the struggles in life are later look with happiness and joy. Some of the more unhappy moments in my life, I wish I could had I have toke them fully with presence. I change my opinion on the buddha's teachings from now on, negative emotions and experiences are to be enjoyed and lived through as well. The only thing that is suffering is if you lose a leg, or and arm or get in some serious accident, the rest is not suffering, to call it suffering is being very negative and very resistant. That's one thing I learned, and I loved buddhism, but it made me very unhappy in the last year in a half, so I don't love it anymore just appreciate it. But blind love could have never showed me these problems within the buddhist dogma. That's what I mean.
  7. @diamondpenguin @Leo Gura Joe Rogan it's just the typical lover of stage red. He loves MMA, loves muscle cars, love beer, loves tattoos, loves being aggressive and vulgar. All his sometimes smart sounding words do not at all override where his love is. I think there can be no Spiral Development when one idolatrizes parts of any stage.
  8. I scaped wage slavery, and I make my own money. When you do you'll really be disgusted with how simple it is... Basically it's reaching people with the right offers and making the whole process congruent, for example Nike sells sport shoes, has his slogan and his philosophy in harmony with the mindset of sports and has imagery and graphic design of sport and puts himself in places where sport people are, thus sells. Then in every industry it has metrics of sales per 100 people and you meet the average then outperform it by hanging elements that are pretty commonsensical and everyone in the industry knows about like the images, the copy, the information etc... There's so much mythology around business, it's really reach people with the offers within the things they buy, and learn to interpret data. If you show to 1000 people with an ad (costs around $10) then you interpret if no one clicks or even sees, no one wants if the click and don't buy change that page or price.... You can basically test a business in 5 hours or even less... And in truth there's no secret but there is also, but in the way most people conceive a secret, there's none. Because basically skills a leader has to train and outsource to have a team doing, so the techniques are not hidden and cannot be hidden.
  9. @knakoo @Nahm @KennedyCarter yes the world will awaken from this, only that from what we see we have a to an extremely longer time that one could ever have believed.
  10. @Nahm @KennedyCarter But we got to be a tiny bit realistic. I had fantasies of the whole world going at least stage yellow in my lifetime. But my ego will never experience a world that even has 20% of the population at stage yellow and it's a bitter pill. My ego is hurt by that, yes... And now it's regressed to stage blue, yes my ego doesn't really like a blue/red world.
  11. I was contemplating why beliefs are what they are and how so me people arrive to absurd beliefs and conspiracies, and i found out primitive people and the polytheists of Greece what they're goods are. Turns out that most of the goods from the mythic stage or stage purple are related to coping with things that humans can't control. Gods related water or wind that influenced whether you will grow food, or in it's natural disaster version whether they were going to destroy you food and shelter. On situations of stress people get so depressed that they can't remove the thought from they're minds and they cannot function normally. The way the mind deals with this is by inventing something, for the purpose of being able to have the mind free again and keep living without being super depressed because of whatever thing may threat you survival. So you imagine something and you can go along enjoying your life again. By the way I don't really attribute this fenomena to God, I have studied all religion and I already know that the nature of God as a belief comes from mystical experiences, and how reality actually is. But it certainly applies to certain polytheistic beliefs, to almost all ideologies and of course conspiracy theories. They help people get out of a depressed state, characterize with total fixation with what is feared. If we look at a model like David Hawkins scale of consciousness, people move from grief to anger through this method, which is a step up. So we can empathize more with the suffering from which conspiracies and wrong beliefs emerge. Let me know what you think, I never share any insight with no one after 3 years of personal development. I was just experimenting.
  12. @Leo Gura I just painted his face because I don't want to difamate people. All of us have believed false things once in our lives.
  13. @SriSriJustinBieber Do you think that love, truth, and unity are what are prevalent now? This is obviously a time of division and falsehood.