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  1. @UnbornTao The way I am evaluating is by pinpointing the intent and the emotions from which this actions are emerging from, and I cross compare both the actions and the emotions with other examples of people acting from this frame. There is a possibility that asperger isolates too much and has feelings of being rare, and these can cause low empathy.
  2. @Preety_India You'll imagine he would have enough, but he don't and that's very strong warning, for everyone pursuing fulfilment exclusively on success.
  3. @Leo Gura He has become very moralistic towards his wordview. Like with free speech, he has a weird sense of moralism with free speech which in a sense undermines the value of anything that can come from there, because you don't want to attract moralist reactionaries to do free speech and debate, and expect anything useful. Truth can come form listening and observing, not talking the more you talk the less you're investigating.
  4. I have followed Elon a lot of time, is a very tactical manipulator with the media, now it has an issue with a sex assault, and he frames the issue this way to make himself look clean and for frame this issue as an assault on the "liberator" which arouse his followers to radically side with him. Which basically tells you that he is likely to be guilty because he wouldn't need to arouse the herds for battle if he is innocent. He uses us vs them frames almost always, like somebody who is trying to create a violent revolution or something like that, he does this every single time something or someone sides against him. Honestly is petrifying to see this from a person who can be considered a business legend, he has one of the 2 car companies that where not bankrupt, and with an innovative business model and product. You will imagine, being a legend would make you happy, but check how he behaves, so judgemental and manipulative, which implies unhappiness. I am an entrepreneur and love business, but if you rely in exclusively your career for happiness you'll be disappointed at the end, look a business legend how he behaves... Happiness lies in purifying yourself internally.
  5. This guy for example is a climate change denier, but look how easy they label him as a "climate expert" all labels and positions from the right wingers are based on convenience, and hiding or denying difficult things, whether it's social issues, economic issues, or issues that challenge ones personal identity like the ones post-modernism awakens and all those things.
  6. Knowing Musk i'm sure he will bring Trump back to get some easy PR and breaking headlines, and to reinforce his newly manufactured image of free speech defender.
  7. @xbcc You got epistemology, and empiricism for that. You probably don't even know that some of this disciplines even exists, surely those who push you this misinformation have deteriorated your educational system so much that here you are, clueless.
  8. @xbcc One of the things the kind of people like you don't understand is that, every home has it's own rules. An owner (in a free market economy, which you people worship by the way) has the right to not allow you to enter into his home, business, forum... An example is the people who say, "they removed our rights to travel through covid!", NO! the country who you want to go to, is rejecting your entry. And countries, or "city-states" where less "welcoming" 500 or 1000 years ago. And this is not different at all from the fact that you cannot go to the jungle because wild animals will murder you, or the fact that you can't walk over lava. You're trying to enforce rules that don't really exist at all, even in your relative view there's limitations you are overlooking that are of the same nature.
  9. @abundance This is like any human trying to break bad habits.
  10. @Leo Gura But good intentions steaming from hatred cannot be the same as good intentions steaming from understanding and desire for mutual wellbeing, or just simply love.
  11. And how do you explain that things sometimes get eliminated from the world? For example, Nazis reached a point in time where they earned the response of everyone against them and they got eliminated. Same thing with other things, when somebody get's too selfish and destructive, everything around him starts to chase him and destruct him. You struggle to conciliate the idea of everything being subjective, you've been the same a lot of times, and it's honestly very predictable and boring by this point. Some things reproduce and some other things are targeted and destroyed over the long term. "God doesn't pick sides" but someone like a narco or a terrorist, have a higher probability of being killed and tortured than the average person, and they're very miserable people, Putin must be very miserable and unhappy person a well, this is what I call divine response. Same thing that if somebody does good it feels good about himself and it gets good surroundings and circumstances.
  12. @Mesopotamian I am like you, I have a Moroccan family and I wrestled with the mentality of the Arab world a lot, and they’re worldview that made me very depressed at one point, because is so negative and pessimistic… But that was just they’re perception of reality. But I think what you describe is not the main problem because this happens also in India and many other civilisations had this type of mentality. Also people always try to protect the downside, relative to what wrong happened before. All these systems help women not have the troubles they had before they existed because men where very underdeveloped back then. Slowly more security will develop and when the potential bad things that can happen become more inconceivable, the defenses start to go down.
  13. @Max8 I recommend you to order yourself mentally by listing all those objections you have and not allowing your mind to be all over the place. Try to know your mind more and this will allow you to predict it’s moves and work on improving it in a more organised way. When you know your mind and it’s thoughts very well it starts to fix itself automatically, almost as your breath goes on automatically.
  14. @Max8 It absolutely works in practice, the problem is your mind comes up with tons of negative thoughts that are consuming your energy. You have to develop yourself from where you are, if that’s where you are, (depressions, believing competitors are dominating you, believing you can’t execute anything…) that’s where you need to start. The problem is you don’t make those subject of your personal development, your mind is coming up with this so fast that you even forget is the minds thought. one thing you need to take by heart to heal this is that your mind quits first and your body follows. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple idea. And have more vision, whatever vision you have will determine what thoughts you get later. Since you’re so discourage that’s why you tell me all those things. And you have, millions of free books to lesrn how to do any skill you want, and YouTube, I built my e-commerce business learning from free YouTube videos and books from that website, searching “top books about x” in Google and searching if they are on And you need to do the stuff for yourself and save the work una portfolio ( in the graphic design example I gave you) and when you practice by yourself and the work becomes good, based on you studying the good works then show it to people and they’ll listen. I’m a business owner and I can recognise for example a good copywriter or graphic designed based on them showing me a notebook, I don’t need more evidence.
  15. @Leo Gura Adversity reveals the reality about a person and whether it is truly developed or not.