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This week - I swallowed the Black pill ... I'm not sure if I can go back

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@Striving for morered pill and black pill are real. Only as a mix. Else it make both deny some aspects of other. Especially black pill that misses many things and believe some wrong things.

Leo has a face of an incel but is very tall, that's why he denies the black pill. He even likes the fact that things like that when he answered you here ''more women for me''. Also he says stupid people don't breed it's evolutionary. It's the opposite, when someone becomes really smart through red pill or something, he just can't reproduce (if he also isn't tall and masculine or have social status and/or money). Look at Tesla who is smart for example, he is like leo who isn't that the brightest tool compared to Tesla,look at Tesla he is like leo,  very tall but more bautiful, more good looking. Leo is like Rasputin with no hair. What did Tesla did? He went full red pill and never got married. Go watch his interviews. That being said if you want go find a gf, it's not bad, it's awseome. You don't have to go back, you have to have fun. If you are really black pill you know you can max some things and have women. So if this the only way you think you can do it and you have no other way then go gymax or martial arts max and many beautiful sexy women will come as gf.  

Why you black pill people feel these negative feelings so intensely, relax a little, things are not that bad, you can find a solution, unless you are really ugly then you have to try other ways but most people aren't even as black pill community

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I guess there are certain locations where you could find a partner more easily than in others. Probably in Brazil you will have a better chance than in Afghanistan or Pakistan, where you might not see any women outside at all and flirting with them could get you killed.

@eaaaeaeae  Red Pill and Black Pill are banned on this forum, it is not allowed to spread nonsense and victim mindset. Why are you posting about this, why do you believe such limiting things?

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Posted (edited)

@Striving for more I have said this and will hammer this point again.
If you are preoccupied with scoring with a generalized, abstract, chick, then you have to be a generalized, abstract, chad.

You are not an abstraction. You are a concrete person and you will not score with an abstract chick.
Find a woman that suits you, that fits with your life. You find her first by knowing yourself, and what you need, and trying over and over again. The only way it will work is when you find a woman that needs someone like you. Not like chad

When I was preoccupied with thinking in terms of scoring, I did not want to be in a relationship. I was simply thinking that having more sex will make me a better man. This is thinking in terms of abstractions, not genuine self-knowledge that can create lasting fulfillment.

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The true heresy is hearsay.

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@tsuki Agree on all counts - particularly this bit:


You find her first by knowing yourself, and what you need


'When you look outside yourself for something to make you feel complete, you never get to know the fullness of your essential nature.' - Amoda Maa Jeevan

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