Death of Rush Limbaugh

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@Leo Gura Agreed xD.....sometimes its necessary to flush the shit down the toilet, makes the bowl clean.

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On 2/22/2021 at 2:45 AM, NOTintoxicated said:

I don't understand why anyone wouldn't wish death upon harmful conscious agents

Because it interferes with the free will of conscious agents. All conscious agents have the freedom to be malevolent or confused (Rush was at least one of those 2).

In my likely somewhat distorted but well-formed view:

The only time it is permissible to interfere with the free will of conscious agents is when they interfere (for instance, by murdering, stealing, etc) with the free will of other conscious agents, such that interfering with the free will of the offending conscious agent (for instance, by isolating them in prison) would expectedly result in a net positive increase in freedom for all conscious agents... That freedom must include the ability to display malevolence and/or confusion, as well as (my personal preference) love and/or wisdom.

One could maybe argue Rush meets that criteria, but I wouldn't be so sure.

And yes, "free will" isn't actually real -- that's not the kind of free will I'm talking about -- I'm not talking on that level.

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