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  1. You are probably right that he suits America, but to the rest of the world, especially the global south - supporting Biden makes you the extremist. That's a tough perspective to swallow for American liberals.
  2. So the people who know and worked with him confirmed the obvious
  3. His mom was literally a counter revolutionary, who called for the return of Chiang Kai-shek. Can we assume she knew what would happen to communists like her son and husband, if the fascists had come back in power? Had I been in his shoes, I would have reported her too. That is just how tense the environment was back then.
  4. Reading 'To Kill a Nation' by Parenti as well as 'The New Military Humanism' by Chomsky completely changed my perception of what happened with Yugoslavia. Living in a NATO country in the 90's we were absolutely deluged with propaganda about Serbia, and it was pretty shocking for me to learn just how far from reality the media portrayal of the conflict actually was. In my opinion It was the NATO countries themselves that created a conflict where there was none, to justify a so called "humanitarian intervention" that ended up destroying the whole region. Whatever political nightmare you are living with today is a direct result of that. If the West had kept their noses out of your business, and let Yugoslavia decide it's own future, we could have had a highly developed independent socialist nation on the borders of the EU. But of course that could never be allowed to happen.
  5. I think Sam Harris has some extremely bad takes on Islam. Even when he is right in a technical sense, and makes an argument why "Islam is not a religion of peace" it ends up antagonizing those same moderate muslims that he claims don't even exist. It's not a good way to reach out.
  6. Oh sweet jesus... I just saw this story is based on a tweet from "human rights activist and author" Jennifer Zeng, who is actually from The Epoch Times FYI: The Epoch Times is recognized as the leading professional conspiracy and fake news operation in the world. It's run by the far-right apocalyptic cult, Falun Gong. Famous for it's spreading of pro-Trump QAnon conspiracies, Covid-19 and anti-vaccination propaganda, as well as various UFOs alien mind control, and other complete nonsense. The cult was banned in China, is now operating in the US with the stated intention of fomenting anti-Chinese sentiments in order to affect US policy towards China. They believe Donald Trump was "sent by heaven to destroy communism", and they specialize in fearmongering fake news about the Chinese government. So without checking I can't say for sure that this particular story is made up, but it's a safe assumption that it's fake news. @Alfonsoo I worry that you are vulnerable to being mislead if you are fed stories like this.
  7. Fearmongering about China is what is out of control. Naturally systems of power (countries) will use various forms of coercion and force within their sphere of influence to maintain and expand their standing in the world. There is nothing China could do that would even put them in the same category as the US. Any time China (or Russia) attempts to do just a smidgen of the things the US has been routinely doing all over the world, we hear this hypocritical furor about "China/Russia taking over the world". Notice their "foreign meddling" is usually limited to their direct neighbors or countries right within the local system (ex. Taiwan, Tibet or Crimea, Chechnya), because their ability to project power remains minuscule compared to the US. The fearmongering about China would be appropriate if they had actually overthrown dozens of foreign governments on every continent, had been militarily involved in 190 different countries, and routinely carried out bombing, terror, torture, and assassination campaigns in every corner of the world. There is only one country that has done this on a global scale. And there is no chance of China or anyone else being able to rise to this level of international villainy. Even if they one day become the dominant power, they won't be able to get away with the things the US has done because there is much more accountability in today's world than just 50 years ago. None of that implies that China is good/bad or the US is good/bad. It is just accidents of history that certain powers rise to prominence in certain eras. If the timeline had been different, the roles could have been reversed. So this is not what-about-ism.
  8. I don't even have to add anything. We can just let these beautiful quotes stand on their own.
  9. Straw man. Nobody is advocating for equality of outcomes. You could easily provide everyone a base line comfortable life with reasonable work hours, a living wage, affordable housing, education, health care and still send rich people into space. It's purely for ideological reasons that these issues have not been solved. These libertarian types would literally rather flush money down the toilet than give it to homeless people.
  10. I just typed "flat earth" into youtube and instantly got hundreds of videos, including entire channels dedicated to flat earth conspiracies even with the words FLAT EARTH in the channel name. I clicked on it and of course it also includes obligatory covid conspiracies and anti-vax/anti-mask videos. If they are trying to censor it, they are not doing a good job.
  11. Considering the brain isn't even fully developed until age 25, I suppose can already congratulate you on being the single most advanced human in the history of the world.
  12. Well, I agree with this. That's the one area where I get frustrated with stage green people. Just because they are way more developed than the "fascists" they are demonizing, they think they are at the top of the moral pyramid. It seems extremely confusing and counterintuitive that not judging the "bad people" is the morally superior position. They can't understand it. But regardless of the limitations of stage green, we want as many people as possible to become green ASAP because time is running out on climate change. What's the point of discussing what is the correct form of socialism is when the house is on fire?
  13. What is a hatchet job then? If you want to critisize a public figure I suppose it's fair enough to quote mine their old streams and tweets to find dumb statements, but it's pretty obvious what it is when he also throws in random stuff like "btw, he also once sent a dick pic, he sent inappropriate texts to girl, he is showing signs of personality disorder, i think he is a narcissist and sex addict, etc"... What do you call that other than trying to smear the person in any possible way you can think of? That book sounds like it's just one long late night rage tweet on print, sold for $18.00 on amazon. Haha, are you kidding me?? And I don't even care for him personally. Vaush is very smug and arrogant for 20-something year old who often doesn't know what he is talking about. I don't want to defend him. The same goes for Thought Slime. They are not nefarious people. I would much rather young impressionable minds listen to them over someone like Tim Pool or Steven Crowder.
  14. Wow, what a ridiculous hatchet job. What is this guy's personal grievance with Vaush? He's a streamer kid who shared hundreds if not thousands of hours of videos of himself talking off the cuff about every kind of political subject. Of course he says dumb shit from time to time. From what I have seen of his content, he is pretty immature but he is on the right path generally speaking. Hell I might have said some of the same shit when I was his age. I just saw this.. he also wrote a similar chapter on Though Slime? Haha, how did he get this published in an actual book?
  15. I'm sorry if I also responded off topic. You were referring to the specific issue of certain words falling out of use. I can understand why some people get annoyed and confused that language evolves. Like some older people here in Europe genuinely can't comprehend why it's no longer socially acceptable to use the N-word. If you want to make a slippery slope argument, I suppose you could say that sometimes people can be a little over cautious. Like for example is it impolite to called a person deaf instead of hearing impaired? Can I still say a person is black, or do I say "of African descent"? It really depends on how people feel about it, I would not deliberately use certain words if I know it offends people. Your example of "riding black", what would really be the problem with saying "riding illegally" instead? It's not dumbing down language, it's actually more nuanced and easy to understand. But I know, it is about the principle of not wanting to be constrained.