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Harsh Bagdia

3 Steps Formula to Be Ruthlessly Effective at Anything- My Commitment

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Amazing video, so simple and direct.

1. Select the domain/task you want to get effective in.

2. Discover the maximum yield technique in that domain.

3. Practice it consistently without fail.


It's so simple yet very profound. Thanks @Leo Gura

This post is about my commitment  towards my goals and how I will apply this formula in my life. I have modified this formula & instead of using one high yield technique I will use two high yield techniques.

Goal- To be fit, healthy and full of vitality, losing my bellyfat


1. Have a Sattvic, raw food vegan diet   (I have experimented with this before and it works for sure for better energy levels and aid weight loss, I am planning to eat two raw meals and one cooked meal in a day, with time I will go 100% raw)

2. Cycling daily 


Goal- Improve meditation and encounter Truth


1. Iawake meditation audios

( Infinity lambda and heartwave are my favorites, my monkey mind easily shuts off during these audios & I am able to stay much more aware & see the illusory nature of thoughts very clearly, with regular practice I think I can breakthrough)

2. Shambhavi Mahamudra by Sadhguru ( I recently completed Sadhguru's Inner engineering completion program & it's powerful)


Goal- To manifest my desires related to success and business into reality


1. Consuming high quality content related to manifestation and law of attraction

( I am looking for a change in paradigm/ mindset/ perspective. Best resources which I found out are-Conversations with God, Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Neville Goddard. For this year I will study the relevant material of these people very religiously)

2. Learning and Practicing Digital  Marketing Skills

( I have to set a foundation for my life purpose to actualize, & for that I have to make some money, I am researching about Amazon KDP & Affiliate marketing, these seems promising)


I can see how all these techniques and practices are interrelated & will fuel each other & produce great results. Like learning law of attraction will be helpful for manifesting other desires & overall happiness. Meditation will make me more conscious. I will also be using Psychedelics from time to time to skyrocket my growth. 

I am inspired to implement all this and commit to follow this formula for this whole year. 

Thanks for reading. All comments, advices, discussions are welcome.

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Yeah that's a great video

"We all live our lives in the confines of fear."

Ben Howard, The Fear

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