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Lower needs not met

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Yo, so basically I did Leo's life purpose course, I started my YouTube channel, that's something that really gets me into the flow and I love doing that. I will continue on doing that, no matter what, it is something that I feel really lifts up my brain and creativity is something that was really missing in my life, it's like a breath of fresh air.

Yet - my lower needs are still not met, I don't have any friends, I moved to a new city, I have no girlfriend and my financial life sucks too. My job sucks also. I know, if those needs were met that could also lift my brain to the next level, my subconscious wouldn't be so obsessed about that stuff and a lot of brain area (let's call it that way) could just bring me new ideas and my creative outcome would be even better, or at least that's how I understand that conceptually.

I tried a lot of things, I really fucking don't know, I'm not some anxious, weird guy, I am confident and opened, yet, I can't really find a match to my interests and lifestyle in society.

An intelligent, bright, loving girl is also something really rare to find. Dunno, I'm stuck. I always look at this that way - maybe I'm deluding myself and it's something that is obvious to others, something wrong with me, and I can't just accept that, but not this time.

I'm different, that's for sure, but in a good way, I just do not buy into society's brainwashing and materalistic lifestyle. 

What to do?

P.S - being a loner guy that talks about some weird stuff on his YouTube channel little world doesn't really help lol

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If you are in a new city it can be a great opportunitty to do pick up and make friends and a girlfriend.



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Maybe the self-actualized-flowing-creative-different-than-others self is now turned out to be a dogmatic self image which keeping you stuck instead of advancing you.

The lower stages are also very important and you have to integrate them in order to develop.

I would advice you, by now, take the next 6-12 months to invest mainly in your "lower" needs. Its important to have a stable job when you work with other people and interact with them in a weekly basis.

Maybe in that way your self identity will get more flexible and you will start to see yourself as both conventional and post conventional person and not only one in the cost of the other.

Stable work, nutrition, social skills, social meetings, familiy relationships, reconnect with nature etc.

Only you will know what is the right order to do all these "regular" things and in what to invest first, but i think this is the right direction to take by now.

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Started reducing in 19.5.20 from 60mg (cymbalta). Current dose: 46.8mg 📌💪

The ONLY safe way - 5-10% down every 3-4 weeks. Doctors DON'T know this and will cause you a hard withdrawal they will say its a "relapse". Learn it DEEPLY. Coping: 🍎, ☀️, a-n-y job, Mindfulness, Actualized.org, books.

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I think your frustration is arising out of a lack of foundation or structure. Try to have a dream board and slowly construct a proper foundation that accomodates all your needs. 

Don't focus on big results right away. If you're obese it will take at least a year to get that weight down. Just an example. 

Try not thinking only about the outcome. Enjoy the process. You're focused on the lack of things..this is negativity and will lead to more frustration. 

Start from scratch and start with baby steps. It's not necessary that you have to achieve all the mainstream goals that people talk about on social media. You just have to do the best that you can do. Be grateful if you're healthy and good looking. Some people don't even have that. 

Think about what you got now. And work from it. Maybe you don't have the extra ordinary life that you want. But the life that you're already living can be turned into a beautiful pleasant experience. 

Be positive. Focus on your overall productivity and reward yourself little things. 

Love yourself and love your life, it's the only one you got... 



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4 hours ago, 28 cm unbuffed said:

I'm stuck.

Make a check-list of what you want, then roll up your sleeves and get to work.

All that material shit is straight-forward to get. There's no mystery to it.

If you sleep with 20 girls, you'll find at least a few who are what you want.

You gotta get serious about building out a life. Stop dabbling and being meek about it. Go fucking do it.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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@28 cm unbuffed

You don’t actually need any of it. That belief about yourself is like a filter tarnishing perspectives, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, zapping your creativity. Come to terms with that what you have is actually what you want, by letting conditioned judgmental perspectives go, simply because it feels good to let go of limiting beliefs. There is no getting out from behind perspective, and it is influencing your entire experience not to notice this. Society inherently can not have a brainwashing and materialistic lifestyle. You are the subject you, only. You could be a billionaire, in this lifetime, without being brainwashed or materialistic. That’s your belief & judgement, of the very thing, the very society and money, you say you need. But when you come to terms with that you honestly want that (money - not brainwashing & materialism), then you’ve aligned with what you want, and thus ‘gotten out of your own way’, and will indeed experience what you want. Beliefs and judgements about money & society, which are ultimately and presently beliefs & judgements about yourself, will not feel good, and are you ‘getting in your own way’.  

‘I can't really find a match to my interests and lifestyle in society.’ ...through the lens of ruling it out. 

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