The horrors of the world (Triggerwarning)

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Hello everyone, this might become quite the long post but I just feel the need to sort my thoughts in a post like this.

Please excuse my spelling, I am typing this on my phone and am not a native speaker (also it is pretty late here).


For a long time now I have been wondering what the biggest hardships are that the beeings of this time are facing.

And there were quite a few possible answers:


Child abuse

Animal cruelty

Torture (state/individual)

Discrimination against men (in developed countries)

Discrimination against women (in development countries)

The division of people (as a cause for nearly all problems or a obstacle to their solution)

My view on all (in the sense that I would just have to recognize that everything is perfect just the way it is)

World hunger/thirst

Diseases/Viruses etc.

Environmental disasters going hand in hand with those created or made worse by humans (pollution, earth quakes, climate change etc.)

Diets (developed world)

Marketing (addiction to consumerism)





There is so... SO much shit going on.

And you can see it.

Dogs as well as humans getting skinned as well as burned alive

Humans just plain torturing each other

I saw someone putting a cat in a washin all it could do was lie on the ground with bloodshot eyes, twitching from time to time with his tong out

And that are just the instances that got filmed and then shared publicly... what goes on behind closed doors is bound to be even worse...

I want to make a change, but damn do I feel helpless.

How could I not!

There are so much people needing help and I cant help them all.

I thought about creating a platform to bring people together and help others help others, to make the biggest change possible.

Here I am however, talking big but all I actually do is distract myself from reality through porn and games.

I live a cushy life, wanting to give all I have away to the best cause there is on the one hand while not wanting to give away any (I do a little more each day to be fair to myself.... But it feels kinda laughable)

And in that situation, torn between the two extremes, I can pat myself on the back cause I want to and hate myself for not doing it while at the same time keeping my cushy lifestyle.


... I don't even know if I really want to change the world or if I really just don't care about anything than wanting to see me/others to see me as someone who does.

I don't know if I don't act because I think it is futile or to risky to maybe be wrong or simply fear of the work that would entail or something else entirely.

... I feel like I want to understand people and bring them together on a big scale, so that real change is possible (after all I think it is our division that makes us weak) in all the main areas as well as those one might not even be conscious of.

I want for everyone to see that we are a lot more similar than we're different ant that they can change the world in a big way if they act on the parts that we all (mostly) agree on and create a space where it is possible to explore different opinions in a openminden manner.

... However, I am not confident at all, that my current Ideas for that are totally practical since people seem to have a lot more fun watching/supporting conflict, than "boring" solutions


What do you think is the biggest problem we are facing today?


What is the best thing that one could do in this day and age to change the world for the better?


How can I get myself to simply click and motivate myself without it beeing something artificial that I force myself to do or trick myself into doing/liking?

I did Leo's course doing all the exercises, but at some point that just got how it felt or maybe I just got lost on the way (more than halve way trough)

If anyone feels like this course really would make that change for me pls. also tell me that.

I will restart it a 3rd time anyways.

Not sure if I should follow it even more or way less strictly so as to not stop halveway again


Thank you if you've read this far, I hope it was interesting ^^

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34 minutes ago, hoherbasti said:

I thought about creating a platform to bring people together and help others help others, to make the biggest change possible.

Make it a free speech platform that doesn't have the censorship problem. A lot of people will thank you for it!

"Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one." - Bruce Lee

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start by helping the world in a small way , choose anything
starting is what counts
and only by doing that will you be shown the next step

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On 04/06/2020 at 11:26 PM, hoherbasti said:

I want to make a change, but damn do I feel helpless.

How could I not!

There are so much people needing help and I cant help them all.

I thought about creating a platform to bring people together and help others help others, to make the biggest change possible.

I agree with @Nak Khid's pertinent advice. 

Starting to do some good to make a difference now at a young age will stand you in good stead and make your life rich and fulfilling in many ways, you will feel better about yourself (and who knows will give you good karma, or at least be less of a devil ;)).

With more awareness and growth, the back-patting and vain is-anyone-noticing-me? ego-boosting aspects will fall away.

For you to make a contribution, I don't think it would necessarily be that helpful swinging from black-and-white thinking/all-or-nothing reactions that go from planning grandiose schemes (creating your own platform, wanting to control it all, giving away all you got, etc) to the other extreme of running away from it all and suffocating/denying your feelings through escapist activities.

There are already so many animal and human rights advocacy groups out there, so you starting a new one may not be that supportive right now. The existing ones struggle as it is, many having to close down after a short while, so could already do with your help. The likelihood of a small, new organization making it versus a larger, established one is slim. Therefore, in most cases the time and money you spend building your own platform could be much more useful in supporting already established groups.

You also have to be careful who you donate to as there are some charlatans out there. As for turning a blind eye to it all through video games, etc, you can't unseen what you've seen/unread what you've read, therein depression may lie ahead.

To find some good avice, it would help you to just google something like "I can't stand animal cruelty" or "child abuse really disturbs me" or "petitions to end animal abuse", etc.

Google is your friend.

Try and do something this week, like do some research on how you can have an actual impact, however insignificant. We all feel good about adding compassion to our troubled world and it's really so easy to do, sometimes signing some petitions and joining a local protest. Also talk about your feelings to friends and your entourage, inform others about cruelty, maybe they will be galvanized to help out too?

Maybe you can rescue an animal from the local shelter by adopting a pet? Even just becoming a vegetarian (or learn about becoming vegan) may help you manage some of the guilt/depression/anger/helplessness/worthlessness. Any action is an antidote to the feeling of powerlessness and sense of limitation.

You will find comfort in seeing that the platforms are already there in place already created, just waiting for people like you to join in and participate.

You will find communities already formed among like-minded people like yourself who are also empathic and sensitive but also depressed, angry and/or deeply disturbed by these same issues and with awesome advice and guidance on how you as an individual can make such a significant contribution even if small at the start. You will immediately begin to feel good about yourself deep down knowing you are helping make positive changes in the world.

I suggest you also protect yourself from the horrific images and nightmarish stories as much as you can, but do proper research instead on how you can help make the world a better place in a practical realistic way. You can channel some of the suffering you feel about the horrors you have already witnessed by taking action against injustices you see in your daily life. When you see a panting suffering dog stuck in a boiling hot airless car, don't hesitate to do something immediately about that, for example try to set the dog free at once, call for help, film the scene, make a note of the car number and report it, etc. Take a stand.

If you have some spare money, do research on the internet on the best charities that manage public donations the best.

Even though I'm fortunate to be rich, I personally prefer to live quite economically and minimalistically, and am conscious of the need to reduce my carbon footprint (eg. I do all my shopping/errands by bike instead of owning a car), and give large sums every year to Doctors Without Borders, I'll also be leaving all my wealth to them when I die. At the moment, I'm currently researching on how to give money to animal associations too because I can't live with the animal cruelty and give nothing.

I'm not just going to give my money willy nilly to any charity though that asks for it (and they WILL ask from every corner), but to the organizations with the best track record of being accountable and transparent with their financial accounts able to publicly justify where the money is really going, because unfortunately sometimes the money may not be spent as well as it could be, or there is corruption, etc. I'm wondering at the moment whether Peta is one of the best animal charities for me to give to, but I need to do some research first.

Know too that a large part of the money you give is normally also deducted from your taxes. For example in my country, 75% of my contribution is paid by the government through tax relief. So by giving 1,000 euros I'm only actually giving 250e since the State is paying the 750e. The limit the State gives here is capped at 2,000 euros a year, so they will pay 2,000e (their maxi amount) if I donate 3,000e. 

I never "pat myself on the back", or do things for social or peer approval or acclaim, there is instead a sense of "blessedness" in my life that I am doing the right thing, quietly in my corner, and doing as much as I can with the resources I have, knowing that there is also always so much more I can do too. I'm particularly passionate about ending animal abuse because I love them so much, animals have no voice, show us so much unconditional love and rely on us humans so much.

Needless to say I have now stopped eating all meat/fish (basically anything with a face), even organic or "humanly farmed meat" (Peta's youtube video shows there is no such thing as "humane meat") and am learning more and more on how to adopt a fully vegan lifestyle. However, I will always have a (rescue) cat in my life (regardless of the fact that the food my cat eats inevitably supports the terrible slaughter house system and there is no alternative, unlike for dogs). I do what I can as an imperfect human. I also help out at my local cat/dog shelter, walking the dogs, contributing blankets, etc. We are voting for our local mayors here soon, my vote is going to the guy who claims to be going to tackle animal welfare and environmental issues.

It doesn't make the pain go away at the horror I come across, but it helps with the sense of impotence and utter helplessness that personally for me would be very crippling in my life emotionally and psychologically if were to do nothing and stick my head in the sand instead. I could not have a clear conscience. "Video games" only help so far, one still has to look at oneself in the mirror at the end of the day.

I'll leave you with this little easy book from James Allen "As a Man thinketh" that illustrates eloquently how we make ourselves what we are and build our character, how what we think in our hearts create us : http://james-allen.in1woord.nl/?text=as-a-man-thinketh

And here is some good advice from google : https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-feel-better-after-seeing-some-animal-cruelty-videos-I-have-tried-everything-I-could-but-I-cant-feel-better-The-videos-just-make-me-sad-and-annoyed-at-knowing-that-there-is-that-kind-of-people

(I like for example what "Michelle A Rivera, Certified Animal Cruelty Officer" advises in the above link). She also says The worst thing you can do is to shut down. You will only become more despondent.



There are tons more on Quora and other sites.



All the best @hoherbasti and let us know how you get on. 

Capture plein écran 14062020 115027.jpg

Edited by Amandine

"Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence". Erich Fromm

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I've exposed things like this in the past, then Leo says: "these are just conspiracy theories".

The media never covers this horrors you talk about, and the masses just live with their head indide their ass.

In my country there are politicians involved in murdering/raping childen and they live with total impunity. Nobody does nothing, even if you have proofs.. all the system is so corrupt that's impossible to fix. 

Im so tired that I decided to ignore everything and just protect myself and my surroundings, otherwise worrying abot what I cant control will produce me only suffering.

Let the skeptic zombies die, they deserve it for being so close minded.

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@Amandine Thank you so much for your kindhearted message. I didn't have notifications on, so I only now read your answer.

I feel really grateful for you taking the time, and sorry for not having answered sooner.


A quick update: 

- I since stopped actively searching for videos of cruelty since I now know of it and don't feel it will improve either my life or the lives of those suffering

- I am currently vegan (though I am unsure whether I already was vegan when I made this post)

- Though I am still struggling in regard to motivating myself, I feel like I am making little steps towards increase the positive effects I have on my surroundings 


I will definitely revisit your post a couple more times, check out all the links you mentioned and look up my country's policy on charity in the hopes of being able to grow myself and the positive impact I have on the world even more.


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and your holidays will be just as magnificent as the rest of your life ^^

Again, thank you very much :)

Edited by hoherbasti

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@Moreira I am unsure if I believe things like that are happening in the upper brackets of my country, though I am sure that there is countries in which this is happening.

I defined do agree with the conclusion of not focusing on things you can't change, but instead focus on the things you are able to change, expanding your field of influence in the process.


Have a nice das and all the best ^^

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We are living in the kali Yuga era, the worst time ever, those bad things were expected to happen...



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