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  1. In Europe locals work full time and dont have kids because dont have time and money. In Europe most immigrants live off welfare government+ big family payment, have plenty of time to raise kids. South americans immigrands ten to be more hardworking, but muslims are the laziest.
  2. A computer with AI can develop survival strategies. In that sense AI could have an ego. But I highly doubt that would create lust for power over other AI's. I've been into Ai art creation recently and this technology with chat gpt is still in the stone age compared to what people think. It's not like a Sci-fi independent entity that develops a sense of self and wants to dominate all humanity. Most generations with Ai are failed chaotic outputs that have to be discarded. If AI would want to rule the world would destroy iself before achieving it.
  3. money is a man-made invention that doesnt even exist. The universe wont punish you if you dont pay. Only you will punish yourself If you believe you did something wrong.
  4. Sorry for late answering. I've read cases where guys develop cancer because the lymph nodes of the guy were full of ink. Only in scalp tattoos or near to the neck and only when the ink stays in the epidermis. A professional tattoo artist with a large experience and portfolio knows how deep has to go to reach the dermis, this is totally safe.
  5. If you have a hair transplant in a serious clinique, (not Turkish bullshit) the doctor will prescribe you finasteride that have very dangerous side effects and you will have to stay commited to this meds the entire life to keep the remaining hair alive. Also if you have the bad luck of developing post-finasteride syndrome youll have depression and sexual disfunction forever. Think about the risks and the rewards. I know lot of people with hair transplants, and it doesnt last forever. If you want to have hair 7-10 years more is your choice.
  6. If you're dumb enough to pay ridiculous amounts of money for just dating advice you deserve to be scammed. There is a lot of free content of Owen RSD material, enough to figure out how dating works, but you guys pay for the bootcamp or course expecting the magic technique. Everything you need to learn is free.
  7. The negative emotions and anxiety you're experimenting are withdrawal symptoms. Although your brain is rewiring thanks to meditational practise you have cravings of stimulation. It's the same when people quit antidepressant they get dizzy and feel bad, just things need time and patience. The unpleasant feelings will go away. Stay strong.
  8. I've been living a frugal minimalist lifestyle to save up money for my future life-purpose business. I drive an old car, almost never buy clothes and try to spend the bare minimum. My hobbies are everything related to computers, technology, painting... and ultimate I'm very interested in trying the AI art creation so I'm thinking to buy a new computer because my actual one is 11yo. For running AI softwares like Stable diffusion is necessary a expensive graphics card. So I'm feeling guilty for spending so much money in it. Also I'm feeling incongruent because I've been living for 5 years since I decided my LP commited to a "cheap" lifestyle and I feel that I'm sabotaging my life purpose for a ego derived hobby. It's understable that I'll redeem the cost of the PC for more than 11 years of usage but the guilt doesnt go away. Any tip please?
  9. A well done tattoo in the right level of the dermis is not toxic because the white blood cells enclose the ink forever. What is toxic is scalp micro pigmentation or a superficial tattoo, in these cases the ink goes to your lymph.
  10. AI is an infinite creativity tool. As your imagination, or when you dream, you can also imagine your favourite celebrity doing nasty things, and what? If we keep with this morality debates we will have in the future the thought-police that will put us in prison just by imagining things... that's crazy and orwellian.
  11. Twerking is a mating ritual destined to turn men on. That being said, kids out of their reproductive age shoud never engage in these rituals, not even simulate them. The teacher is a stupid cultural-marxist shill. And your 6yo sister doesnt have responsible parents?
  12. Why Frank Yang says enlightenment is like a on/off switch while you and other psychonauts say that there are different degrees?
  13. I took antidepressants during 5 yers and I got a small tumor in the pituitary gland that messes up my hormonal balance. Obviously if I could go back in time Id never take them. But back then we had zero resources about self-help in internet.
  14. Yeah, by pursuing longevity he's havinh a bad life quality with these stupid routines and hundreds of pills. He cannot travel the world, have dinner with friends, enjoy life...
  15. All your questions (alone, fear, meaninlessness) are disolved when you understand totally the nature of reality, because you just trust the plan. First take into consideration that all you call reality, and this material world, is being created, thought, or dreamed (whatever you prefer to call it) by God's mind. Reality is mental, your life is a dream, so technically your are not alone in the dream, everybody exist... but is being created by God's mind. Nothing changes, because although anything exist you have a little part of divinie consciousness inside of you, and me, your family, friends... So you have the power to change or co-create the dream. Is it meaningless? Of course not. You are God and have the right to do whatever you want, it's your dream, well our dream with infinite possibilities awakening for you.