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  1. The OP used death in a way that created lot of misunderstanding. Of course death do not exist, let's call it transcend. But yeah, I fully agree that all the conclusions taken in psychedellics, altered consciousness states, Near death experiences, and awakenings/enlightenments should never be taken seriously because the experience is contaminated by our brain and senses. We will never understand the "not being" until our physical body dies.
  2. You need to investigate deeper about why some people have more dopanime levels naturally ando others struggle. Probably it goes on a similar way than serotonin. Everything affects it, maybe you have a mutation or failure in the gene that regulates dopamine, maybe a gut microbiome imbalance, maybe your diet... Also high levels of dopamine can make you obsessive. Its a personal path to understand your own body and brain and fix it with diet and supplements. Also the GABA/glutamate balance in the brain is very important.
  3. Who are you to decide that your mission is done? maybe staying here on eartth more years to allow others taking care of you and loving you when you are old is also your mision, and if you decide to quit you're deniying the oportonity to others to love.
  4. Oh, the leo from the beginning just looks like a lovely soul that genuinely wants to help you, like an angel. I dont know what kind of events happened to him to become the bitter sour guy that actually is. Maybe devoured by a spiritual ego.
  5. I'm a perfectionist and the part that makes me suffer the most is being angry whith others. It makes me furious observing that i give my 100% to do everything the best I can and others dont even care, they settle for the bare minimum and mediocrity. Also lack of respects, when neighbours are rude and noisy, when people dont respect when you are talking and dont wait you to finish... Definitely OCD and perfectionism and overthinking goes in the same pack, obsessive people tend to overthink and try to be perfect with everything under control.
  6. Same thing happened to me years ago. Went full enlightenment mode, weakened the ego before having all my shit together. When I run out of money I was forced to come back to the evil socio-economic matrix, and was forced to interact as an ego from duality again (work, relationships, business) and it felt like a kick in the balls. So the lesson here is always work for economic independence first.
  7. I've seen Sadghuru with the devils of the World Economic forum multiple times, those who create fake chrisis and famines so the rich can be richer and the poor poorer, I wouldnt expect something good.
  8. This mental gymnastics is a trick, and may work. But if you have correct serotonin levels it's very hard to have negative thoughts in first place. You'll be happy no matter what. First adress why this person is not producing serotonin in adequate amounts.
  9. Because our personality, beliefs, and rank of important things in life evolve and change so much. At some point of personal develompent and maturity the vision that you decided to be your LP will seem even dumb. I've to admit years ago decide that my LP would be buying land near nature and have a self-sustainable farm to sell healthy product to people, and be so self-sufficient to quit the system and the 9-5 stressful life. Well, due a health problems I've had recently with my gut, I've been very sick. Everything I ate hurted me and had a big amount of problems, gut parasites, disbiosis. Fortunately I found a specialist smart enough to treat my problem. And a very eye opening conversation with him is that we need to go back to natural rythms, dont eat when we dont got sunlight, dont eat so much times, dont eat things, but real foods that our ancestries ate, no bullshit bread, pasta... I've suffered headaches, inflammation, brain fog, depression, skin issues, anxiety.... and now that my gut is healed my life has changed. No negative thoughts, no depression, I got a new dimension in awareness, concentration, memory, stillness. So I'm so thankful to this discipline and this guy that I want to study to help other people to solve their problems related to gut. With this bigger purpose... compared to helping a human being to heal, cultivating bio vegetables seems dumb, you see?
  10. You can eat fruits with low fructose, the rest are really bad due high spike insuline.
  11. Game is the coping mechanism of bad genetics. Really good looking people dont need game, even if they were autists would attractive. If not attractive you need social magic skills to be funny and cool at least.
  12. Unless you'e a psychopath, you have an intrinsic guilt while being inmoral. That's because you are empathic.
  13. Some time ago this friend wanted me to go work at his company to have a slave, basically. In the interview I made it clear to the boss that I was not going to accept situations of pressure and work overload (I told him in other words), and he did not call me anymore. The friend got mad because I said that. It has been 2 years without speaking to me. Now, since there's a week left on vacation and he has time, he wants to meet up... Surely he comes to me with the excuse that he has been very busy with his children... (and that is why he has not had a moment to call me in 2 years) I don't know whether to leave him forever and eliminate an interested friendship, or give him another chance.
  14. insulin spikes from the sugar arent good for your body and mind.
  15. It's an excuse to show their tribal-orange stage insctincts. Loot, steal, burn and destroy. It reminds me the BLM episode in America.