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  1. money wont solve your problems of lack of purpose and boredom, in fact having more free time will make you more depressed.
  2. this subworld and community of audios that change everything is crazy. I've seen that they got even audios to make you taller, change your jaw bones, and they believe this work! All the coments on the videos are lies and they believe this worked for them, snowball effect!
  3. Sensitive vs rational are very related to the development of diferent brain hemispheres, and I doubt it can be trained, it's mainly genetic. For some reason sensitives tend to be more open minded to spirituality and rationals to skepticism.... unless they try psichedellics
  4. Although certain animals live and interact like a big organism for example bees, there is no point into believing that humans are needed for humanity survival, we are super independents. Ive heard cases of hermits that spent their lives taking care of monasteries in inaccessible mountains and wouldnt have relationship with other humans within years.
  5. You are GOD inhabiting a human body! Dont fall in the mistake of believieng you are not important, just an animal, just a little dust particle in the universe, NO! You have an important role in the world and impact in the life of others.
  6. My best friend told me that in his company they need somebody like me, I got an interview with them and they want I start right now! id have better work environment, with less stress, and id work with my best friend. The problem is in my actual job the boss is a cruel prick who reacts really bad whenever somebody wants to quit. Te last time a ex-mate wanted to quit, (he had to notify it before 15 days) the boss bullied forcing him to make desgrading tasks, and also forbid to other mates to talk with him. I'm worried that he may do the same with me. I dont know if it would be better to invent a excuse like I'll work into a family company or a cousin's business, and probably would react better? How can I handle with with conflictive boss? Either way I'll have to stay 15 days.
  7. Owen explained this years ago. His mechanism to avoid depression es being in the now permanently, that's why he is constantly talking and leading. He skiped the self-actualization part of deling with his emotional problems, because for him it was easier being present forever. It may look like a mask. But it's public speaking with a bit of acting, whenever he goest to the grocery he isnt like this of course. Leo in his daily like isnt the scholar who delivers meta talks to everyone he finds in the street.
  8. According to Vaers reports, a lot of people is dying by seconday effects from the vaxxx such as myocarditis, so making mandatory something that can kill you too is no the best idea.
  9. X is an illusion is the escapist answer of Leo for not facing certain things in life.
  10. Note how this stupid youtuber puts antivaxxers and conservatives in the same box. I have liberal friends who refuse the vax.
  11. zoomer girls have a thin skin nowadays with snowflake victim mentality. There's nothing wrong if an old lady points that you are fat or balding. Kids, drunk, and old people with dementia always say the truth.
  12. I've tried to find the video in the blog section, but there's not search enginge
  13. Your plan is doable, but I would never live in brazil, mexico, peru.. in certain zones human life doesnt worth shit, and they can kill you for stealing your smartphone or 100 bucks, also police is corrupted and there are lot of narco cartels that would extort you and require a monthly fee.
  14. The ultimate meta is understanding that nature it's still perfect as it is without artificial man-made technology.
  15. 2 days ago I lost my ID card, and I had I meetup with some friends to have some support because I was very worried. Part of my worry was because I went jogging to a relatively dangerous zone of my city that day and worried if bad people would find my ID card and know where i live. Well a friend tell me that I was making a big deal, "statically there are more ID cards lost per day than covid cases". Good point. And then another jerk told me half joking half serious: "Today you have become the owner of a 20-year-old car in dust, without insurance, and surely they are doing temerities out there ..... the fines will come to you ....... and that in the best of cases, that if they commit a crime with him, you will soon have the police at your door with handcuffs ready." What a lack of sensibilty, instead of calming me he invented the worst case scenario. This dude always talk about the Qanon conspiracies and other shits. What a psycopath degenerate mind can imagine so negative thoughs? Just a hardcore pessimistic overthinker. Now I have stomach ache due the anxiety, I'm gonna rewatch leo's video how top stop worrying. Please share some advice, Ive lost my apetite and yesterday I couldnt sleep.