A warning to those trying to reach enlightenment through psychedelics.

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This was written by Ram Dass and speaks for itself.

Enlightenment is a looong way away for this one. It never occurred to me before that there are somethings special for me to open things up here and now. I still need to clarify Awakened vs. Enlightened. I still need to study and prepare for using psychedelics to move toward Enlightenment. I want more clarity as to why I would be seeking Enlightenment. Basically I have been living this life with a, "The buck stops here" attitude. The issues have been so painful, I just don't wish the hard feelings on anybody and I know that somebody that I won't recognize as myself is going to have to suffer the consequences of my avoiding whatever I choose not to recognize as myself now. So here's an article that came across my wall earlier.

How do we get trapped within psychedelic experiences?

Posted February 18, 2019

“Paradise is the prison of the sage as the world is the prisoner of the believer.”
– Yahja b. Mu’adh al-Razi

"For many of us who have come into meditation through psychedelics, the model we had for changing consciousness has been of “getting high”. We pushed away our normal waking state in order to embrace a state of euphoria, harmony, bliss, peace, or ecstasy. Many of us spent long periods of time getting high and coming down. My guru, in speaking about psychedelics, said:

“These medicines will allow you to come and visit Christ, but you can only stay two hours. Then you have to leave again. This is not the true samadhi. It’s better to become Christ than to visit him – but even the visit of a saint for a moment is useful.” Then he added, “But love is the most powerful medicine.” 

For love slowly transforms you into what the psychedelics only let you glimpse.

In view of his words, when I reflected on my trips with LSD and other psychedelics, I saw that after a glimpse of the possibility of transcendence, I continued tripping only to reassure myself that the possibility was still there. Seeing the possibility is indeed different from being the possibility. Sooner or later you must purify and alter your mind, heart, and body so that the things which bring you down from your experiences lose their power over you. Psychedelics could chemically override the thought patterns in your brain so that you are open to the moment, but once the chemical loses its power the old habit patterns take over again. With them comes a subtle despair that without chemicals you are a prisoner of your thoughts.

The trap of high experiences, however they occur, is that you become attached to their memory and so you try to recreate them. These memories compel you to try to reproduce the high.

Ultimately they trap you, because they interfere with your experience of the present moment. In meditation you must be in the moment, letting go of comparisons and memories. If the high was too powerful in comparison to the rest of your life, it overrides the present and keeps you focused on the past. The paradox, of course, is that were you to let go of the past, you would find in the present moment the same quality that you once had. But because you’re trying to repeat the past, you lose the moment.

How many times have you felt a moment of perfection – only to have it torn away the next moment by the awareness that it will pass?

How many times will you try to get high hoping that this time you won’t come down – until you already know as you start to go up that you will come down? The down is part of the high. When in meditation you are tempted by another taste of honey, your memory of the finiteness of those moments tempers your desire. More bliss, more rapture, more ecstasy – just part of the passing show. The moment in its fullness includes both high and low and yet it is beyond both."

– Ram Dass

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@Consilience i can't mate lol. Fucks my anxiety. 

I'm happy with a wee glass of whisky, a cigar and a wee bag of 5meo hahahahah

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@fridjonk might just have to invest in some lol. Use it to dissolve my 5meo haha

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I've spent the last few days investigating the literature on these substances, and while I am a bit skeptical I will admit this area of research does pique my interest just a bit. Anyway, what particular substances do you guys recommend? Any benefits to microdosing over full-blown trips? I feel like reality itself is already quite a trip and too intense for me most of the time so I do fear what a full-blown trip could do to me (PTSD).

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@PenguinPablo I got a peak experience through a full LSD tab. Then what it meant to actually feel good. Now i do 1/4 tab micro dose every 4 days, and I can back to a similar high i got with the full tab. Eventually the drugs won't be needed but they are a boost on the path. Don't make the path harder then it needs to be due to your own close mindedness.

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