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I've had enough I'm going to focus on game for the next year

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So now that I've handled my University and academic situation... I'm 18 and I've been half-assing trying to improve with girls for the past 5 years and I haven't gotten anywhere. To be honest, I've gotten much worse because I have built-up resentment and lowered self-esteem because of failing with girls for many years. I have taken very little action, I've only 4 cold approaches, and I primarily focused on dating apps. I suck balls at attracting girls now because I have just become so perplexed by the dating dynamics (I've watched countless dating programs). 

I'm going to get my drivers license in a month, I will rent a car and be traveling to new cities and just doing cold approaches like a madman, I'm going to be reading David D's Double your dating like its the bible, as well as going to be on dating apps. 

I'm frustrated with myself, I need to get this part of my life handled. 

If anyone reading this lives near Amsterdam,  hit me up. 

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Some of you on this dating section put yourself under a massive amount of pressure! You write like you are a 50 year old virgin who has asked out 3000 women and they've all said no! You are only 18. Instead of forcing the issue you can just live your life, work on yourself, be a good person, and the right woman/partner will come into your life at some point. 

14 minutes ago, Bridge to Infinity said:

I will rent a car and be traveling to new cities and just doing cold approaches like a madman

Some times on this section of the forum it reminds me of the film 28 days later, with those zombies running around super high intense looking for victims :D:D

Anyway best wishes with it. Crack on my friend. 

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7 hours ago, Bill W said:

 and the right woman/partner will come into your life at some point. 

The right woman will not just appear in your life without working on this area, and if they did you wouldn't be capable of attracting them unless you've developed yourself as a man.

@Bridge to Infinity Great idea to take some time to get this part of your life handled. The longer you put this off the more neuroses will fester inside of you.

There's a lot great experiences to be had in meeting women and it really requires you to grow. There seems to be some resistance to 'pick up' by people who seem to believe meeting women is frivolous. This is far from the case; the game is ultimately there to teach you how to let go of your egoic self agenda and to embody love. When your far enough along the path you'll see that is in fact a spiritual journey.

Check out RSD for some great content.

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@Bill W haha! 

I wish it was that simple, Im just shit with women, they always think im a creep. 

Working on myself IS meeting with women and developing my seduction skills. This entails developing my confidence, social skills......

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Main thing is to just relax into it. Try not to over pursue or try and force anything. It's not a video game or the January Sales where you have to buy now or risk missing out on a great deal. No one is keeping score. Just show up, be nice, and don't take anything personally. 

Most women have been over exposed to creepy and desperate males. I think it's worth having this in mind. Just don't come across that way and then you are already half way there. 

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5 hours ago, Bill W said:

Main thing is to just relax into it. Try not to over pursue or try and force anything.

Total agree!

You can approach, but chillax guys or you come across as needy and creepy.

“You don’t have problems; you are the problem.”

– Swami Chinmayananda

Namaste ? ?

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@Bill W agreed, the mastery approach rather than the obsessive. for me, the only results I am able to get in my life is when I take the obsessive approach and get 100% immersed in something. It probably ties into my ADHD. When I was fat I became obsessive with weightloss and lost 26 kg in 2 months which is around 50-60 pounds, I would eat no carbs, do cardio 3 hours a day, drink apple cider vinegar, weightlift every day and go on 4-5 day fasts whenever I plateaued. I lost the fat for good. Same with this thing here, I have the ability to ultra-focus on one thing, but I have to be wary with plateaus because that is the weakness of the obsessive. 

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The first thing to always have in mind is to remember not letting social pressure catch you. Who says you need to get laid? Only society's expectations which then become unconcious patterns on your mind if you accept it, making you feel guilty later. Notice how in the past you did not feel guilty about this, because getting laid is not a true need. You could just jack off or your semen can also leave with wetdreams. Spirituality will help alot to let you see the big picture of this illusory game of survival and reproduction.

On the other hand, doing pickups will only help you like a 20%. Doing that you will only learn how to catch their attention, get familiar with them and see their patterns if you pay close attention. You might get a little confident but still you will just go on and on repeating your present unatractive patterns with them without really developing your self and probably not getting good results which might make you more frustrated and create a negative snowball effect. 

The 80% of the power in this lies on Truth and Inner game. First, its crucial to understand female nature. They are evil, liars, selfish, highly persuasive and not loyal. They can be in love with you today and if they have to screw you tomorrow they will. Not all of them and to different degrees, but this is their core animalistic nature. I did not used to believe any of this until I started to see these patterns develop on many girls repeatedly. So you may also want to be careful of what you do with them and the law. 

Second, your psyche is what will attract them most. By this I mean your personality and frame. You could develop this on your own with alot of effort or you could just surround yourself with masculine, relaxed, confident, focus, grounded, cool and interesting friends. Im lucky, since the departament in which I work in my job is full of ghetto black guys and im a goodlooking white guy. By surrounding my self with them after 1 year, i have most of the things I listed before and I had not to work for getting this inner game in a conscious manner. Its better this way because you can see with your eyes how these qualities seem in a person and their reality without making fantasies on your mind everyday of how it would be to have that. 

Thirdly, spirituality will make you see the relativism of this and not let you get sucked in the content of illusion. Meditation and presence will you keep you grounded, relaxed, blissful and free of illusions, which are empowering and attractive aswell. Contemplation of female nature  behaviour can help improve your interactions by seeing and accepting the truth of how they are. Also, contemplating your beliefs (imaginary perspectives) can help you eliminate the unnatractive/nonempowering ones. 

After you do your pickup marathon I would suggest you to focus simply on your self and truth. To cleanse and let go, and after some development (at least 6 months to 1 year) go try pickup again. Pickup is just the marketing of the product (inner game). Surround your self with strong men but at the same time stay on the path of spirituality. Socializing daily with all types of people will help alot and just observing any female friend or relative of your family will work as well to get familiar with their nature. Reading The mystery method and the game along with superior man is crucial. Also listening podcasts of red pill awareness. Don't take everything as true nor as a belief, but just to internalize which is really important for when these things appear on experience you can relate the information and get better results. YT channels: Coach red pill, the Stoic Sigma, Arash Dibazar and Satori pua. There are more, but those used to be my fav. 

Most do habits: -

-sleeping like a queen

-total relaxation

-meditation and presence


-Self reflection

-pranayama yoga

-programming your breath to be slow and deep until it become unconcious for good feelings and health

-good eating

-taking sun and sun gazing if you can

-cold shower

-no fap

-daily socializing


-surrounding yourself with truly strong masculine men

-listening to uplifing music

*** Listening to songs that transfers masculine energy. This strategy is really useful, specially if you dont have many strong men around to get their aura. It doesnt matter that they speak on different language, thats even better to not be influenced by ideas, just notice their energy, tonality and confidence, which helps getting you on such frame aswell. This works best during your first 2 waking ours in the morning to get in such frame for the day and when driving since your attention will be on the traffic, your subconscious will be open to absorb the background noise. 

(Songs to see what I mean: Capo Plaza- Giovanne Fuoriclasse,El Alfa el Jefe-Jalapeño, Stormzy-Vossi bop, Kalash-Mwaka Moon, químico Ultramega- No lo vendo, Reynmen-Ela, Miky Woodz-James Jones, Bulin 47 x Lírico en la casa- Pikilao Remix). 

-Being alone until you feel better at it than being with people. 

-Self-Love and gratitude

-Self Focused

-Doing something you like

-Doing what ever the fuck you want occasionally. By this I mean being rebelious and even an asshole if needed. 

-Throwing yourself to the unknown in order to develop confidence and trust your ability of survival. Doing something you dont usually do that can be challenging.

When all or at least most of the above has been internalized to a decent level then doing pickup will be more worthy. At such level you won't even think of women or pickup. Women will just come as appearances and you will interact with them without an agenda. Intuitively you will read their body language if they are interested in you talking to them and you will just flow intuitively in the present interaction without trying to attract. Sexual attraction will rise unconciously and at that moment you can choose how you want the relationship with that person to be. 

Thou, I dont do pickup anymore nor im interested in women,  i can occasionally get laid easily. I only get laid if almost by chance a situation appears and I can take it further by then. At this moment I only see women as parasites that will suck your energy, time and money lol. Not only you will become attractive to woman but other men also will respect you (even thou I dont care if they do or not), envy and even become intimidated. This can help at least an 80% of getting away with what you want and persuading people. I have tested it by making girls give me their homework or projects at university or even told the sellers at cafeteria that I dont have money right now but i come often here to give me some food of my choice at that moment. At this level of experience and knowledge is when it gets really tentative not to become what Leo would call a Zen Devil. The better you get on the game, the more lost you will get and suffer. Stay on the spiritual path to keep a high balance. 









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Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. - Jeremiah 33:3

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Watch the Natural Lifestyles on YouTube, they are great, honest and genuine. They have changed my life. Sasha Daygame is great too.

And just push yourself, face your fears.

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