What does it really mean to value understanding?

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What do I need to do to properly value understanding, and why should I?

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I don’t see value as something to do properly. It’s just what you value and different people value didn’t things.

Sometimes when I walk through nature, I don’t feel any interest or n understanding anything. I just want to be one with nature and appreciate / experience it’s beauty.

Sometimes when I walk through nature I am fascinated about hw all the parts of nature is inter-connected as a whole? It’s impossible. It’s magic! I want to learn and understand how it works. I observe butterflies and bees interact with flowers and better understand how they help inter-connect nature by spreading pollen throughout nature. It’s amazing to learn. Understand satisfies curiosity and feels good. Plus I can hike with others and share it with them.

In practical terms: if someone is a brain surgeon, it’s of value to understand how the brain works and to understand how to use the surgery equipment. If I needed a brain tumor removed, I wouldn’t see a car mechanic. A car mechanic’s understanding has no value when I need a brain tumor removed, yet his understanding has value when I need my car brakes replaced.

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Thats the same as asking "What do I need to do to properly value money, and why should I?"

If you dont feel its important to you then you dont value it. Simple as that. You will know when you value something, you will feel it.

And you are the only one who can really say how you want to act out that value. Its like cooking. You can listen to people talk about cooking, read about it and watch a video about cooking. But you still need to get the ingredients and mix them all together in your kitchen with your own hands. No one else can do it for you. And you will have a unique style on how you do it.

You can ask around for how others do it and get some ideas that may inspire you but you still have to do the cooking yourself.

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Understanding involves increasing synaptic connectivity (e.g., 5ht-induced neurogenesis), together with sufficiently functional organization or integration.

Understanding means really ’getting it,’ and why it matters. 

The potential to understand:

Once a person’s other needs are satisfied—like needs for social stability, measurement—a new need and desire emerges: to interpret and reduce filters toward brilliant forces of life within and without. 

Personally, I recommend developing understanding by (a) being honest about what you want, and (b) being kind to others.



Understanding is desirable because it is a higher order connection with desire.

Understanding means perceiving human needs at a visceral level, including the level of the heart.

The value of understanding  ties into the desirability of perfection in existence. To know a person--to really know them--is to love them. And a person cannot properly be understood without love. 

Speaking then of life and survival:

A person may not even be aware of what they want or need! Survival is not only contingent on higher brain processes or pet-theories. Survival runs on deep forces, of which a person may not be aware. 

A person’s values frame the way they see reality. Perceptual filters and hermeneutical interpretations of reality are fundamental to cognition and experience. Desires (and desirability) can develop independently, as it were. Values skew perceptions and serve needs to live and thrive.

The word ”understanding” means, ‘to stand in the midst of’ something, or to ‘be in its intestines.’

A person (and people) can gradually “understand” their perceptions of  [contextual] needs.

Understanding is hallucination (rumination) on views, information, categories, powers, and other means of knowing, like cultic abandon.


Understanding is also about exploring forces outside the human brain. Some people suggest that understanding is not only informed by human agency and other properties of the universe. 

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11 hours ago, Dinsdale said:

This site is a cult, please avoid its BS. 

When 2 monkeys pack a cult happen when a billion do it they forget and call that a country

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