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  1. It's apart of the lines of development and I'm confused what it actually means, and how you would even measure it.
  2. I recently had an enlightening glimpse into the nature of reality, god, or however you wanna call it, and ever since then Iv'e never felt more happy, passionate, and loving in my life. I feel like a I understand things from the biggest picture perspective possible, which I know is delusional since It's only one enlightenment experience, but anyway, my problem is, I now see through my schoolwork as just duality and logical stage orange bullshit. What I really wanna do is quit school and start a business teaching people about enlightenment and spiral dynamics, but I can't. I even said I wanted to quit school to my parents and they were extremely confused by what I was trying to communicate, which would make sense and I don't know why I even tried. I feel utterly fearless, and don't care for the fact of failing in school or succeeding and see the meaningless duality of it, which unmotivated me to do schoolwork. I'm stuck now, what do I do? I've awoke to what the hell is going on and I see the delusion of everything around me, and I can feel this self-driving oceanic love every second of my day but a sense existential threat that nothing matters, and I don't know what to do. Is it just a phase. A levels requires serious study and I just see through it as meaningless. Everytime I try to read something I just feel so much joy, love and understanding that I can't concentrate, and what I really wanna do Is pursue stage turquoise and become a sage. But I'm 16 with a lot of life ahead of me.
  3. If you were to put stage orange into one sentence what would it be.
  4. So I picked english, philosophy and music for A levels. How can I study these fields while also studying all the self-actualization concepts and applying that in my life. How can I be strategic about this. I'm almost disinterested in schoolwork because I know I'm resourceful enough to study everything by myself and I dislike the way they teach me in school, assigning me homeworks and boring essays, etc. but I don't wanna fail my classes and I wanna succeed in life. I picked english because I wanna improve my writing ability, I picked philosophy because Leo got me interested in it with the topics he talks about, and I picked music because I play piano and I potentially want to master piano and create and perform music as a carear.
  5. thats a juicy topic
  6. My mum is really into the idea of spirituality and leo's work as I somehow introduced it to her; however she's really against psychedelics, and she's concerned with me for even talking about it. I wish I didn't talk to her about it because she's really concerned. It sucks because I don't want her to think I wanna become a druggie. I'm scared of how she's going to think about it if I elaborate on it.
  7. I do love studying and gathering knowledge and wisdom, I just feel overwhelmed.
  8. Iv'e just started to realize how profoundly useful the spiral dyanmics model is and how I can use it to change the world, and I really become an expert at it. I'm 16 and I've started to use this model to psychanalyze people so I can help them, I feel that If I train I can use this model unconsciously and really make an impact. So, what are the best questions to ask to really understand where someone is at. I'm contemplating this myself, and I would like some help. What are a few powerful questions you should use to really assess someone, understand them, then use that information to help them elevate up the spiral. What are the top things I should keep in mind when using this model on other people.
  9. It seems like quite a task, and eveytime I start I feel discouraged. I don't know If I'm doing the right method, and how do I even keep track. I would love to do so, because that would push me into stage yellow, but how long would that take and what do I actually need to do so I don't waste my time or delude myself. I'm not an excellent reader either. I find it hard to read books.
  10. what is the mastery test so to speak? I'm young and there's lots of things I want to master, so I would like to know what it really means.
  11. Love, understanding, curiosity, focus... ? What do you think?
  12. What do I need to do to properly value understanding, and why should I?
  13. Is there any such rule of thumb that distinguishes a shit question from a really powerful question? How can I ask more powerful questions?
  14. I take notes on all books, and videos I watch and compile this knowledge in my commonplace book. However, at this point it seems too complicated and wordy and I sometimes learn more just by listening to a teaching with full consciousness and presence. Is taking notes even useful? If so, how can I more optimally take notes to improve my life? For example, how do you take notes? Maybe I'm overcomplicating it. Maybe it's best to just read a book consciously rather than taking notes on everything it says. I'm 16 btw so I got a lot to learn.