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  1. This site is a cult, avoid it like the plague! Led by guru Leo, dodgy character and Brexiteer. Ooeerr misuss!
  2. This site is a cult, please avoid its BS.
  3. This site is a cult, please avoid it.
  4. Somewhere in between. I would avoid this site, which is basically a cult. Led by "Leo", a highly DUBIOUS character, he likes the sound of his own voice, actually a boring git.
  5. Forget "God" and "Leo", this site is highly DUBIOUS, a cult. Avoid it. I will add it to the list.
  6. Sorry, but the questions still sound like pretentious bollocks. I don't think this forum is authentic. Too much BS. I will add it to the list, and advise everyone to avoid it.
  7. Answering question with questions looks clever but really isn't.
  8. In my experience feelings are not things to be controlled, but things to be accepted, and understood. It's the acceptance which is transformative, not wishing things to be otherwise.
  9. I was under the impression that "ego" and "God" are used in a particular way on this forum, that's what I'm interested in understanding. If there is no consensus, then people need to clearly explain what they mean. The OP approach sounds like Atman/Brahman in Hinduism, but I don't know whether that reflects the general understanding here, or not. Definition of terms is important, otherwise people just talk past each other. Woolly speech often reflects woolly thinking, which often reflects woolly understanding. Ill-defined jargon is a perpetual problem.
  10. The stuff about non-duality is interesting, but it's a big topic with various interpretations. For this discussion it would be useful to see succinct definitions of "ego" and "God", and how they relate. Or more specifically, how exactly these terms are being used on this forum. Any takers?
  11. There are alternatives to meditation, maybe some chanting, or practising mindfulness, or whatever. It isn't one size fits all, so explore widely and be creative. Obviously it isn't an intellectual exercise, so have some trust in your intuition. It doesn't involve ill-defined jargon and theories, so always question "deepities". It doesnt involve grasping at beliefs, so try to keep an open mind. And it doesnt involve blind belief in gurus. I've found it helpful to view this as a journey of exploration, rather than as searching for some ill-defined "ultimate truth".
  12. Live stream from the International Space Station - might be black at night! https://www.ustream.tv/channel/iss-hdev-payload
  13. There doesn't seem to be a consensus here about what "ego" actually means. Sense of self? Invidual "me"? Something else? I'm also not sure what "God" means here. It sounds something like Hindu Brahman, but this is far from clear. Without some clarity and consensus about these terms, it's difficult to have a meaningful discussion.
  14. In my experience it can be quite a challenge readjusting to "normal" life after a meditation retreat, though actually it's the process of readjustment which is most valuable. Integrating insights into daily life, noticing what lasts, maintaining that shift in perspective. I don't think you need to view this as separate from your interest in wildlife.
  15. Try just noticing the breath, instead of trying to "observe" it. Also be clear about what you're actually noticing, which are the bodily sensations of breathing. It could be the movement of chest/abdomen, it could be the sensation of air passing through the nostrils, it could even be the sound of breathing. Make sure you're physically relaxed, while remaining alert. If you're still struggling, then try another mediation object. There are many possibilities.