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Is weed good for adhd? Tomorrow i'm going to buy it for the first time is it worth it

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On 10/15/2019 at 9:46 PM, Smurfinstein said:

I have ADHD, and I absolutely CANNOT with any kind of THC, any strain (well, I've only tried a few because the few I have tried have been identically horrible.) Paranoia, hallucination, waking dreams, sleep paralysis even hours later. It is awful for me. Back in college and early career, I was doing meth (yes, THAT meth), and that smoothed me out really well-- most focused, productive time of growth and creation in my career, really. People who knew were amazed... "wow, you got all of the good and none of the bad!" I can see why that is the go-to for ADHD treatment (prescribed, of course.) I can't imagine pot would help with it at all-- personally, it makes my mind feel trapped and, again, it's an awful experience (for me.)

I know it's generally frowned upon in this group, but I do sip whole-leaf kratom brewed as a tea throughout my work day, and that keeps me well focused. I feel like brewing in tea vs chugging powder or doing any concentrates or extracts keeps my doses down in that "sharpening" range, and I take a few months off pretty naturally every year + don't drink it on the weekends, but when I'm sitting at my desk and need to focus, I usually will sip it. As with all things, YMMV.

How much meth do you take? Haha, and it is very addictive right, so you can easily abuse it very much, given the bad effects of meth i would not try it.. here in the Philippines there are many users of meth and i can say how much their brain fried up tsk! Unless your meth is prescribed by doctor then i don't have any prOblem with it, tho meth is not healthy, i would rather use modafinil than taking meth.. after a journey taking weed i will use modafinil haha idk what will be the changes and effect will happen if that transition will happen haha.. and i will do concentration meditation technique and i am waiting for me to work in Neurofeedback here in the Philippines and if i were given a chance to work there after my ojt there i will try neurofeedback haha, so before they will scan my brain i have my vision that i evolve into something before they scan it hihihihihi... i hope the result is i am more than ordinary 

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