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  1. @Nilsi: I would not recommend contacting me again over anything.
  2. Oh, only 3 more to pass! Look, all i got to say is this: if you do it please just try to do it right, because most of the time unsuspecting persons discover cannabis through systematic forms of self-vilification, including abuse but not only. Starting with the consumption method, etc. And since there's some nest of deep haters around here i'd also suggest to seek advice elsewhere when it comes to all things cannabis. Good day, have fun!!
  3. >> "Physical addiction" is not a thing M'well, it is - for those who want to talk about it... Others prefer to warn us gently that it will cause teenager males to grow mammary glands while simultaneously loosing their own male attributes... Another story that resurfaces every Halloween is fentanil-seasonned candies, just to make sure. Or smoking mothers being guilty to expose their unborn foetus, which has been claimed to cause babies to turn fat some 5 years after the, aHummm... May i say "hatching"?! Yano. That's quite like a tube, there's 2 ends and those getting crucified on the public place are never alone: look at the other end. It works the same as death-penalty propaganda i guess. Too bad people can become a sort of animal which doesn't only kill to eat, all it takes is an utopia...
  4. And this is supposed to be a place illuminated by, euh... Total darkness. Absolute bigotry. In short, the victorian age...
  5. >> Why's the forum so dead? Easy enough: it got killed, as in assassinated i think.
  6. Do something unusual and observe the miracle happen: we're a learning animal.
  7. Hummm... Smells like there's going to be yet another crucifixion...
  8. It's not just *THIS* forum. You're dealing with a mass phenomenon characteristic of our present civilisation...
  9. Try living with an alcoholic who's into the habit of hiding bottles in his own home, under a pile of worn cloths, for example... But i suppose the delicate fragrances are a spirituality booster, if one is hanging to some branch in a tree.
  10. Hummm... Here goes yet another case of abuse, though this may happen to seem fine to many people i suppose, especially the young persons. On one side of the fence we keep read about "micro-dosing" concentrates all the time, as if this particular resource somehow justified the level of vilification above all others. M'well... Please revisit in 30 years or so. Appologies, i got short of sympathy. It's not just an individual and his substance anyway, look through the opposite end of this tube if you ever find it. Good luck if that means anything.
  11. Beware of becoming a cannibal zombie right after your balls fell off...
  12. Years ago i started to feel discussion forums with a dislike button often proved worse than the rest, then on i realized an inverse situation could also occur elsewhere which ain't more desirable: those "love" points were actually fanboy credentials artificially created/inflated to boost some impression of a bogus image until it's all that remains to be seen - a mirage, in quite too many cases anyway. On YouTube it's still not rare today to observe erasure of perfectly civilized comments so i'd say this was only one preliminary step, go figure what's next and get prepared. M'well, if you must...
  13. For a second i thought it would be about prégnénolone, or more specifically Bial's "BIA 10-2474" molecule...