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  1. @Nilsi: I would not recommend contacting me again over anything.
  2. Oh, only 3 more to pass! Look, all i got to say is this: if you do it please just try to do it right, because most of the time unsuspecting persons discover cannabis through systematic forms of self-vilification, including abuse but not only. Starting with the consumption method, etc. And since there's some nest of deep haters around here i'd also suggest to seek advice elsewhere when it comes to all things cannabis. Good day, have fun!!
  3. >> "Physical addiction" is not a thing M'well, it is - for those who want to talk about it... Others prefer to warn us gently that it will cause teenager males to grow mammary glands while simultaneously loosing their own male attributes... Another story that resurfaces every Halloween is fentanil-seasonned candies, just to make sure. Or smoking mothers being guilty to expose their unborn foetus, which has been claimed to cause babies to turn fat some 5 years after the, aHummm... May i say "hatching"?! Yano. That's quite like a tube, there's 2 ends and those getting crucified on the public place are never alone: look at the other end. It works the same as death-penalty propaganda i guess. Too bad people can become a sort of animal which doesn't only kill to eat, all it takes is an utopia...
  4. And this is supposed to be a place illuminated by, euh... Total darkness. Absolute bigotry. In short, the victorian age...
  5. >> Why's the forum so dead? Easy enough: it got killed, as in assassinated i think.
  6. Crucifixion period soon, ideal for 1 more witch hunt.
  7. Do something unusual and observe the miracle happen: we're a learning animal.
  8. Hummm... Smells like there's going to be yet another crucifixion...
  9. Good, it's actually supposed to be that way, i think...
  10. Euh... It's all so shocking to focus on a man and his "vice", "addiction", or some other way to point fingers at total strangers who'd normally expect individual indendances to remain reciprocal at all times, applying fair principles of proportionality. Pick a consumption tool which ain't actually promoting systemic dosage abuse, not to mention so-called "healthwise" substitutes as e-Cigs which still expose to a perpetual lack of dosing control. A ~300 mg hand-rolled hashish "joint" made of fine-cut blond tobaco mixed with my favourite fritted cannabic concentrate (and empty space that connects to enable airflow...) wouldn't last much more than 3 "sessions" if i attempted to divide those 300 mg into something less potent, so lets say 100 mg each time a fire was set to light it up, hence implying lost noble material before and after said session itself - that's potentially anxiogenic if quantities are limited, not to mention a paradox since it's also a preventable waste. And of course the tube has 2 ends indeed when such paramets get added to the equation, because now there's possibly 3rd-parties involved, not always motivated the same as a good samaritan... Greed is the direct result of monetarisation, remove this vilification agent and the virtues of cannabis shall have less negative influences all the sudden. Combine to an absence of external anxiogenic factors a properly-control intake method without ever contemplating prohibition behaviour while also making certain the consumer shall have a handy "micro-dosing" tool whenver he feels like using one. Starting from there, we mammal animals should for a vast majority manage to train ourselves in acquiring 1st-person experience of a large consumption spectrum just as legitime as if it were alcohol - and yes i do remember epic episodes but that was decades ago and i quit alcohol with it, because i realized it ain't to my liking. So i stopped using it and never made myself sick over something that could have ruined my whole life while today i'm glad it's hardly a part of my universe except for TV commercials. Certainly the same is equally possible about cannabis, but here's the catch i think: never getting a fair chance to experience the counter-part of systemic "joint" formatted abuse an average hashish user is going to get repeatedly exposed to 1 single same extreme boudary that spontaneously excludes controlled consumption behaviour. multiply opportunities to make the right choices by picking a more adapted consumption methode where it's not more convenient to opt for one extreme behaviour vs its opposite. I'm not suggesting to restrict anyone to placebo dosage here, just arguing it might help to free ourselves of external constraints blocking the path to consuming skills not necessarily boosting a few % of exceptions connected to severe distortions much the same as when teenagers are tought by their environment to become alcoholics, starting with Star Trek at 6-yr old - m'yeah, i remember Scotty getting under the table with his extra-terrestrial ennemies, etc. And now were're talking about culture vs counter-culture, via Hollywood. So please consider there are people like myself who will be quick to call for a sense of honnest proportionality when it comes to instrumentalize cannabis in some drama queen scenarios that the victim may find ridicule itself once out of the woods, because we don't remain lost forever. Give yourself the tools or quit, all it takes is a good dosage of determination once the decision is made; if demonisation of your older self seems necessary to stay rock solid where you stand then maybe the ground under your feet ain't too reliable at all. Oh well... Good day, have fun!!
  11. Here we go again: a 1 side only tube... As if there's just the substance and its consumer, nothing else. Which of course just ain't the case and hence the distortions that follow, eventually. Euh... Some ~2.2 % according to an old video by the L.E.A.P., as i vaguely recall! And yet that minory eclipses a majority somehow.
  12. It's not just *THIS* forum. You're dealing with a mass phenomenon characteristic of our present civilisation...
  13. Try living with an alcoholic who's into the habit of hiding bottles in his own home, under a pile of worn cloths, for example... But i suppose the delicate fragrances are a spirituality booster, if one is hanging to some branch in a tree.