Most emotionally moving media (i.e. music, scenes in films, etc) you've experienced?

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Please consider this idea; I will describe an amazing artful simulation:

  • I'll explain some of the following terms further down in the post
  • Headphones and VR required
  • Visuals: Virtual reality + Stereogram effect + Eye pov effect
  • Sensory: The audio is shaped in such a way that it spawns sensations in the body (just like Asmr)
  • Audio: 3D binaural audio
  • Music ties into all of this: It's expressing love while being the lead interconnector of the auditory, sensory, and visual experience. The music is shaping the visuals which in turn shapes where the music is coming from in the binaural audio landscape, and from that comes the sensations felt. All of this combined will greatly increase consciousness of the experiencer while deeply spawning the intense emotions represented.
  • How this works:
  • Experiencing such a simulation would subjectively draw one away from “fantasizing a scenario while listening to music” to “actually being in the TRUTH of the experience rather than in fantasies.”
  • VR acts like a big screen to achieve a total FOV
  • Eye pov = the experiencer cannot move his eyes around! Because for it to be genuinely subjective the vision has to stay in the middle to replicate what you actually see with the eyes (have you noticed that your sight always is "in the middle"?). This effect requires that the listeners focus their eyes to neutralize a stereogram in front of them (2 layers merging into 1) and that makes their eyes stay relatively still and focused on one place, and then the animation will move around as if it looked like the FOV is subjectively moving around.
    • It will be intuitive, so the viewer will react to it coming closer and thus changing the eyes. 
  • The experiencer will sit as still as possible to avoid distraction.
  • The sensory input will greatly raise consciousness if committed focus upon, just like how foreign sensory input makes you alert.

1. Imagine this music of this video: 

2. In combination with the auditory space & physical sensations of this video: 

3. In further combination with a stereogram experience like this video (that is in full FOV with the help of a VR headset to make the FOV all-encompassing rather than quite small): 



In this simulation, the audio takes the lead over the visuals because it can spawn visuals in your imagination but not the other way around. So the visuals dances with the music - representing all of its depth and pointing the viewer towards love by deeply choreographically interconnecting with the music to further raise the consciousness and emotion the music initially represents. All of this within a binaural auditory field so that physical sensation will be spawned - thus even further interconnecting the sensory stimuli to deepen the emotions and consciousness, just like 10 to the power of 3, or like something being much larger than the sum of its parts. 

This will require great music and great animation to actualize, beyond anything seen ever so far. The music & animation has to come from a place of very deep [insert emotion] and be masterfully expressed to capture that emotion and express it-very rare these days. But the song listed above (Coldplay-Paradise) is an example of that expanding feeling that will be animated and felt in actuality rather than imagination. Keep in mind that certain music can only match with certain visuals.

  • Extra: This, being experienced in a sensory deprivation tank and/or on psychedelics
    • This, even further combined to include the sense of taste.

Interesting eh? ... The cutting edge of art

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My subjecting view of this representing the pain and suffering of the totality of humanity in the form of music. 

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Something about the idea of going home as always made me feel emotional.

That place of peace, love, tranquility, comfort.  

"Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down"   --   Marry Poppins

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If you are into anime and have ever watched things like

Your Lie in April

Wolf Children



you will cry your eyes out. At least it did me. The artists did an amazing job at letting you feel how the characters feel.

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