The Loneliness of Yellow Spiral Thinking

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1 hour ago, Serotoninluv said:

I’m not talking about more analysis and and constructing more complex understanding. I agree that inner work is unique to an individual, yet empathic understanding can reduce the restriction of the uniqueness to the individual. 

Yeah I was reffering to the OP and her need to search externally to solve the inner conflicts she’s creating 

If I wanted to learn to play the guitar and arrived to the first lesson and noticed a dog training session going on, it probably won’t be very helpful. They tell me “you need to do Inner Work with your relationship with your pet dog to form a deep connection with your dog”. That is all fine and dandy, yet I don’t even have a dog and I’m looking to learn to play the guitar. I would realize that I went to the wrong room, politely end the conversation and then continue to look for the guitar lesson room. If I go to the next room over and find the guitar master he might tell me “You need to do some Inner Work with your relationship to the guitar and limiting beliefs that you can’t play the guitar”. Now that Inner Work would be helpful. 

Gold. However I might suspect there may be a dog coming into your life in the near future 😂

inner work has a nak for impacting every aspect of one’s life despite the perceived pointlessness of a situation :D 

My comments were not directed at you. They were general, impersonal comments. 

Cool. Always respect your perspective 

What you raise about belief systems and anti-belief systems is interesting to me. It’s a form of a duality that is great for exploration. I will likely ponder that as the day goes on 🙏 


Talking to you in person would be such a trip man 💙🙏

Awesome here’s my thoughts. I feel the issue of anti beliefs comes from either overlooking the inward dynamic of beliefs or not considering their relation with the self. I used to overlook the importance of the relative and had some really dumb interactions with friends and family. New beliefs especially about beliefs can be very alluring to adopt and then quite sticky haha 


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Wow! I came back here and didn't expect to see so many replies.

Thanks everyone, I need to go through and read and understand.

I'm sorry if I was triggered on Monday. I should have known better. I'll not run away. In fact, I'll read and respond to this stuff during my next break!

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Posted (edited)

@Yellow_Girl I see a number of similarities between you and I. I was encouraging you to stay because I believe you can bring value to this forum. You are still adjusting to a new way of being and it can be a bit isolating. For what it's worth, I just became a member at the local Zen center and joined a philosophy group. I need to be around other deep thinkers. There is some truth three jewels of buddhism: Take refuge in the sangha. It helps with the isolation. That said, I do believe that I, personally, need to work on my social skills a bit so I can relate to more people. In other words, I have yet to integrate some of the crucial qualities that are typically developed in red, blue, and orange. We all have work to do, none of us are pure yellow. Curious to hear your thoughts.

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