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  1. Well, luckily IQ can be raised.
  2. While I do think psychedelics can have a very powerful and beneficial effect on ones mind, I think a more sustainable measure should be formulated or found to deal with this issue. Psychedelic insight in my experience is always in flux and cant really be relied upon long-term. Unless someone intends to continually spend money on psychedelics, it just seems like a half-measure.
  3. Believing in the miracles of Jesus is not a radical thing at all. A fair percentage of the human population believe it. Maybe consider yourself as the radical, 'Machiavelli'
  4. Thank you so much for this! Will bookmark and study it soon
  5. Well, maybe he does have a subtle grace that fits well into this aeon. Its all perspective. There may be traditional dogma on what grace is, muddying the waters. Or it may just be who you do or do not resonate with best.
  6. Yes the forum used to be much more focused on consciousness. Also the forum and youtube section now look a lot more cultish to me...either because I havent moved with the group-mind or because it really has become more cultish.
  7. I used to have Cold Turkey Blocker, which blocks pretty much anything you can think of on the PC. However even this can be worked around if youre motivated enough. Im thinking its all habit that needs to be broken, and breaking habits are often painful and take a long time. 21 days to break a habit. Probably not the nicest answer to hear, but the truth.
  8. But hell the hedonist cant see that at all, all the hedonist cares about is his OWN pleasure. Stuck on that side of the pendulum
  9. I believe you can make an argument against it along the lines that it creates a ripple effect across society which leads to more suffering. Look at the 2008 GFC and why it happened, look at the typical wealthy businessman who decides to deforest an area to eventually line his pockets more, look at a group of managers who decide to gut employees from a company to reduce overhead and improve profits for investors. More selfishness creates more suffering in some way.
  10. But if you meet someone that knows, what can be said?
  11. You guys really worship Leo on here. He's a great teacher, but getting to the point of analysing his speech rate can be described as obsession. Im sure Leo himself would agree lol
  12. My prevailing thought is this, if you keep going, any change in your consciousness will be basically permanent. You need to make a serious decision here in my opinion. Push through and you will never be the same again. You might eventually feel the same, but under the radar you will behave differently. Of course, there are pros and cons with pushing through. There are pros and cons of staying where you are. It's all about what you want for yourself It seems like you've never experimented with psychedelics if this kind of thing is astounding to you. If you are ready to break through, perhaps the trick is to just break through with a good psychedelic. Like a band-aid, tear the limiting mindsets off. That is, of course, if your intuition thinks its a good idea. Think very carefully, I broke through at a time in my life which perhaps was not the best for me. Assess your own situation. You wouldn't make this topic if you didn't have the potential to break through.
  13. Consumerists beware. The way they design some of these pill bottles is so fucking enticing its crazy. Be careful lol
  14. Nice, Ill be looking out for your future post on this topic.