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  1. I will definitely try a demo or something. Thanks for the suggestion
  2. Wow these are very expensive... Did you see true results?
  3. Actually I'm not talking about affirmations, rather what is known as "subliminals" on YouTube. If you haven't heard of them, basically you're meant to create a routine of listening to them and supposedly you should see results. I've seen some really far-out ones. The one I was interested in was for synesthesia. Obviously, this is a bit woo-woo for many people. I was wondering whether anyone got any concrete results from using these types of videos
  4. So has anybody used subliminals and had real results? I've tried them before but haven't really been able to tell whether anything was happening. I know placebo is a very real thing. In fact this could be seen as a stupid question by default. If you've had any experiences please share them. Thanks.
  5. Yes, that's my whole purpose for meditating
  6. @Callum Milner I’m sorry but your post in relation to your display picture is just cracking me up so much 😂
  7. @Rilles soooo you just linked a video that attempts to discret the substance of ANY spiritual experience? what are you even trying to say?
  8. @Jack River it came from god, not from me. please dont claim to know better than what i understand to be the difference between my own thought and divine inspiration. thats pretty insulting
  9. @Jack River because the problem was never thought, it was conscience. a deep pit of dispair that had nothing to do with thought
  10. @Jack River regurgitating krishnamurti won’t save you
  11. Very few people on this forum will be able to understand the words of the Bible, because many do practices that are the very antithesis of what it teaches. I know, I've been there. Claiming you can see reality more clearly, when youre really just blasting yourself into outer space....coming closer and closer to 'blissful combustion' as Aleister Crowley so eloquently put it. Your soul is probably so blank that you can't even comprehend that fact.