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Hello everybody, I’m new here at 

I am really sorry for my English, I’m trying to do my best.

I live in Israel, and I am an artist- songwriter and a guitar player. After reading a lot about self-actualization, seeing many of Leo’s videos, practicing meditation, eating healthy food and actually, just moving myself into self-actualization - I am standing in front of a problem.

According to the Israeli law, every teenager that has grown to 18 years old, has to be drafted to the IDF (Israeli army) and to serve the Israeli army for 3 years. This is putting me in front of a problem- 

First, the whole Israeli army is very very blue and orange (Spiral Dynamics), and I really want to belive that I am somewhere at green and yellow. So, it is really hard to me to take a part in a deep blue system, as the IDF, that works by hierarchy and prestiges. So, I dont know if it is right to “serve” that kind of system as a green or yellow person. I believe it doesn’t allow me to grow spiritually and makes me stuck.

Second, I have another option, which's to go against the system of the army and the law and find a way out and become free from those 3 years and continue my journey of self actualization.  But, it will cost a lot of lies, pain, and tons of mental power and in the and of that, to the rest of my life I will be considered as a betrayer that should not live in Israel.

I want to clarify that serving the IDF will stop me from continuing any kind of practicing MINDFULNESS, FITNESS AND SPORTS, PRACTICING THE GUITAR (My dream) AND EATING HEALTHY FOOD.

Actually, my question is - Should I take the risk, and to sacrifice a lot: My career and a full stop of self actualization for 3 years(!) -become a soldier or should I become a “traitor” that slipped away from serving the IDF.

Any idea? I am desperate .




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If it was not too difficult to live in foreign countries legally, I would go to a foreign soil and live there.

Also, if you want to make a family, make a plan to free your children from three major duties of this planet.

  • Compulsory public education
  • Conscription
  • Jury duty
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That situation is horrible and I feel for you. 

However, arguably, the greatest development for green & yellow, is discovered in the company of blue & orange. Your opportunity for the development of mindfulness is ten fold, not stifled.  

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My name is tal and I live in Israel too. I'm faced with this kind of situation too. I think about it a lot these days and I have 3 options to serve in the IDF:

1. Academy - to sign a contract for 7 years to do a 2nd degree in Big Data and machine learning and to serve the army in these fields. The problem is it is not what I love to do even though I managed to do a degree in computer science while in high school which is quit rare, and my parents push me towards it. Pros: no risk of phisical injuries or death. Cons: I don't like doing it and it's opposed to my life purpose which is to build a transformative turquoise community inspired by the FindHorn Foundation(a turquoise community in Scottland) 


2. Atuda-  to sign a contract for 9 years to serve the IDF. In these 9 years I can learn a degree in psychology, physics or physiotherapy (one field) and then serve in that field. I'm also not drawn to that. Pros: no risk of phisical injuries or death. Cons: It's opposed to my life purpose. Not very interesting



3.  To be a combat soldier for 3 years which is the default for men in Israel which are relatively healthy (I am). This means it's going to phisiologicaly and mentally hurt me( we will get 4 hours of low quality sleep each day, risk of phisical injuries and even death, no free time to do anything rather then obey the commanders). Pros:  It's just 3 years opposed to the other two options which are 9 or 7 years. Cons: Risk of injuries or death. 

4. No to serve the IDF but it will be hard and not legal.


My intuition tells me to go to option 2 because learning psychology can be beneficial for my life purpose (although partially a waste of time).

I would love to hear other ideas or suggestions,






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Hey Amit,

I also from Israel and I did 7 years in the IDF as a human resources manager.


It is true that it is a very blue + orange system (very dependent on the unit). However, you have a good chance to avoid service as a fighter and do some nice interesting stuff that will grow you during this period! In many cases you can come home every day, do office work, manage and lead other people in intelligence projects, arranging education plans with cute girls and even save lives in the medical unit. 

Send me a private message I can help you,

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