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  1. @Leo Gura If you are already looking through Spiral Dynamic, some important points: It is naive to think that the correct response to red is green. This is not what will solve the problem. A green approach will not help a person surrounded by red (for example in prison or against terrorism) He will have to go down several steps in the spiral to survive. The correct definition of bullying requires that it be intentional, and this is absolutely not true for Israel. Israel has no interest in harassing innocent citizens. The only reason there is a siege on Gaza is because it is the largest reservoir of terrorism on earth, most of which is hidden underground, mainly under hospitals and civilian buildings. It is easy to criticize Israel because it is indeed stronger than Gaza and Hamas, but pay attention - if this were not the case Israel would have already been destroyed, Hamas has the intention to destroy Israel but not the ability - that is the whole difference. If you had a threat of terrorism right across the fence, would the correct response have been to eliminate the problem? Or build defensive fortifications and ignore it? No wall or fence will help when Hamas is behind the fence. They dig tunnels and use paragliders to cross it, they shoot missiles. I am seriously asking: Is the correct response to ignore them? Defense fortifications in the style of Korea will not help in the case of Hamas either. Yes, there is a civilian population (which, by the way, is also largely in a red purple position in the spiral) and it is unfortunate to see it being harmed, but a threat like Hamas cannot continue to exist a few meters from civilian settlements, and as you said yourself, the way to cure cancer requires a painful price. Another important point - pay attention to where you get your sources of information, Hamas uses lies upon lies, inflates numbers and uses actors to present false images.
  2. It is true that military personnel are not supposed to express their personal opinion or give criticism. But you will be surprised to know that many senior military personnel in Israel sometimes express opposing positions to politicians, just yesterday the Chief of Staff implicitly criticized the fact that the government has not made a decision regarding ground entry for a long time. And there are other examples some of them are clear and direct criticism, the only "punishment" they usually get is criticism with words "that they should know their place" and not actual punishment.
  3. Leave the presentation, do you actually believe that Hamas does not use the population as a human shield? There is a lot of evidence for this. The military spokesperson goes on air twice a day and repeats the following sentence: "Citizens of Gaza, move south!" And there is a lot of evidence that Hamas is preventing the people from leaving by blocking roads and threats, they are afraid of losing their human shield. The Air Force scatters notes before the bombings so that civilians will evacuate. Regarding the credibility of the presentation: it is very unlikely that the army will present claims without evidence backed by intelligence (unlike a politician who may indeed lie).
  4. The main headquarters of Hamas is under the largest hospital in Gaza:
  5. Dogs and robotics probably, but getting inside is inevitable
  6. It seems that in a few months another entity will have to rule the Strip instead of Hamas, Israel will not want to stay there. Who do you think it will be? Is it really possible to create stability there without a terrorist organization developing there again?
  7. It works but you need at least 3,000$ to start if you are serious. I have a successful FBA store on Amazon and it took me some time the make it work, I lot some money before I began to earn something,
  8. Unfortunately no, this is also part of the corruption here. "Blue & white" party is planing to establish a law of term limit if they get elected.
  9. I'm also going to vote for "blue & white" tomorrow. I'm skeptical about our chances but if we succeed it will be life changing here in Israel.
  10. Yes, Go to Information --> Open backups --> look where is the folder with the backups --> copy and paste to any location
  11. With all the respect, I think this discussion became an agenda argument. If we consider ourself as an open minded community, why don't you ask quastions? You have here few Israelis (and a few pslastinens I hope) who actually live in Israel and served in the Army. I have got my experience directly from the army before anything even got to the media (the media is a distortion in Israel, but in Europe, US and other places it is completely disconnected) I am not going to argue with any one here because I know what I saw and experienced. If you really want to know the true, come and live here for a year, speak with the people on both sides and see for yourself. If you have questions and you really want to listen with open mind instead of just rejecting every perspective feel free to ask.
  12. Here it is: It's one of the most fascinating interviews I have ever watched