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  1. It works but you need at least 3,000$ to start if you are serious. I have a successful FBA store on Amazon and it took me some time the make it work, I lot some money before I began to earn something,
  2. Unfortunately no, this is also part of the corruption here. "Blue & white" party is planing to establish a law of term limit if they get elected.
  3. I'm also going to vote for "blue & white" tomorrow. I'm skeptical about our chances but if we succeed it will be life changing here in Israel.
  4. Yes, Go to Information --> Open backups --> look where is the folder with the backups --> copy and paste to any location
  5. With all the respect, I think this discussion became an agenda argument. If we consider ourself as an open minded community, why don't you ask quastions? You have here few Israelis (and a few pslastinens I hope) who actually live in Israel and served in the Army. I have got my experience directly from the army before anything even got to the media (the media is a distortion in Israel, but in Europe, US and other places it is completely disconnected) I am not going to argue with any one here because I know what I saw and experienced. If you really want to know the true, come and live here for a year, speak with the people on both sides and see for yourself. If you have questions and you really want to listen with open mind instead of just rejecting every perspective feel free to ask.
  6. Here it is: It's one of the most fascinating interviews I have ever watched
  7. I'm sorry for the wrong spelling, the name is: "Epilogue" Definitely dangerous and full of complicated challenges like many other cases in history, but Inevitable. Looking to the future, we need systemic solutions to the problems here- It will take time.
  8. The founder of Israel and it's first prime minister was a Spiral Dynamic stage yellow thinker. I live in Israel and just recently finished personal biography research of this incredible man. As a student of spiral dynamic, I immediately noticed how developed he was on the spiral- especially by the end of his life... Here are some amazing facts about him: - Spoke 11 different languages (including ancient Greek in order to study philosophy from the source!) - He had a collection of over 27,000 books in his 2 houses! In his house in Tel Aviv, the entire second floor is a privet library with a bedroom! The library contains 22,000 books from all over the world! the diversity of the books is shocking: Greek and Roman philosophy in the original languages, History books of dozens of countries (including USA, UK, India, China, and many other countries in Africa, South America and Asia which he all studied), Books about all religions, Spirituality, Nonduality, meditation, yoga, psychology, brain science, astronomy, biology, medic, physic and much more... So how can you read so much as a prime minister? During the nights... - You can actually go to his house in Tel Aviv (today it's a museum) and witness the books and even read from them inside the museum (on his will he asked to give people read from the books in the future so the museum allows it for free) - His houses were very simple and modest and he valued the simple kind of lifestyle (look at the pictures) - After living in Tel Aviv for a few decades and after he declared the state of Israel and was the first prime minister, he went to live in the middle of the desert in a small "Kibuts" (a form of collective community settlement in Israel), growing his own food, having chickens and a cow in his house, reading and writing, doing yoga and meditating. - He traveled to Burma and India doing meditation retreats and practicing yoga. During his journey, he met with monks and enlightenment masters. - One of the most famous pictures of him is the "head standing" on the beach of Tel Aviv, Today there is a statue of him doing it (look at the pictures) - One of his best friends was Albert Einstein, they shared many ideas and Ben Gurion even asked Einstein to be the president of Israel! (In Israel, the president is mainly representative, and the prime minister is the one who actually runs the country). By the way, Einstein said no... - By the end of his life, he gave a British reporter an interview in English in his house in the desert (6 hours long) which turned into a 2 hours movie called "Epilog"- only when you hear him talk you can really understand what I'm talking about. Some quotes: "God? it's not the one in the bible, it's everywhere" "I don't believe in just a physical world there is much more magic than that in here" "Through yoga, man learns to control his body better - in his internal and external organs and in this way in his spirit as well" Ben Gurion was not enlightenment and during most of his life, he dealt with political issues and his main vision was to establish a state. In addition, he definitely had some spiral dynamic stage orange and green ideology, but he was also a true seeker who realized the fact that there is more to this reality than black and white thinking, especially by the end of his life just like Einstein and Maslow were. This post is just an introduction for you, If you want to know the full story go read his biography (the best one is of Michael Bar Zohar). In addition, watch the movie "Epilog".
  9. Day 67 Feeling great!! Doing a lot of research about nutrition and health.
  10. Day 54 My family thinks I'm going crazy with all the new food. Today my father asked me why the hell did I sell my lovely new coffee machine- I told him everything and he was shocked. @flowboy Thanks man- I do have some amazing insights from this process.
  11. Day 52 It is just unbelievable for me to see the amount of growth possible just from one simple thing like giving up coffee. I changed my entire perspective not only on coffee but on my entire body and the way I see nutrition. I read 3 books about nutrition in the last few weeks and changed my entire diet, I feel like I still have a lot to learn and this diary could definitely be called "giving up coffee, meat, dairy, gluten, salt and sugar- 90 days challenge" I increased dramatically the amount of fresh organic fruits and vegetables I eat every day and began to exercise more often. I never thought this process will become so powerful... and it is still just the beginning.
  12. Day 41 I did a radical change in my entire diet. It's the most radical shift I have ever done in my life, the coffee was just the starting point. I began to exercise on a regular basis, eat plant base very clean organic food and eliminated gluten. I feel amazing with my body!
  13. Day 36 Decided to sell my expensive new coffee machine (it is really new). I feel bad about selling it because I was really excited about it and developed some emotional connection to it. However, I just know I will never drink coffee again so I'm just gonna do it.