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  1. Here in israel crude oil arrived to the beaches. I helped cleaning it because I'm working in the nature reserves. After 3 days of breathing it I feel a headace and stuck in my head. Day after and I still feel headace. Hard for me to think, focus, feel. I'm agitated. what do you recomend me to do? I don't think I breathed in alot but I feel like it caused harm to my brain and body. I read that the brain detoxifies itself in sleep and exercise makes the process faster.
  2. Thank you nahm, I will try to use your technique as well.
  3. Highly sensitive person is a term I brought from Elaine N. Aron's work. You can use it other ways, but that's what I meant. @Nahm There is what is, ok, no beliefs. But- my situation is that I am very overwhelmed by people and situations and I really have social anxiety and fear of being harmed. I am very stressed and my whole body hurts. my mind is very foggy, can't think clear, see clear, percieve clearly, I don't feel GOOD! I am willing to do whatever it takes for feeling GOOD. So I am getting advice from what resonates and going in that direction. By levels I just meant that your answers tell me to recognize the truth but in reality there is a path you have to go through to get there. You told us your story and it didn't just happen one day, you had a process. I feel like you know this already, and we understand each other, but I am just expressing myself to help myself and others who resonate. Love to everybody here
  4. @Nahm You keep speaking at your level:), There is value in the books and courses on HSP, and it is a generalization so you can resonate with only some things, and you can let it go if that is what you wish( will be useful in the END)
  5. @Nahm I feel special, with spiritual abilities that few others have. But I DON'T know. This is true but there is also value on working towards self actualization( the work). And how does it feel to not care about anything? I'd like to hear your perspective. YOU ARE SPECIAL
  6. Hi everyone, I was wrong, I'm 100 percent sure Leo is sensitive. I just rationalized why he isn't.
  7. @Nahm Ok I understand. If you know CBT is all about recognizing the relationship between thought, emotion and behavior and changing your feelings by changing the thought. What you are saying is like to fake it until you make it, so you express the higher emotion and then in accordance with that your feeling, thought and behavior changes. By expressing you are referring to visualizing or to physically or could be both? you try to let that emotion 'pop' up by 'controlling' it? Ok maybe I am asking about the small details but I want to hear your perspective You mean you thought the sensitivity was bad thoughts and feelings? I am also very sensitive and I have learned coping mechanisms from middleschool but I was thinking it was only me and I thought I was special. Now I know you and others exist We have to be spiritual because of the sensitivity.
  8. @ivankiss Thanks, not to rush and go gradually is so important you are right. Because if you rush you have the backlash.
  9. I was wondering Because I am but cause he is not so shy now and seems like he is not processing everything deeply and gets emotionally overwhelmed. So I think he is not HSP. But maybe he is and he is just using this gift in a good way where he knows how to live with it masterfully.
  10. I exercise, do yoga before sleep( with breathing). Actually I started to work in nature cleaning reserving cause I need to move my body, have routine and end lazyness. It's so beautiful there But I can't see the beauty of it( like I used to). I used to practice mindfullness in the day so I can incorporate it to the work for now. I am focused on feeling better now, in the future LP. The problem is I feel strong fear being around others, and feeling good for me means being alone. I don't know if that's a good idea cause I can go crazy. Something interesting also is I realized after I change like in the 5 last years my family say what's wrong with you are you ok? They think because I don't smile and I am serious I am wrong. No! I am just "progressing in the work", and feeling better. I myself now am part of the "come and suffer together" society. I know I don't belong there. People "enjoying" when other people suffer with them, they don't feel alone, but they pull down the ones who try to "get out". By the way are you Highly sensitive? Cause you have to be! Will love reading your upcoming book. I am just talkin:)
  11. I am planning to go to a rebirthing session with a therapist( it's like shamanic breathing, for aprox. 1 hour). Iv'e done shamanic breathing at home a couple of times but my family worried for me and I myself got affraid as they were highlighting the dangers of it. Actualy later Me and mom went to a rebirthing seminar and experienced it together. I was feeling no emotions because I was on the psych drug but my whole body was vibrating. Now I am Kinda wanting crying but don't cause of social conditioning, But I cry Quietly in my room everyday. That's why I want to go there to cry and release. yup I got it.
  12. @Nahm I already read the article in the website, that's why I was askin. I understand it's as simple as being mindful of the feelings and thought and recognizing your current emotion, letting yourself with allowing and letting come and go and spontansly lift your thoughts to more positive and your emotions up the scale. Or are you analyzing it with the rational mind, and rewiring to a more acceptable functioning self image?( I know it's not, but it's the psychological regular therapy)