I healed my chronic headaches, forever

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Since very young I remember to suffer headeches. Different types, migraine, and tension hedaches, I get stressed very easily.

My mum took me to many doctors and neuro specialists and nobody gave me a solution, just make relaxation exercises and take medication. But nobody told me the cause, evn when you search online most doctors say it depends on multiple factors, or the causes are still unknown.

Thru all my life I observer habits that trigger my headaches like lack of sleep, stress, ar certain type of foods, for example oragnes, cheese, lettuce...

Once the doctor prescribed me triptans, a more advanced medication than typical analgesics, and told me to take them just when the headache was about to start.

They never worked.

For the last 20years Ive been struggling with headache like 3-4 times per week, this impacted my life in the way so bad that most of my introversion was because I had too much headaches to have a normal social life. when other were hanging out I was at home suffering.


One day i found a youtube video and one guy talking about how the gallbladder and the liver were the responsable of 95% of headaches but I didnt pay attention thinking it was fake. Many days later I saw another video from a reliable channel that explained this thing more in deepth and recommending a herb cleansing protocol so I gave a try. 

magic, boom! HEADACHES GONE.

Its sad that actual doctors ignore of hide the truth, some collaborating with pharma mafia, but ibuprofens and other antiinflamatorys damage the liver creating more headache and this is a neverending loop! also they are bad for the heart.

Well Im gonna explain the RECIPE for who suffers from headaches very often. The guy told a lot of herbs but I just bought what I knew were the queens of liver cleansing and dismissed the others:

-marian thistle


-fumaria extract

the 2 ones  in fusion and the add the fumaria liquid extract. If you infuse the 3 fumaria will give a very bitter taste.

other herbs that I didnt bought: green neetle and horsetail.

they guy also recomended a Epsom Salts protocol that make a meta cleaning with 2 days of fasting, but I didnt make it because I though it was for hardcore-cases and you have to do it the days you dont work because you need a WC near.

Very important, foods to avoid:

Citric fruits.

High cocoa chocolate.

Red meat.

Canned blue fish like tuna and mackerel.

Foods and supplements very recommended:

-Lots of apples.

-malic acid supplement.

-black radish extract.




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Exactly, is channeling the energy of those organs, deep in Muladhara. 

... 7 rabbits will live forever.                                                                                                                                                                                                  



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Super interesting! I have this problem and have been wanting to try marian thistle for some time. I will try those 3 you mentioned. How much did you take and when; after or before food, empty stomach, does it matter?


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I was suffering from headaches since i was little. I tryed many different things but one thing that actually helped me was acupuncture. Since then I haven’t had any more migraines.

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thank you sooo much for this post!!! the last 4-5 months ive been getting the most painful migraines. they last about 18 hours, and i get them 1-2x a week.  and naps and sleep wont heal them. You did forget one key supplement which is magnesium. Ive been taking magnesium glycinate (its the chelated form and so the most highly absorbable form) for the last month (with no other diet change) and i got a migraine only once every 2 weeks and it lasts much less time, about 4-6hours. I never thought about the liver connection. A great book to read is Andreaz Moritz gallbladder+liver cleanse, not sure if OP is talking about him. Ill look into adding liver supporting herbs.

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All diseases are due to mucus/toxic buildup in the body. You don't medicate a fish when it is sick, you clean the tank.

Detox/Fasting is how we clean and heal our bodies.


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@Moreira Good stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

Hard times create strong men. 
Strong men create good times. 
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times.

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