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  1. I meant you having a self image of being dumb and unconscious. I know it isn’t really logical but i was trying to point out how is it serving your self esteem. But yeah okay i guess we don’t really agree about the topic hahah
  2. @TheAvatarState I wasn’t talking about being a good citizen i was talking about loving who you are and feeling that you are great. Also don’t you think that your idea of self actualization is actually serving your self esteem. Do you want to be an actualized human being? Do you feel like there is an end to your process of self actualization? If so this is serving your self esteem. If you think that you are ready to be seen as a freak by society in order to reach your actualized self there is great chance it is serving your self esteem. Do you think that you would prefer being a dumb and unconscious person in your mind in order to do what you love? I think you wouldn’t. This map that i am using is grounded in the nature of human beings. Yes we are different but i think the difference between us is mainly in the content and the deep underlying mechanisms are the same. Sure i may be wrong with this but i think that by deep investigation of your feelings and motives you will come to the same conclusion although i might be wrong. Ego is a sneaky beast and it can trick you very easily.
  3. @TheAvatarState Yeah i am not saying self-actualization is not a need. What i was saying is that at least some of us often confuse the need for self actualization with your actual lacking in self esteem which is a basic need. The discomfort from the basic needs is much different from the discomfort that higher needs cause. Not having those basic needs met feels more of a threat than discomfort. You feel as if you must have these needs met since it is about your conceptual survival. And i know that you will say that you must have your self actualization need met aswell but realize how the need to feel accepted and a “good individual” in this world ( self esteem need) differs from the need to pursue what you love. One is driven by deficiency and other by inspiration. Sure you will feel sad, unsatisfied and agitated if this need of yours is thwarted but it is completely different from any of the basic needs.
  4. What do you think about his political views? And please don’t just say he is wrong or deluded but please point out on what do you disagree with him.
  5. @Leo Gura Yeah sure but it does depend on in what way you are using the word crave. The thing i was pointing out above is the difference betwen the cravings of the basic needs and the higher ones. So the word crave would in my opinion suit better the basic needs. I wouldn’t say healthy people (even if they are ambitious) crave life purpose work but i’d say they are driven towards it since they are inspired and they enjoy it. Basically the goal of doing the work is not finishing it. But i would say unhealthy people may crave life purpose because of a bad self-esteem because they think life purpose is what is missing and is making them insecure about life. So they may crave a life purpose but not because they would enjoy in doing it but because they want it done since they would feel better about themselfves if they had something like that.
  6. @Nahm sure but to get to a state like that you need a lot of work and you need to be a healthy human being and needs such as those above are very important to develop into a healthy human being who can then evolve to a state of nondual consciousness. I love how Abraham Maslow put it. He said that that being deficient in your basic needs is just like being deficient of certain minerals or vitamins. You are not at your top performance.
  7. @Aquarius i really don’t know much about this since there are different kinds of love you get. Lacking love from your parents will definitely influence you negatively but also not having any close relationships such as true friends or a significant other has its effects. I think when you are deficient in a thing like love you will feel exactly like that “deficient of love” your biggest wish and desire will be to find someone you could get close with and open up to. And if you are lacking love through longer periods of time especially when young it can have major impact on the development of your self-esteem
  8. I’ve been studying Maslows pyramid of needs and maslow presented the first four needs as the deficit needs which means when these needs aren’t satisfied you will experience discomfort and will work hard to satisfy them. Now the first four needs are: physiological (food ,water...), safety (do you feel safe), love and belongingness (do you have close relationships in family and outside), self-esteem( do you feel accepted by society, do you feel up to the challanges life presents to you and the challange life as a whole is). So maslow claims these are the ones you experience discomfort from. And the other such as cognitive, aesthetic, self actualization and self transcendance needs are different because our attitude toward gratifying them isn’t like you need to gratify them and you will be good but you enjoy gratifying them. So now i am thinking about the problem many people have which is that they don’t have a purpose in their life. Purpose is in my opinion very similar if not the same as self-actualization. But how are people then experiencing discomfort and insecurity about life when they don’t have purpose if self-actualization need doesn’t produce these kind of responses according to Maslow. What i think is actually happening with people that are depressed because they don’t have a purpose in their life is that their self-esteem need isn’t trully gratified. As i said earlier self-esteem is how you feel about challanges of life. Do you feel that life is something you can or can’t handle and are you afraid of the future. If you are afraid this has nothing to do with your lack of purpose but it is acually a self-esteem issue.
  9. Has anybody read this book? If so do you think the advice is useful and valid?
  10. I would like to hear your opinion on his values and view on money.
  11. I don’t understand why y’all are so against pickup. In my opinion you should meet women and have sex with them if you like but don’t neglect their emotions and don’t let your main goal of approaching be puting your dick in her. Just don’t be pushy and be conscious of how she is feeling and reacting while you are interacting with her. But if you feel like fucking and she does aswell then go for it. But I wouldn’t really worry about getting arrested if you don’t come across like complete freak.
  12. Fair point It is not like i am suffering because i am beating myself for not being social. But i do recognize that a change in my view on humans and realtionships must occur. Since i have been quite isolated for a while and i was rationalizing my situation by saying that i don’t want to create relationships and interactions with people who aren’t into spirituality or aren’t as open minded... But you still have a point since if I would’ve been let go to a significant degree i wouldn’t have these problems.
  13. @Maya_0 @Leo Gura @Brenzo2 Thankyou all! @How to be wise I don’t feel lonely or even awkward but i feel different. Becausa i am young i feel like i should be connecting with people more. But I don’t want to isolate myself because of being different and since true spirituality is very rare in todays society and especially with people my age i find it hard to really connect with others. But i guess the problem is more in me lacking social skill and authenticity.
  14. For a while now i didn’t create any meaningful connections or relationships with people. I feel somewhat different and awkward opposed to other individuals in our society. Although I don’t have any problems with talking to people i have a real problem with creating a true conversation where a person truly meets me and real connections are made. I had many great opportunities to create a relationship with a woman but my inability to open up was holding me back. I don’t know what to do. Although i am aware of this situation it is not easy to fix it. I feel like my personality is not really developed enough. I am well educated in subjects of spirituality and nonduality but I am having a problem with including this in my personality since it could really weird people out. I am 17 years old
  15. @bejapuskas Yeah some great points there! I completely agree with the fact that teacher can’t really do everything for you. And i am really not criticizing Leo since he is truly fucking amazing. And yeah you might be right about his downgrade from attachment.