Sometimes crying is good

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I did a life purpose exercise and then I started to cry due to the message I was creating during the exercise.

After cleaning my face, I decided to watch a video of a dance about domestic violence (very famous video) and then I cried again.

Then I decided to watch a video of Tony Robbins and Dawn Watson and I didn't stop crying. This last video was pretty intense (what story!).

Before having these crying, I was willing to binge and eat a lot of junk food. After crying, the binge just disappeared (I'm still hungry, but I'll take a healthy food to eat). I also had other cravings that I don't want to show here but, after crying, they disappeared.

I can say I'm a bit depressed, but I didn't cry with no reason. Crying was really good for me, specially during the life purpose exercise (the message I crafted was really deep). The message I wrote touches my soul and I simply cry. I don't know if it's a cry of joy or sadness, but I'm sure it's a cry of happiness.

I feel happier and relieved after crying.

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Crying is powerful. It is beautiful.

It can be a great way to release. It can also be a quick passage to inner peace and fulfillment.

I myself cried tons throughout this journey.

Proudly, as a man. Softly, as a kid.

Sometimes out of pain.

Other times out of sheer bliss.

And sometimes for no reason at all.

One should be proud of tears when they come. They are meant to purify.

No fear of showing weakness. Crying is an act of courage and transparency.

Love your honesty. 

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I don't see why it can ever be bad. Our conditioning only tells us so.

Everything is an assumption.

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Yes i believe it is a great release of things that we hold inside or repress, sometimes for years and even decades.

Men tend to repress things much more than women who wear their emotions on their sleeves.  

That's why crying is so healthy for the man because he needs to be in touch with his feminine side in order to grow.

Becoming in touch with this side of himself he is able to move towards non-duality and if you are looking at it from the perspective of spiral dynamics, he is able to elevate into Turquoise.  


We must not cease from exploration and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive at the place where we began and to know the place for the first time.       --T.S Eliot

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"I feel happier and relieved after crying." 

Thats why its important to cry its a bad idea to hide your feelings.

No more victim mentality. 

Every single problem in my life is my responsibility no matter how hard it is.

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me” Batman.

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@ivankiss I agree with you. No one should be ashamed of crying.

@Psyche_92 sometimes I get afraid that my family will hospitalize again if I cry too much. I just cry alone though.

@Inliytened1 I'm a man and, yeah, I see many men with difficulties of letting their tears go.

@ajasatya thank you! I read some of this article yesterday. I love your posts and insights by the way.

@BjarkeT yeah, I think the more I'm connected with myself, the more I find crying a wonderful thing.

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