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  1. @Leo Gura a 1980's PC is better than a dumb mind.
  2. @The observer agree with you. Cops here in Brazil would be doomed if they didn't learn martial arts. The same thing for bodyguards. So I see martial arts and their practitioners with respect. Many of them are protecting us.
  3. I used to practice Sanshou (Chinese Boxing) and it was somewhat similar to MMA. These fights are many times very toxic Orange and sometimes Blue (Traditional Kung Fu) and sometimes even Red (dismissive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gyms). When you fight, you consent with another human being that you are going to follow the rules while combating each other. Since there's consent between the guys, I don't see any problem on it, and it may even be seen as spiritual. Repressing your "violent" side is not healthy at all. You can integrate it or become reactive. It's your choice.
  4. Porn sucks. Relapsed on my third attempt just today. You tried 4-5 times, but I heard there are dudes who had many more relapses and they are still hopeful. Not shaming you, just want to give you another perspective.
  5. Sometimes crazy girls cross my path. I just withdraw.
  6. What's the fine line between women's beauty and pornography? If a woman is titty and big butts or has very curvy forms, is she a porn model or a woman's beauty model? How to know if what you like is women's beauty or pornography? Liking curvy women is the same of pornography? Just relapsed after 30 days (NoFap) and it came to my mind.
  7. Dude, I just posted this video with an interrogative emoji. It doesn't mean I believe CNN entirely. I just let it open to further guessings. Big Pharma is shitty and believing you can entirely trust these guys is delusional.
  8. @Dwarniel Teal Swan explains a lot about hoarding and its psychological effects (she has a video about that).
  9. @TrynaBeTurquoise I believe Big Pharma is corrupted as fuck, but most people love to suck dicks of pill dealers. Computers are tools, but unfortunately many deterministic scientists take these machines as truth tellers (even with the limited variants computer and people can calculate). It's a shame they do it.
  10. Bill Gates may have good intentions, but maybe his actions are not right. It's not everyone who wants vaccines, since they may cause health problems. Anyway, mainstream people = mainstream science = mainstream vaccines policies = shaming antivaxxs. From my own life experience, I don't trust Big Pharma (despite there are good intentioned people there), but fuck that, people get what they think they deserve. The problem just happens when they want to enforce it on others, what I call tyranny.
  11. @TrynaBeTurquoise it's so confusing because there are so many mixed informations. I haven't found evidences that quarantine and social distancing really work. I guess governments make decisions based on old science.
  12. I had OCD symptoms 3-4 years ago. Those were very buggy and I still have some stuff that bug me. What helped me was Shadow Work and understanding of my situation. I mean after I had my emotional awakening, my OCD symptoms got further better, but it means facing your demons, crying tons, but tons of tears and doing therapy and self-therapy. By the way, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia (had "psychosis" and everything) and nowadays I take a very low dosis of psychiatric medicines. I suggest watching Teal Swan.
  13. @Consept can't remember what I said. I think we haven't chatted yet.