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  1. Tried to watch the video, but, when Leo says things like "death is the end of identification" or "death is infinite love", I can't grasp it very well. But I understood the part where Leo says something like "if you don't identify you as a man, you wouldn't exist". Edit: very difficult concept to understand. I hope when I reach 10 years of meditation I understand it.
  2. It's okay not to like Christians, but you don't need to become a Christian to notice the benefits of it. I don't mean Christians didn't or don't do any harm (our history proves many Christians did too much harm). But it's not very wise to deny that they did good because they did. There are many Christians out there who have good intentions and are not religious freaks with a lot of prejudice and dogmatism.
  3. I can name many aspects. Discipline is one of them. You can also think in terms of Blue paradigm that many Christians have.
  4. I noticed that here in Brazil, many Green psychologists are against coach. But, yeah, there are many charlatans here and it would be very advisable to get a degree in Psychology before coaching. Dealing with heavy emotional and psychological stuff is not easy. I took a lot of misguided advices from coaches on the internet and had a psychosis. I understand now what I put in my mind is my responsibility, but when I was an average Orange dude, I couldn't understand that. There are many coaches out there who don't understand the nuances of the psyche and do a lot of harm. Why? Because it is very easy to manipulate a person with emotional and psychological issues. Many people (or coaches) will say: "oh, but that's victim mentality." And, yeah, that's EXACTLY this victim mentality that coaches do not understand how to deal with and they should be trained for.
  5. How can you read his facial expressions? Just watched Jordan Peterson muted and noticed he has a lot of anger. But is there a technique or psychological study to understand these body languages. By the way, he may have some angry due to his media scandal. @Skanzi it's really good to know your perspective. Julien's breathing exercise really help me.
  6. I love this book (Integral Psychology). I found about Spiral Dynamics in this book in 2014. That just blowed my mind and made a lot of sense.
  7. Yep, even to get friends you need to invest your time and take action. But, as I said, a good therapist can help you with the triggering aspects of socialization.
  8. Have you ever tried letting go techniques (David Hawkins)? By the way, it's possible to integrate religious aspects of Christianity in your life without becoming a religious Christian. There are many aspects of Christianity that are good.
  9. Byron Katie (or Katie Byron?) is very good. Her work helped me with forgiveness and self-forgiveness.
  10. Just use pokeballs! Kidding... I have problems with friends too. I found worthy ones on the internet and met them in the real world. But it's important to meet them in a safer way. You said social anxiety, so a therapist will probably help you. The therapist may put you in situations of socialization and then you have to notice the signals of your body during these situations (your legs may tremble, your voice may tremble, you may start sweating, etc). But, if you want to do it by yourself, you may want to go to social places and write a journal about what you're feeling when meeting people. PS.: I had serious and severe problems with social anxiety (I was afraid of even talking to my siblings). Overcame it and nowadays, despite of having few friends, I'm able to meet several people I don't know.
  11. They just released it today:
  12. I think that's what Noah Elkrief passed through. By the way, I feel really sad for what BBC is trying to do with Teal. Edit: I'm using meditation as novocaine, but, yeah, it makes me feel good.
  13. I think spirituality is all about empathy, but, anyway, people will come with things like: "Oh, you're not your mind." or "Oh, you're not your emotions" and etc. Many of them are resisting having empathy for others because, when they feel what others are feeling, the may experience some of their own emotions that they suppresed.
  14. Leo is a great speaker and much of his content is mindblowing. You can see that he's serious about his work. I just don't agree with this statement, but it's okay because Leo probably never had psychosis or experienced the misery of it. There's a guy called Sean Blackwell who have done a great work with explaining mental "diseases" using the Spiral Dynamics model. Sean is a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator certified by Grof Transpersonal Training.
  15. I'll take a look at Bradon Sanderson. I really love Robert Fisher, Sara Pennypacker, Bernard Cornwell and Tolkien. I also read some more entertaining focused books such as Batman, Wayne of Gotham, Hugh Laurie and others.